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Apr 18 2018

Bodycam Video of Entirely Appropriate Shooting of Elijah Smith

One of the latest Criminals of Color to be elevated to sainthood after getting himself shot by the police is Utah home invader Elijah Smith:

It was Elijah Smith’s smile that came up again and again, April 14, as roughly 75 protesters gathered to demand justice for the young Black man murdered by West Valley City police exactly one week earlier. It was a smile that caught everyone’s attention and brought light and levity to all who saw it, according to his friends and family. It was a smile that no one will have the privilege of seeing again due to the racist, corrupt, and violent practices of the West Valley City police department. …

After the rally ended, a half-dozen WVCPD officers exited city hall and walked to their vehicles. The remaining protesters spontaneously gathered again to shout “No more racist police!” “Murderers!” and “Justice for Elijah!”

That’s the liberal take. Here is objective reality, in the form of bodycam footage:

No cop without a death wish would wait to see what this lowlife was digging out of his pocket as he ignored 15 police orders to show his hands.

The Black Lives Matter crybully B.S. over Elijah Smith, Michael Brown, and the rest is not pro-black. It is pro–black criminal, at the expense of everyone who is not a criminal.

On a tip from Lyle.

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