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Jul 17 2017

Bill Nye Sexual Spectrum Episode Nominated for Emmy

Stalinist propagandist Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer by pretending the Holodomor wasn’t happening. An entire rogues gallery including an ankle-biting moonbat, a con man, a communist dictator, a pervert terrorist, a facilitator of radical Islam, and a useless bureauweenie who facilitated nuclear proliferation won the Nobel Peace Prize. Why can’t the appallingly tasteless “Sexual Spectrum” episode of Bill Nye Saves the World, featuring the paean to depravity “My Sex Junk,” win an Emmy Award?

Bill Nye received an Emmy Award nomination Thursday for his Netflix show’s “Sexual Spectrum” episode.

The Television Academy Awards nominated writers on “Bill Nye Saves The World” for a musical number suggesting that sexuality exists on a spectrum.

Here’s what it takes to get nominated for an Emmy these days:

If we haven’t hit rock bottom yet, it can’t be far off.

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16 Responses to “Bill Nye Sexual Spectrum Episode Nominated for Emmy”

  1. Watchman59 says:

    I hate to disagree with Mr. Blount, but unfortunately I don’t think the crazy train is even anywhere near reaching full speed yet. There’s a looooong way to go before we get anywhere near rock bottom.

  2. Funny how “freedom of choice” mutated into a dictatorship of choice somewhere between the Summer of Love, and today.

    Basically the theme is “the binary sexual reality of two genders that is an objective scientific fact must now bend to the almighty voice of some chick’s vagina”.

    Great. The Nantucket Sleigh Ride into Hell continues unabated.

  3. MAS says:

    If we hit rock bottom at this speed it will take much more than duct tape and bailing wire to repair us.

  4. 127guy says:

    Where is the good Mr. Nye on the spectrum??

  5. TED says:

    Dalph Lundgren has FAR MORE qualifications to be a scientist (with degrees in Chemical Engineering) than MECHANICAL ENGINEER Nye!!! BUT THEN qualifications NEVER DID matter to the LEFT did it?!!!

  6. TED says:


    NYE and GORE are equally qualified…rotflmao!

  7. Mack says:

    Pee Wee Herman is back!

  8. StephaneDumas says:

    Steven Crowder talk about the Emmy’s SJW scam.

  9. Americangirl5 says:

    Bill Nye the Science…now how did he used to end that description of himself? Girl? Woman? Sheep? Oh right, GUY!

  10. mas2 says:

    We can never hit rock bottom, because the left doesn’t see “rock bottom” as a limit but as a challenge (“Oh, you think that was the ultimate? Watch this!”).

  11. Pyrran says:

    Nye is just another new member of the turd of the month club.

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