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Jan 21 2013

Big Daddy O’s Beach BBQ: Yet Another Casualty of Too Much Government

The $trillions upon $trillions of wasteful spending are only part of the cost of excessive government. There are also the incalculable riches that are never created because the authorities make it impossible to do business. Big Daddy O’s Beach BBQ may become one of countless examples:

“No Morons Allowed” reads the sign at Big Daddy O’s Beach BBQ, a 22-year-old business on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Oxnard [California] surfing community of Silver Strand.

Maybe antagonizing morons wasn’t such a hot idea. There are a lot of them in positions of power.

When Art Pina bought the business more than two decades ago, it came essentially as it is now: a small kitchen and a converted dining room that seats about 20 people.

But last year, Pina received notices of violation from Ventura County Code Compliance Division that his restaurant was zoned for takeout only, and the entire dining room was, in sum, an illegal operation.

“If I had to go to takeout only, I would go out of business,” said Pina, adding that the bulk of his business is dine-in. …

What baffles Pina is that there have been no complaints about his business.

In case anyone else is baffled, here’s the explanation. Self-proclaimed public servants are not here to serve us, but to take from us our liberty and our wealth. Ordering people around is an end in itself for the sort who gravitate to government, particularly if they are of the liberal persuasion. Ordering people around, then extracting exorbitant fines when they are unable to comply without going out of business is the natural calling of a bureaucrat.

Yet another casualty.

On a tip from Henry B.

12 Responses to “Big Daddy O’s Beach BBQ: Yet Another Casualty of Too Much Government”

  1. justme says:

    IT’S “ILLEGAL.” That word doesn’t apply to “undocumented Democrats” but it sure does for taxpayers.

    Foolish man, trying to run a business in this country at this “transformational period”. Queen Bloomberg does the same thing to every business owner in his kingdom. Bureaucrats are taught to extort every small business because they are part of the 1% and can afford unlimited fines because every business owner is rich.

  2. Sam Adams says:

    I’ll bet that a friend of the city council wants to open up a BBQ restaurant.

  3. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Speaking of morons
    The crack accountant team at the Daily Kooks have their long johns in a bundle over Mickelson

    Mickelson says he might retire or move from California.
    First, he is disqualified because he is (gasp) Republican
    Of course, Mickelson, who is a Republican according to a number of sites that list “Republican Celebrities,” describes his tax situation in notably false terms

    So paying more in taxes than you earn is moot
    his actual income tax rate on income over $1 million would be about 55% — or 57% if he is self-employed — and lower on the rest of the income. Nothing to sneeze at, but not the 62 or 63% he claimed.

    They just saved Michelson 5%
    But would you hire the accountant firm of Kook kook and kook ?
    Would Mickelson actually retire from golf because of an 8.4% increase in his federal plus state income tax rate plus Medicare rate? Maybe. But who cares? Some other golfer will simply earn the money he’d have earned.

    Yes, but with one small detail…..
    It will be earned SOMEWHERE ELSE.
    Would Mickelson actually retire from golf because of an 8.4% increase in his federal plus state income tax rate plus Medicare rate? Maybe. But who cares?

    Certainly not envious libs who raise tax rates out of “fairness”
    And would Mickelson move from California to avoid the lousy 3% in state tax increases?

    Quick question….
    What’s the top income tax rate in say…. Florida ?

    And now the “studies”

    More recently, California enacted a 1 percentage point increase on income over $1 million.

    So if nobody left after a 1 percent hike, how could they possibly after an 8.4 percent hike ?

    After Proposition 30 passed on November 6, 2012, the State of California experienced a decline in the total state revenue for the month of November. California State Controller John Chiang reported that the total revenue for the month of November declined by $806.8 million, which is 10.8 percent below budget.

    Long story short: Phil Mickelson is just another whiny, multi-millionaire Republican who has been paying record low taxes for the past decade and doesn’t feel like paying a slightly higher rate now, one that would still be lower than the rate multimillionaires paid in decades past.

