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Aug 09 2017

BLM, Spike Lee, and Colin Kaepernick Jointly Degenerate Into Total Farce

Like Colin Kaepernick, Spike Lee is a talent-deficient black racist desperately attempting to use moonbattery to revive a career at death’s door:


Note that these morons could not even spell their disgraceful hero’s name correctly.

One of the sponsors is the Justice League, famous for capitalizing on Eric Garner’s death with “I Can’t Breathe” shirts, as worn by LeBron James. To find racial oppression these days, you have to be willing to look under some rocks.

In addition to being a lousy quarterback, Kaepernick would be a terrible acquisition due to his highly conspicuous a-holism. A guy who theatrically refuses to stand for the national anthem, who praises a communist dictator, and whose girlfriend publicly depicts an NFL owner as a slave owner pleases ESPN moonbats like Max Kellerman and Skip Bayless immensely but will chase away fans. But we are expected to believe that no team has signed him due to racism, despite most NFL players being black.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick is said to have turned down at least one offer, presumably so he could stoke the phony racial controversy in hopes of starting a bidding war among teams eager to prove how politically correct they can be. The Kaepernick spectacle is phony and pathetic, like all things leftist.

On a tip from Jester.

18 Responses to “BLM, Spike Lee, and Colin Kaepernick Jointly Degenerate Into Total Farce”

  1. TrojanMan says:

    “United We Stand for…..”

    OH the irony!!

  2. George Lortz says:

    You got that right. Should read ‘United we kneel’

  3. Frank says:

    Kaepernick and Spike Lee are boring. That’s the kiss of death in both careers.

  4. shpongl3 says:

    Lol good catch!

  5. Dan Northrup says:

    We used to have a place for guys like this, sadly the XFL is gone. 🙁

  6. StephaneDumas says:

    As I mentionned in an article about Spike Lee and Kaepernick in Breitbart. Looks like Spike Lee don’t know he also support the rich white man who pull the strings of BLM and Kaepernick, George Soros.

  7. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    I’m a 68 year old fat short white man & the NBA won’t even give me a tryout!!!

  8. Remote Control says:

    Looking for sympathy ?
    Yeah you need to finance yourself and not ask Whitney for any money

  9. StephaneDumas says:

    They passed that stage, there’s now at nuking the fridge.

  10. ramrodd says:

    Kaepernick’s Activism Began After Dating Activist DJ..

    Colin Kaepernick’s Muslim girlfriend Nessa Diab reportedly influenced the
    quarterback to sit during the national anthem in protest for “people that are being oppressed.”

    A Fox News article revealed some more evidence that reflects Kaepernick’s “conversion to social activism” occurred once he began dating activist DJ Nessa Diab, “who has frequently spoken about perceived racial injustices and ‘Islamaphobia’ in the U.S.”

    The San Francisco quarterback and MTV DJ began dating in July 2015, according to Fox News Sports. Shortly after that time, Kaepernick’s social media activity has become increasingly reflective of the “Black Lives Matter and Muslim activism of Diab,” Fox News reports.

    “History!” Kaepernick captioned the photo, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Black Panther Party last October. (RELATED: Kaepernick’s Communist-Sympathizing Muslim Girlfriend Believed To Be Behind Protest)

    Before beginning his relationship with Diab, Kaepernick’s Instagram mostly
    consisted of photos of him playing football or hanging with friends — about 128
    of Kaepernick’s 170 posts, according to Fox News. Since dating Diab, Kaepernick’s social media focus has shifted toward black nationalist and Black Lives Matter-related messages.

    “31 of his last 42 posts have strong social justice connotations, often featuring quotes from radical Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X, Black Panthers founder Huey Newton and cop killer Assata Shakur,” according to Fox News.

    After the reaction to Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem, Kaepernick attended a news conference in a “balack hat with a large, white ‘X’ and a t-shirt that featured photos of Cuban despot Fidel Castro and Malcolm X.”

    Diab’s social media includes a lot of content related to her job as an MTV DJ, but also reflects her views as a black rights activist and Islam defender. She recently defended her boyfriend in a tweet saying “I’m always proud of him and always will be @Kaepernick7. Please take the time to UNDERSTAND what he is saying,” Diab tweeted with a link to a transcript of his news conference following his protest.

    Diab also “frequently retweets Black Lives Matter supporter and newspaper
    columnist Shaun King on race-related issues,” Fox News added.

    The 49ers quarterback says that he plans to continue sitting. Kaepernick stated he won’t stand until “there’s significant change and I feel like that flag represents what it’s supposed to represent.” If this country begins “representing people the way that it’s supposed to, I’ll stand.”

    Here are some of the San Francisco quarterback’s other Instagram posts:

  11. 127guy says:

    Put those two on a raft with Rachel Maddow and Bill “A-Hole” Maher and float it out to sea…

  12. Scuttlebuttin' says:

    “Google is a private company who can fire anyone they want!”

    “The NFL must put Krapernick on a team! This NOT OK!”

  13. FromNJ says:

    I’m betting some team (in an effort by that teams owner to show how awesomely woke he is) will hire him before the season starts.
    If that doesn’t happen, then go ahead Spike – boycott!

  14. Scattergood Baines says:

    If they keep the pressure up, the NFL will offer him a plum Vice President of Sedition which in the new NFL organization tree structure is one breath away from commissioner.

  15. BiffWellington says:

    Come on, give the guys a break. It is a very difficult name to spell, especially with the “racistdouchebag” part being silent.

  16. […] Another rally is scheduled for NFL headquarters in New York. It was announced by Kaepernick’s fellow fading race-baiter Spike Lee. […]

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