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Feb 24 2013

Black Countermoonbats

Liberalism isn’t carried in the genes, even if the Democrat Party has managed to corral 95% of blacks into its herd:

Via Right Wing News.

5 Responses to “Black Countermoonbats”

  1. IslandLifer says:

    The R party has allowed filth amongst its ranks and has sealed it’s fate with conservatives. If it has any chance of being revived they had better purge both the leadership (if that’s what you call the spineless) and every non conservative. The D welcomes this filth with open arms and this is why we have what we have. A group of lying crooks in charge of the mindless people who put them there. If not…a 3rd party will be needed. I’m finished with R because I’m a conservative.

  2. Flu-Bird says:

    Look at all the nasty things they said about CLARENCE THOMAS all becuase he opposes RACIAL PREFRENCES and AFFERMATIVE ACTION

  3. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I’m done with the Republican Party! They’ve promoted too many RINOs for me and they are, essentially, at war with their majority white base. To make matters worse, they want to grant a mass amnesty to all the illegal Hispanic invaders that have flooded our once great nation. Time to look elsewhere for a party that consistently stands for conservative American principles.

    See my ‘Amnesty and the GOP’s Death Wish’ ( )

  4. Tired of the Rove types says:

    Guys, you’re great, but I wish you said, “That’s why I”M a CONSERVATIVE.” The Republican Party will get no more money from me, I only support individual candidates. The Republicans are done. They will put another RINO up in 2016, no thanks. But, congrats for leaving the Dem plantation and thinking for yourself!

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    Jessie Jacksson trouble maker #1

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