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Nov 30 2011

Bob Beckel Defends Union Intemperance

Bloated left-wing hack Bob Beckel has the ultimate dirty job: defend the left no matter how egregious its excesses. Below he resorts to the race card to justify union slobs drinking and smoking dope while they are supposed to be manufacturing parts for the military:


“The guy that did that story is a right-wing… the guy has gone out of his way to be a right-winger, he’s a wingnut… interestingly enough did you notice there’s no white people in that?”

There you have it: liberal debating skills in their rawest essence. How dare you show us something we don’t want to see? Racist!!!

A free clue for a guy who needs one: the factory is in Detroit. That’s why the workers (or rather slackers) are black.

Via, on a tip from Shawn.

18 Responses to “Bob Beckel Defends Union Intemperance”

  1. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Bloated Bob is a scumbag deluxe. He likes the hookers, likes ’em young and tender along with large quantities of Jack Daniels. Of course he is a partisan Marxocrat progagandist.

    I wonder if Fox knows how many viewers change the channel when he’s on.

  2. GoY says:

    The Leftist Case AGainst Breitbart can be summed up thusly: He is evil because he reveals unpleasant truths about us.

  3. Conan says:

    Beckel is a steaming pile of cow flop who is as willfully ignorant as Obumfuck is willfully anti-American.

  4. hudson duster says:

    There are many steaming crappy facets to beckel’s ignorance, but one part might be the usual democrat attitude toward the working man they claim to support. He’s never actually been anywhere near someone who works in a factory, and he figures they all get wasted at work so why single out the black guys?

  5. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    I guess the teenage whores and coke go together for Cokehead Bob.

    “I’m a recovering addict and cocaine was my drug of choice.”

    from his wiki:

  6. AZRon says:


    hudson duster says:
    November 30, 2011 at 7:25 pm There are many steaming crappy facets to beckel’s ignorance, but one part might be the usual democrat attitude toward the working man they claim to support. He’s never actually been anywhere near someone who works in a factory, and he figures they all get wasted at work so why single out the black guys?

    I might agree if I thought Beckel had the IQ to delve that deeply into the analysis of the situation. You give him far too much credit. The truth is much simpler (like Beckel):

    Right wing, Palin, Bush, Racist, Racist, Racist!

  7. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    By going out of his way to defend these slobs, Beckel is actually assisting in exposing those who are back at the plant to unsafe working conditions, (alchohol and dope) and forcing them to pull a larger share of the load.
    The left, for the “working man” ?
    Yea right

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    How creative of the Fox Commercial Network to replace Beck with this fat, slobering leftist. Add to that four other mindless clowns, two bimbos in spike heels and mini-skirts, another stuttering moron who thinks taking his tie off makes him look like a conservative, a milk-toast blond airhead who worked in the WH, and some cropped-hair jerk-off who calls himself a comedian. What a total mess, even for this low-rent network. It’s so bad that i’m forced to watch CNN!

  9. Ghost of FA Hayak says:

    Dr. 9
    I have not had network or cable tv since 08, and I haven’t missed it at all.
    I get more done in a day AND stay better informed.

  10. Jimbo says:

    These are Detroit union members. They’re probably making around $50 an hour to smoke dope and drink beer on breaks. Of course to US (you and me), with overhead, multipliers, and 7 to 12% profit depending on the contract – we’re paying about $160 per hour per for these fine, upstanding individuals (of no color) to stay loaded and screw things up all day.

    Only in America. (And Great Britain…)

  11. SgtZim says:

    @Dr9. Get help. CNN has obviously damaged you. Sheesh, I wouldn’t let that crap anywhere near my retinas. I fear hell because they only have CNN there!

  12. oldguy says:

    The man is paid to be liberal on a conservative network. Why take anything anyone says on these “fair and balanced” shows seriously?

  13. Shayne says:

    For a long time, I would turn off Sean Hannity’s show when he had Beckel on his “Great American Panel.” However, I have grown to appreciate that Beckel serves a great purpose, similar to Alan Colmes. These leftist tools show the world how vapid and out of touch liberalism is. I now watch them to prove my valid points about the liberal disease that affects so many people worldwide.

  14. Dr. 9 says:

    SgtZim,…. how could you not feel like a mindless drone watching the drivel on the “all-commercial” Fox channel? It’s clearly an insult to any intelligent person. And yes, i too hate CNN. That was my point.

    BTW, Fox is NOT the so-called “conservative network” as many believe. They are simply a bit less liberal, and they’re one of the biggest purveyors of “PC-speak” on TV.

  15. jim says:

    First off, I am a union steelworker. That being said, I also happen to disagree with the unions political stand on about 99.9% of every issue. I do need to state that in NO WAY would this behaviour be tolerated by the company I work for OR the union members or our union reps. I agree that Beckel is an ignorant slob who I am sure has never seen the inside of a steel mill or any other kind of manufacturing facility and I was offended when I happened to see that show and he uttered his statement that this goes on at every factory oranyplace “blue collar” people work. I’ve worked for several different companies over the last 30 years, and there was only 1 in that time that had a real problem with drugs and booze. That was during the 80’s when cocaine use was rampant and the problem was mostly confined to one shift (the second shift) that was crewed almost entirely by 19 to around 25 year olds. I happened to work that shift and it was a zoo. After I and a few of my coworkers complained, the company (this is the best part)contacted the police who set up surveillance and not only busted some of the clowns I was forced to work with, but their drug dealer who was making some pay day deliveries in the parking lot! The place I work now has an absolute zero tolerance policy, and we, the employees, are even less tolerant than the company. It’s a hazardous enough enviroment without someone being under the influence, and in 13 years we’ve only had 2 people stupid enough to break the rules. One was caught by a supervisor in his car at lunch time getting ready to smoke dope and was immediatly sent for drug testing and was never allowed back on the floor and was shortly thereafter fired. The other slowly spiralled down hill so his drug use wasnt really noticable at first, but once it was proper steps were taken to give him the chance to get himself right, but in the end he too was fired. My point is that I read a lot of anti union things on this and other sites, and as I stated I (and I know for certain most of my fellow workers) do not agree with union politics but it seems that most of the public doesn’t make a distinction between the people on the floor and the union management. I wish unions were out of politics all together. All they should be is a way for a group of people to agree with companies as to compensation for each type of job and to ensure that no one receives special treatment for things like nepotism or the fact that maybe a manager just doesnt like someone based on subjective reasons. I’ve worked in places where that happens and have been a victim of it myself and believe me there is nothing more frustrating. So please, be disgusted by the sight of those “workers” in Detroit drinking and drugging on the job but please also remember that there are many many more of us who are blue collar folks and are even more disgusted by it.

  16. Cameraman says:

    Bob Beckel is a Bloated Windbag, I turn the Channel when he or The Cript Keeper Combs is on, both Oxygen wasters, One Skeletore, one a Beach Ball with Lips…

  17. Jeff says:

    I am retired senior NCO. Had I been caught/taped smoking pot or drinking while on duty (aka on the job) my career would have come to an abrupt end and I would have left at a lower rank. I am furious at the idea that a brother in arms could have been killed because of the substandard equipment manufactured by these union protected losers. Our enemies walk amoung us.

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