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Aug 24 2016

Bernie Sanders Refuses to Make Campaign Finance Information Public

Surprise surprise. The Neo-Marxist presidential candidate who just shelled out $600,000 for an extravagant summer home refuses to reveal his campaigns finances:

Monday, socialist icon Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that now that he’s no longer running for president, there’s no need for him to reveal his campaign financial information. “It doesn’t make any sense,” he said. Completing such a filing, he continued, would be a “waste of time.” He was supposed to file his current financial information on May 15, but was granted an extension.

It appears likely that Sanders “parlayed his political fame into personal profit.” His supporters who know about this must really be Feeling the Bern. Or maybe they just ignore revelations that their looter heroes are frauds.

Socialism is one hell of a racket. Just ask Venezuela’s richest person, the daughter of the guy who put the country on the fast track to economic ruin.

As much a conman as Trump.

On a tip from Torcer.

15 Responses to “Bernie Sanders Refuses to Make Campaign Finance Information Public”

  1. jeffunde says:

    I don’t think he shelled out his personal money. This was paid by the Clinton’s for his endorsement..

  2. Vic Kelley says:

    Releasing documents, or emails, or responding to subpoenas, Democrats have too much contempt to do that. They’re above that don’t you know. Besides, facts are pesky, inconvenient things.

  3. grayjohn says:

    Leftist, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Progressive, all = CRIMINAL.

  4. Cruz Control says:

    “But I would rather kneel before Queen Hillary than stand up to a President Trump.” -Little Green Moonbat

  5. Zhe Klingon Krime Zyndikat says:


    My best guess is that the financing of his fancy new lakefront house is tangled up in there in some way..


  6. Zhe Klingon Krime Zyndikat says:


    No idea if you’ve figured out why the Khan man has been so suddenly disappeared from the scene…

    Here’s why:


  7. marcus tullius cicero says:

    ///////// you voted for me! Thanks for the Beach House…

  8. Zhe Klingon Krime Zyndikat says:


    It keeps getting better:

    Islamists who preached chastity caught having sex on beach


  9. Zhe Klingon Krime Zyndikat says:


    I can’t find an English version of this article but if you understand some German or are willing to run it through an online translator you will understand that Germany is DONE:

    Stick a fork in it.


  10. Rotohammer says:

    A small ad-buying company, Old Towne Media, skimmed millions of dollars in commissions for Bernie’s campaign ads. OTM is a private LLC. Bernie might have had his hand in that till.

  11. He got his new house out of the deal. You won’t be hearing from him anymore. The Clinton’s bought his silence.

  12. Zhe Klingon Krime Zyndikat says:


    Almost a bit underpaid given the stakes..

    But who knows.. maybe they set up a little stash for him in the Caymans..

    if there were real journalists left in America they’d track his every move this winter 🙂


  13. sandyaz says:

    Two new houses and a sports car, how socialist of him.

  14. grayjohn says:

    I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

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