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Nov 29 2012

Blasphemy Is in the Soul of the Beholder

Remember this portrait of the liberal establishment’s “lord and savior”?


As remarked here earlier,

The 30″ x 54″ acrylic painting, by Michael D’Antuono, is entitled, “The Truth.” It is evidently not a sick joke, but an actual tribute, inspired by religious awe. The title is a reference to John 14:6.

To liberals, Obama isn’t a cheap little punk, a Marxist saboteur, or a post turtle. He is a deity. After he absolves the white man of his sins by destroying America, we will have heaven on earth in the form of a Third World socialist utopia.

The painting is back in the news, now that it is being displayed at the Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery in Boston.

It was originally supposed to debut nearly four years ago at New York City’s Union Square. But that event was cancelled due to public outrage.

Obama’s reelection proves we are past outrage now.

A spokesperson for the art gallery told Fox News there hasn’t been any criticism of the painting.

The artist dismisses those who object to blasphemy by sniffing,

“My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.”

Sure, of course not.

Since a Marxist community activist who advanced to the presidency through Affirmative Action now represents divinity in the crumbling remnants of this country, Glenn Beck produced this majestic artwork, inspired by Andres Serrano’s famous Piss Christ:


Unlike Serrano, Beck used fake urine. He didn’t get an NEA grant, but bidding did climb to $11,000 before eBay made him take it down, presumably for being blasphemous.

On tips from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle, Artfldgr, Sam Adams, and FreedomByTheBlade.

19 Responses to “Blasphemy Is in the Soul of the Beholder”

  1. Rotohammer says:

    It’s not even good art. I’ve seen better art in the back of Mad magazine – does this one reveal something clever when you fold it along some dotted lines?

  2. Comrade J says:

    Exhibit #3 filed under
    Libtardism = religious cult.

  3. Jim N says:

    If he was depicted as Mohammad would there be outrage ?

  4. Comrade J says:

    P.S.: apparently the ‘artist’ is a flaming hypocrite and a coward.

    “…But I’m not comparing him to Jesus,” the artist replied.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    “My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.”

    Well liar, you tried your best but like the rest you fail.

  6. Sam Adams says:

    Glenn Beck has shown that he is, indeed, one of the more influential people in the art world.

    Want to bet that if some leftist artist had put the Bush doll in pee pee, that the art world would be praising him?

  7. jim says:

    “…You’re blaspheming again, I don’t have to work with a blasphemer…” from the movie Mad Max

  8. Bo-Jangles says:

    “For those who think the UN is not a threat to the sovereign laws of the U.S. and rights of Americans, below is just one little example of how our leadership is tossing us into the rubbish heap of the UN:

    The United States Senate is threatening American sovereignty. Earlier this week, Harry Reid declared the Senate would consider yet another flawed treaty conceived by the United Nations. Like most international treaties, it has a nice sounding name that obscures the very real possibility that it would infringe on American sovereignty by allowing an international committee to intrude into U.S. policymaking.

    The so-called United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities would not advance America’s interests abroad, nor would it improve the rights of Americans who suffer with disabilities. Instead, it would only serve to empower a “committee of experts” based in Geneva, Switzerland to make demands that fall well beyond the scope of the treaty and conflict with the legal, social, economic, and cultural traditions and norms of America…” – – frtom

  9. -Sepp says:

    So, if I painted Obama wearing a Hitler mustache in a Nazi uniform and denied that it had anything to do with Hitler…how many libs would believe me?

    The entire point of this “art” is to piss off a segment of the populace in the same spirit as “piss Christ” was meant to…namely white Christians.

    Libs pull these little stunts because libs have a childish need for constant attention…good or, bad…ANY attention and, they’ll do or, say anything to get it.
    Why target whites and Christians?
    Because, it gives them creds with other libs and, it’s safe for them to do so.
    They damned sure wouldn’t inflame the sensibilities of a group or, religion that would retaliate violently toward being mocked or, insulted.

    It shows that just under the surface they’re cowards because they’ll insult you ONLY if they’re in a group, online, protected by police or, if they’re completely sure that you WON’T plant a fist into their big mouth.

    Any other time, they keep quiet.

  10. Tim says:

    So you give the fuhrer a crown of thorns, arms out as if being crucified, and head hanging in the same manner Jesus’ famously hangs and its NOT intended to be compared to Jesus?

    Pray tell just WHAT was your inspiration Mr. “Artist”

  11. Laurie says:

    “Obama’s reelection proves we are past outrage now.”

    Yeah. This is the quiet before the storm.

  12. Jeff says:

    BS! Yes, Of course he was comparing Obama to Jesus. And I do consider that to be BLASPHEMY!