    It sure appears Michelson has a lot of company
    Phil Mickelson’s nickname is, wait for it, “Lefty”

    Somewhere in America shines a dim bulb in a basement and a distraught mother upstairs, crying in her bean soup

  4. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    It ain’t yer business wit’out us see?

  5. Henry says:

    Thanks for posting this, Dave!

    I’m asking everyone to spread this story around; I’d really like for it to get some national attention and have people all over the country put some pressure on these prog bureaucrats. Our county and various cities have been using these “code violations” as excuses to generate revenue after decades of fiduciary malfeasance. These assholes would crumple under any kind of national scrutiny, and might be a good deterrent to their future strong arm tactics.

    Please send this to other bloggers that would be interested in posting this story; here’s contact info for the roaches that need a light shone on them:

    Jim Delperdang
    Director of Code Enforcement
    Phone: 805-654-2444
    Fax: 805-654-5177

    Supervisor John Zaragoza, District 5
    305 W. 3rd St.
    West Wing – 1st Floor
    Oxnard, CA 93030
    Phone: 805-247-8907
    Phone: 805-654-2613

    Here’s info for the other County Supervisors:

    Supervisor Steve Bennett, District 1
    800 S. Victoria Ave., L-1900
    Ventura, CA 93009
    Phone: 805-654-2703
    Fax: 805-654-2226

    Supervisor Linda Parks, District 2
    625 West Hillcrest Drive
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
    Phone: 805-214-2510
    Fax: 805-480-0585
    Toll Free: 800-660-5474

    Supervisor Kathy Long, District 3
    800 S. Victoria Ave., L-1880
    Ventura, CA 93009
    Phone: 805-654-2276
    Fax: 805-654-2226

    Supervisor Peter Foy, District 4
    980 Enchanted Way, #203
    Simi Valley, CA 93065
    Phone: 805-955-2300
    Fax: 805-658-4524

    Thanks everybody.

  6. Bo-Jangles says:

    Think you could pull this off if you were in Pakastan, Iraq, or Egypt? With your head still attached that is.

  7. Ummah Gummah says:

    Sam Adams says:
    January 21, 2013 at 6:32 pm
    I’ll bet that a friend of the city council wants to open up a BBQ restaurant.

    Sure smells like Chicago to me too.. oops.. did I say something rayciss?


  8. whotothewhat says:

    What most like happened was that the person who was working in Ventura County Code Compliance Division and had this restaurant for his/hers area of responsibilities. Retired and some new younger more radical code enforcer is now in charge of this area.

  9. Brian_Boru says:

    I live in Ventura County, and all I can say is that it’s slowly being infiltrated by the commie left. It’s always been a Republican island in a sea of liberalism, but lately things are starting to slide here, too!

    Time to revolt.

  10. Henry says:

    BB, That’s why I am trying to get some national attention on this. I’d like to stop the prog bureaucrats before their influence continues to expand. Our county/city officials are spineless, yet they only hear from meddling progs who shriek about their pet concerns (because regular folks are busy working to pay taxes), so they wind up doing stuff to kiss the progs’ asses. Those decisions always backfire, and the rest of the folks have to pay for it with their taxes. Cemetery Park, Top Hat restaurant, Grant Park Pistol Range come to mind as prime examples… This needs to be dealt with now, before we slide any further.

  11. whosebone says:

    I called the restaurant and gave them a heads up that his story has hit national internet. Im thinking he should possibly give carla bonney a call and see if she can rouse some local tea party support for this man that is trying to save his business and the jobs of his employees.

  12. Katya Kakhov says:

    You’re not alone Henry . And the biggest problem is there are 10’s of thousands these actions , myself included .

    Check out how LA is singling out a burger joint that managed to survive the riots .
    According to the talking apparatchik head at the intro ,business owners are responsible for the decay of society as a whole . The astounded councilman is beyond the pale of stupidity . To hear them tell it the drunken reprobates , brigands , and thieves exist because of people like us with major investments in time , money , and energy . Up is down , war is peace .

    Know them all , biblically , in the neck !

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