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Oct 07 2011

Boston Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Organized by ACORN

If anything could lower your opinion of the Occupy Wall Street trash agitating against liberty and in favor of authoritarian collectivism, this might be it — the smelly socialist lowlifes are financed in part by your tax dollar through Obama’s alma mater ACORN. From the Corruption Chronicles:

Among the goals [of the moonbats] is to get major banks to stop preying on the poor and people of color, according to the organizer of a Boston offshoot of an Occupy Wall Street rally. The event, promoted as Take Back Boston, was organized by dozens of local community groups that claim big banks have a pattern of pushing “bad loans on people of color and the poor.” As a result of the “predatory lending,” foreclosures have skyrocketed in urban communities, the organizers say.

Among the Take Back Boston organizers is a spinoff of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). Amid a massive fraud scandal and a series of criminal probes, ACORN supposedly dismantled but the reality is that it simply changed its name. In fact, Judicial Watch recently published a special report (“The Rebranding of ACORN”) about the organization’s transformation into various spinoffs and affiliated groups.

In this particular case, ACORN’s Boston office simply rebranded into New England United 4 Justice. Same crooked group with the same general mission and president, but a different name. Headed by Maude Hurd, the former president of ACORN and ACORN Housing, New England United 4 Justice promotes “social justice” for “low and moderate income families.” The group also seeks to educate the general public about social justice issues and the needs of poor and middle class families.

This sort of rebranding has allowed ACORN to skirt a 2009 congressional ban on federal funding, consequence of its many transgressions. A few months ago a Judicial Watch investigation found the Obama Administration gave an ACORN reincarnation called Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA) a $79,819 grant to “combat housing and lending discrimination.”

Students of ACORN will recall that this same organization exploited Jimmy Carter’s insane Community Reinvestment Act to coerce banks into making subprime loans, helping to trigger the 2008 economic meltdown. Barack Hussein Obama served this cause as a lawyer suing banks for not being “predatory” enough to loan money based on skin color rather than ability to repay.

Banks are damned if they do, damned if they don’t — by design. The objective is to destroy them and every other obstacle on the road to Soviet-style communism.

Having someone in the White House whose main work experience is as a community organizer has caused some to wonder just what community organizers organize. Thanks to the Occupy Wall Street infestation, now we know:





If you want this foul mob controlling your future, sit back and watch as Obama et al. continue to fundamentally transform our country into theirs.

On a tip from AC.

55 Responses to “Boston Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Organized by ACORN”

  1. lao's cankerous colon says:



  2. Only the Left could pull off Astroturf Anarchy.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  3. lao's automated rant generator says:

    Sarah Palin!

    David Duke!




    [don’t worry I’ll be back at least a hundred times today to remind of all of these points]

  4. scientia destruetur says:

    Herman Cain said that, while he can’t prove it, he believes these protests are well organized in order to distract from the failed policies of the present leadership. This is what community organizers do. It’s what they specialize in — division. This is the only expertise that Obama has ever had.

    Transformation of government is preceded by two steps. First, the collapse of the general morality of the culture. Second, economic collapse. The first is complete, the second is happening now. The third, government transformation, is next. An expert community organizer knows this better than anyone.

  5. Seamus says:

    “The event, promoted as Take Back Boston, was organized by dozens of local community groups that claim big banks have a pattern of pushing “bad loans on people of color and the poor.”

    Do they mean the type of loans community activist lawyers like Obama sued and forced banks to make?

    Oh, I get it. It’s ok to be forced to hand out loans to people who can’t afford them, but it’s bad to foreclose on them when they eventually can’t pay for them. Gotcha. Liberal economics can’t be beat.

  6. SR says:

    As Glenn Beck puts it. .” Progressives are good at changing words — for instance:

    “Federal assistance” has replaced the word “welfare”

    “Welfare” replaced the word “handout”

    “Subsidy” has replaced the word “self-reliance”

    “Bailout” has replaced the words “corporate accountability”

    The “stimulus bill” becomes the “jobs bill”

  7. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Sad. We used to house simpletons and the mentally ill to help them with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, and toileting. Now they’re given magic markers and poster board to wander the streets and live in their own filth.

  8. Uncle Lao's Fried Chickenliver says:

    lao suffers from cranial rectumitis

  9. Carmen says:

    Aren’t all their shoes, clothes, signs, paint, markers etc. obtained directly from large corps utilizing capitalism?

  10. Bob Roberts says:

    Like I said…

    Leader: WHY ARE WE HERE?

    Organizer Anthony Bondi said he has what he referred to as a “message team” working on the primary goals of the local protests, which he admitted “was kind of vague.”

  11. Bob Roberts says:


    How about I’m just carrying this sign – I have no idea what it says!

    Asked why they were there, some Hispanic protesters holding up English protest signs could not articulate what their signs said.