  13. Clingtomyguns says:

    “Since a Marxist community activist who advanced to the presidency through Affirmative Action now represents divinity in the crumbling remnants of this country …”

    Quite correct. D’Antuono’s “The Truth” is as much a religious symbol to the Left today as was the golden calf to the craven Israelites at Mt. Siani.

    Obama represents to these self-centered, culturally rotten and misguided fools – the personificaiton of an all powerful nanny state Santa Claus whose gonna let’s me do whatever I want, whenever I want, and gives me free sh#t.

    There is nothing new about this, it’s happened time after time in history. The worship of false gods in the Bible is found throughout Israel’s history. The first recorded instance of national idolatry was when Israel was at Mt. Sinai waiting for Moses to return. (Exo 32).

    God never tolerated idolatry in any form. The idea today that we can just believe in a nanny state smacks in the face of the Second Commandment: “You shall have NO OTHER gods before Me.” (Exo 20:3)

    After Moses and Joshua died, during the time of the judges, God’s people frequently turned to idols. A repeated phrase found in Judges is, “each man did what was right in his own heart.” For idolatry no real obedience is required. Idolatry was and is attractive to the flesh. Pagan rites included sexual immorality with temple prostitutes as part of their religious rituals. God, on the other hand, requires obedience to high moral standards as defined in His Law to maintain a saving relationship with Him. These moral standards grated against man’s sinful nature.

    “They mingled with the nations, and learned their practices, served their idols, which became a snare to them. They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons.” (Psa 106:36-37). How about America’s sacrificing our children and grandchildren to debt? How about unchecked immmigration of third worlders, Muslims and welfare hordes.

    Here is a great piece by Paul Gable, summing it up:

    “While Americans’ unrest about election fraud continues to percolate, the punditry is helping to move the larger debate to the core question: what happens when people believe that human government can be made into God? Because that is the essence of what is happening—and it has happened countless times in human history. Rush Limbaugh may refer to this phenomenon as making government into Santa Claus, but historically it was called turning to idols.

    The left’s pet issues involving gay rights, abortion, drug legalization, etc. are nothing more or less than history’s latest version of humanity’s relentless drive to redefine morality more to its liking. Stripped of its high-minded rationalizations, the thinking is very simple: no one and nothing gets to be ‘God’ unless He/She lets me do what I want to do whenever I want to do it, and since I don’t like the rigidity of the Judeo-Christian God on these issues, I will turn to human power—called government—to overrule whatever I don’t like or don’t understand about the antiquated, superstitious, nonsensical Bible-based standards of morality. This newer, better god will decree that gay marriage is ok; it will ok abortion all the way through infanticide, or post-birth abortion; and the effort to legalize drugs is chump change in the overall sweep of allowing sensuality free reign in every dimension of life.

    Then I can make myself feel good about my own secular brand of piety by making this new god called government be the agent of redistributing wealth because, after all, the Bible that is otherwise so stupid does talk about taking care of the poor, about money being the root of all evil, about the rich man losing everything for lack of humility and generosity. And as a special bonus, I shall make this god of government take over all responsibility for humanity’s health. Isn’t that pretty much the final step of fully and finally replacing that silly concept of the First Commandment?

    Folks, this thinking is not new; it is not even remotely novel. And it has met the same fate over and over and over again in human history, and it will meet that same fate today: human catastrophe.

    But as George W. Bush’s speechwriters liked to say about their boss’s war on terrorism, “God is not neutral” on these questions. There are reasons the Bible has stood the test of time, outlasting and outliving every other attempt of the ‘wisdom of men’ to rewrite the truth of ‘Nature and Nature’s God.’ Those reasons haven’t changed, and the outlasting and outliving will never cease. The only question is how much pain and suffering will be needed to bring the metaphorical American ‘children of Israel’—the portion of humanity humbly drawn to faith in and obedience to the revealed God of the Bible—back to their Promised Land.

    We are going to find out.”

  14. Sinister66 says:

    “but bidding did climb to $11,000 before eBay made him take it down, presumably for being blasphemous.”

    They obviously haven’t seen the numerous copies of Deicide’s Once Upon The Cross cd being sold that depicts Jesus on an autopsy table with his organs being removed.

  15. Comrade J says:

    UPDATE via Twitchy:

    Howard Kurtz: Only Glenn Beck would make art out of urine…

  16. Mike T says:

    The Anointed One crucified?


    Not Barabas Obama.

  17. Katya Kakhov says:

    That looks a lot more like the tranny for “The Crying Game ” than Barry .

  18. Tax Slave says:

    I’ll get the 4×4’s, the 16-penny nails and the post ole digger; you get the backhoe to dig the grave and the rock to roll in front of it, and we’ll see if The One can do the same thing the The REAL One did about 2,000 years ago last Easter.

  19. Tax Slave says:

    oops, make that “post hole digger”

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