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Sep 30 2012

Bill Donohue Makes a Bid for a Government Grant

Catholic League president Bill Donohue observes the obvious — the shameless hypocrisy of our rabidly anti-Christian and obsequiously pro-Muslim liberal ruling class — while presenting us with a work of art no less worthy of taxpayer funds than Andres Serrano’s infamous Piss Christ:

Don’t get mad at Serrano. According to an article in the NY Slimes, his iconic example of in-your-face blasphemy was all “about his personal love of Jesus.” As for taking taxpayer money in exchange for garbage, Serrano’s crime pales in comparison to the massive green energy boondoggles of Obama’s cronies.

Liberals’ hypocrisy must be contagious; their Muslim friends are coming down with it. Jesus is considered a prophet in Islam. Yet we won’t see any suicide bombers at the Piss Christ exhibit.

On tips from St. Gilbert.

11 Responses to “Bill Donohue Makes a Bid for a Government Grant”

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  3. Henry says:

    LOL I know Dini von Mueffling! Went to school with her brother – talk about the “Master Race”!

    Well, now we know she’s a liar. I can easily see her sniveling and bowing to the PC police…

    So glad I don’t live in NYC anymore.

  4. Bo-Jangles says:

    Message to all Christians:

    Tolerance is just another word for weakness.

  5. Alphamail says:


    You are an insipid dolt.

    Tolerance is a word brought to the fore by liberals to extol and further an ideology.

    Christians operate on humility – which is an understanding of human weakness, including one’s own – and it keeps us from egocentricity and selfishness while still giving others the benefit of the doubt.

    Without God – in our case Jesus Christ – humans operate on ego….ergo, BoJangles and the suffocating biased bigoted hateful practitioners of atheism.

    You have no God, all you have is ego.

    Hence, trite snarky little comments to make yourself feel good.

  6. LibLieExposer says:

    I have an art project of a copy of the koran marinating in pig s#!+ and bacon. How do I get a taxpayer funded NEA grant and a display at the Museum of Modern Art?

  7. WFM says:

    Sounds like an attempt to get a Christians to publicly react before election day.

    Torch parade Nov 7-Manhattan-First 1 million Christians carry BIC’s get in free!

  8. TED says:

    No American SHOULD.

  9. Louisiana Steve says:

    A piss koran should be next. Let’s see how civilized the response will be to that one.

  10. Latina says:

    Way to disrespect and defile something that the vast majority of Americans consider sacred. NYC must be ruled by either some of the dumbest or most ungodly people on this planet.

    BTW, this is the same “artist” that calls himself a Christian and says that Jesus was on the cross for three days.

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