    Interviewed in Spanish, the protesters told conflicting stories about how their group was organized. Some said it was organized at their church, and that they were there as volunteers. Others, however, referred to the man from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition — the only Caucasian in the group — as their “boss.”

    TheDC asked that organizer whether he was paying the group to attend the protest, and he conceded that some protesters “aren’t” volunteers.

  12. TexasDoc says:

    Would somebody mind telling me where these ignorant rich little brats get off complaining about how hard their lives are? None of them seem to be naked, hungry or in danger. All of them seem to have cell phones, money and resources to get to the protests and clothing coming from major department stores. This is an astroturf movement coming from Soros and his bad attempts to deflect attention away from that incompetent fool in the White House.

  13. Enough Is Enough says:

    Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!
    Demand sweeping congressional investigation of Obama’s Department of Injustice

    Read more: Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!

  14. lao says:

    “Students of ACORN” will recall that probationary teaching assistant Blount, has a history of being singularly inaccurate when it comes to whining about ACORN.

    Dems Plan to Hand Over $Billions to Vote Fraud Outfit ACORN

    Obama Budget Includes $4 Billion Bonanza for ACORN

    How many $billions did Acorn actually get?

    2009 annual budget $25 million, 10% of which came from the federal government.

  15. Auntie Sam says:

    Someone referred to these “protesters” as Fleabaggers. Hah! Too true.

    They have no idea what they are protesting and they don’t care.

    @Carmen What shoes?

  16. AC says:

    How many $billions did Acorn actually get?

    Billions. Your tired and weak argument extends only to one head of the ACORN hydra. ACORN is a loose-knit association of hundreds of entities all sucking from the Federal teat and agitating for socialist revolution.

  17. SR says:

    Auntie Sam “Fleabaggers” aaaahahah Perfect!

    This made me chuckle too.

  18. lao says:

    I call BS on that AC.

    Document the “loose-knit association of hundreds of entities”.

    Document the $billions.

  19. Uncle Lao's Fried Chickenliver says:

    You are BS @$$wipe.

  20. Uncle Lao's Fried Chickenliver says:

    This is what democracy looks like!

  21. hiram says:

    From DiscovertheNetworks:

    “Since ACORN is a private corporation, it does not divulge its finances. Complicating any effort to calculate ACORN’s income is the fact that the organization operates an enormous number of front groups, many of which conceal their relationship to ACORN. As of October 2008, there were at least 294 front groups, nonprofits, and businesses related to ACORN, the vast majority of which listed their headquarters as: 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana — the site of a now-defunct funeral home.”

    Here’s your list of front groups. Notice the address of “headquarters”? Man, they sure can cram a lot of activists into that funeral parlor, huh?

    On an aside note, the words “294 front groups” is a hotlink on the original site, and it goes to a Google search entry. Imagine my surprise at having to search it through Yahoo when Google gave me a 404 error… lol!

  22. TED says:

    lao is a FAKE! No one can be that STUPID!

  23. Jodie says:

    And lest we forget about ACORN picking up homeless people, buying them lunches or giving them money, accompanying them into the voting booths, and voting FOR them under names like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Without them, Obama may not have been elected.

  24. Jan says:

    I’m from Boston and do you all know that Mayor Menino waived the permit process for this group and the city is providing electricity, internet, trash pickup and round the clock security. When asked about it Governor Patrick said they were welcome to stay as long as they wanted and cheered their cause.

    Meanwhile the Tea Party was put through a lengthy permit process and was told that if they weren’t in strict compliance “we’ll shut you down”. Imagine if they had pitched tents and occupied the Boston Common. I think we know what would have been done with them.

    This is the liberals idea of fairness and an example of how they apply the law when in power.

  25. rjp says:

    I’ll give any regular poster 10 bucks to stick their dick in Miss Barefoot Citizen off the World.

  26. lao says:

    Jodie please use your noggin, NOBODY voted using the name Mickey Mouse.

    hiram, your “sources” are a right wing blogger article from 3 years ago and DiscovertheNetworks which is a right wing David Horowitz project.

    Silly me, I forgot to request reputable documentation.

    If you want to claim $billions went to ACORN “entities” there are government sources that indicate where money goes.

  27. AC says:

    Mickey Mouse was registered to vote many times, and could have cast survivable absentee ballots in elections with machine counts and no manual recounts.

    The problem with Mickey Mouse is one of verification. If Mickey Mouse can make it on the voter rolls despite its lack of humanity, and be quickly discarded by name if a human sees it trying to vote, what happens when a Jesus Guzman registers to vote despite a lack of citizenship? What happens when the voter is seemingly legitimate but duplicitous, or is imprisoned or dead?

