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Mar 11 2018

Bono’s ONE Charity Denounced for Toxic Culture of Abuse

Moonbat popstar Bono has been conspicuous for operations devoted to virtue signaling. But lately his charity ONE has been signaling anything but virtue:

Workers at a charity founded by U2 singer Bono have been subjected to a ‘toxic’ culture of bullying and abuse. …

In the worst case, a married woman says she felt pressured to have sex with an elderly Tanzanian MP.

When she refused, she was demoted to receptionist and had her salary slashed, she claims.

Some of the most appalling allegations center on ONE’s extravagantly paid former Africa executive director Sipho Moyo, who treated staff like her personal slaves, even forcing them to massage her feet.

Typical of the Left, ONE evades taxes, even while campaigning against tax evasion.

Bono himself admits that his charity has “gone badly wrong.”

Warnings about ONE’s skeeviness are not new. From 2 years ago:

On tips from Sean C, Bodhisattva, and Anonymous.

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