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Nov 21 2016

Bloomington, Indiana Renames Columbus Day and Good Friday

Cities where moonbats have taken control (e.g., Phoenix, Seattle, Portland) have been expressing their hatred of Western Civilization by renaming Columbus Day in honor of indigenous peoples, as if Columbus’s world-changing accomplishment of spreading European culture to the New World, thereby lifting it out of the Stone Age, were somehow a bad thing. Bloomington, Indiana — rendered insane by the presence of the Indiana University campus — sees these kook-controlled towns and raises it one Good Friday:

The city of Bloomington, Indiana, has renamed Good Friday and Columbus Day because the names imply a cultural insensitivity, according to the Bloomington Herald-Times.

The new, more politically-correct names will help make the holidays more inclusive, the mayor said.

How excluding us from our own culture and heritage by eradicating our holidays on the grounds that they are politically unclean constitutes being “inclusive” is not explained.

Because Columbus and Jesus are so offensive to moonbat sensibilities, these special days will henceforth be known by evocative new titles rich in cultural meaning: “Fall Holiday” and “Spring Holiday.” Once people have forgotten why these are holidays in the first place, it will be safe to quietly wipe them off the calendar.

With Fall Holiday already having been taken, at least they won’t be able to rename Thanksgiving, which is also deemed to be politically incorrect, until they think of another title. No doubt bureaucrats are at work on this task now.

Following Columbus down the official Memory Hole.

On tips from Steve A, Chad, and Varla.

19 Responses to “Bloomington, Indiana Renames Columbus Day and Good Friday”

  1. Pyrran says:

    Barring treatment, insanity knows no bounds.

  2. Troy McClure says:

    Give me a paid day off and call it “Buddah’s Birthday”, see if I complain. What is wrong with these people?

  3. Tchhht!!! says:

    The mental health field has been infested by proglodite moonbats so don’t look for treatment as a remedy to mental illness. Normal is a setting on a washing machine don’t ya know.

  4. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Still gonna call ’em “holidays” though, eh; apparently the Mayor of Bloomington is unaware of this…

    holiday (n.) Look up holiday at

    1500s, earlier haliday (c. 1200), from Old English haligdæg “holy day, consecrated day, religious anniversary; Sabbath,” from halig “holy” (see holy) + dæg “day” (see day); in 14c. meaning both “religious festival” and “day of exemption from labor and recreation,” but pronunciation and sense diverged 16c. As an adjective mid-15c. Happy holidays is from mid-19c., in British English, with reference to summer vacation from school. As a Christmastime greeting, by 1937, American English, in Camel cigarette ads.

  5. MAS says:

    “Following Columbus down the official Memory Hole”

    Only for those who don’t belong to Him Dave. The lost are only behaving like what they are, lost sinners being rebellious to Him. This should not be a surprise and these dark days only help us to reflect His light better…

  6. Sounds eerily like a return to pagan holidays.

  7. Tetzman says:

    Not even shock treatment or gene therapy?

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    And what will Earth Day be renamed????

  9. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I wonder if the Moonbats will start telling the Muslims that they can’t have their special days?

    After all, Ramadan seems rather exclusive.

  10. Tchhht!!! says:

    I don’t think they do lobotomies any more, or do they?

  11. grayjohn says:

    Heartless killer day.

  12. grayjohn says:

    No, and it shows.

  13. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “Sacrifice your unborn baby to Molach” day.

  14. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Why would you use that sexist term???? Green Person day maybe.

  15. Vic Kelley says:

    Thanksgiving has got to irritate some of them. At least I hope it does. I look forward to kwanzaa being wiped off the calendar, but I won’t hold my breath.

  16. […] Bloomington, Indiana Renames Columbus Day and Good Friday […]

  17. Estoy Listo says:

    Waiting for “All Victims” day to take its rightful place on the calendar. Looking forward to the parade.

  18. Electra says:

    I guess if Columbus had never discovered this continent, no one else would have ever found it. All those indigenous peoples would still be exactly the same way they were centuries ago.

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