    Mickey Mouse proves the system to have more holes than Swiss cheese. Apart from felons and the deceased (which have been caught voting) there is no mechanism to catch fictitious people or noncitizens who aren’t caught in the act of registering. Once a person is on the rolls they need only show up in most states, and sometimes they’re hassled to produce easily forged documentation.

    The number of ACORN affiliates and their billions in funding was outlined above.

    Claiming that the affiliates at that funeral home aren’t actually ACORN is preposterous, as is claiming non-ACORN status for state ACORN chapters and other entities registered at their addresses. Many of the affiliates under the ACORN umbrella are still operating at the same addresses with the same key personnel.

  28. Uncle Joe Liberty says:

    We always hope these children will grow up. We hoped that the Obama generation would grow up, but it never did…
    Mental illness should be institutionalized, not paraded on the streets.

  29. KHarn says:

    “TED saysOctober 7, 2011 at 11:27 am”

    “Say it with me: yes! He! Can!”

  30. hiram says:

    ROFL… lao wants reputable documentation? Like what, Huffpo? Mother Jones? Worker’s World Weekly?


    I refer y’all to the graphic of the most recent open thread…

  31. Persephone says:

    Exactly, Carmen.

    This is Consumers of Corporatism protesting against…Corporations that give them what they consume.

    But they expect it to all be free somehow.

  32. Son of Taz says:

    More news about the Boston Occupy hippies:

    Obamalite, Gov Duval Patrick, was asked by a local Fox reporter why the demonstrators were allowed to stay without pulling permits. He responds: “I know nothing about the permit situation.”

    More good news: the city of Boston, under DemocRat mayor Tom “Mumbles” Menino, says the city is providing electricity, trash pickup and motherly hugs (lol) to the protestors. Of course, the city (taxpayers) are paying for it.

    The final punchline: The hippies are squatting on the Greenway. It’s actually called the Rose Kennedy Greenway, but the local media have gone way out of their way avoiding the mention of the sainted Kennedy name.

    Doesn’t it figure – they squat on land named for the mother of the biggest liberal sh*thead to ever foul the Capitol of the US.

  33. lao says:

    Sorry AC, “Mickey Mouse” may have submitted a registration but did NOT “end up on the voter rolls” and absolutely did not cast a ballot.

    ACORN was required, by law, to submit every registration but they flagged those registrations, like “Mickey Mouse” that were fraudulent, incomplete, or a duplicate.

    Sorry, $billions for Acorn and affiliates has not been documented.

  34. lao says:

    Did ACORN Affiliate Illegally Get Taxpayer Money?

    The Government Accountability Office and Department of Housing and Urban Development, however, both claimed Affordable Housing Centers of America was not tied to ACORN and therefore not subject to the ban on federal funding.

    In all, ACORN received more than $48 million in taxpayer funding from 17 federal agencies in 2005 through 2009, according to the GAP report.

  35. Jodie says:

    “My friend Jannique and I asked him about politics and he told me that when he was homeless a big van pulled up and they told him to vote for Obama. I assume he was asked to fill out an absentee ballot. I asked him if he was given money for this and he said no.

    This reeks of ‘ACORN’ to me. You remember the story of their voter fraud – offering people on the street cigarettes or money if they’d fill out a voter absentee ballot to vote for Obama? The forms that said ‘Mickey Mouse’ on them? The dead people who voted for Obama?

    We can’t afford any shenanigans in the upcoming 2012 election. We need to fill the polling booths with honest watchdogs. We must get involved. I called my local voting place and asked if I could be a ‘poll volunteer.’ They told me that I had to be trained and there was no money in the budget to train new volunteers. Really? I’ve noticed that old hippies guard the polls and I don’t trust them. So, I will be pushing this issue in my small town. I will be a poll volunteer. Invited or uninvited.”

  36. J says:

    This is what happens when college children think they know better than grown adults.

  37. J says:

    Not to worry though. The occupation will end when the temperatures fall below what they keep their dorm rooms at.

  38. J says:

    Government Accountability Office

    Now there’s a trustworthy entity. lol!

  39. lao's retarded and smarter brother says:

    TED says:
    lao is a FAKE! No one can be that STUPID!

    Oh, yes we can!

  40. Enough Is Enough says:

    Hawaii Court Sets Hearing About Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate: Fox News Reporter Will Be In Attendance

  41. Lgbpop says:

    Mumbles is still mayor of Boston? Now I know why Kevin White only served 16 years as Boston’s mayor – he wasn’t stupid enough.

    What I really want to know about these clowns, who tote these signs around demanding jobs and affordable housing, is this: Since it’s obvious they haven’t ever held a job in the first place (I sure wouldn’t hire someone looking like one of thm) and therefore have no plans on ever buying a house, why are they protesting? They already get all their minimalist expectations provided by us working stiffs.

  42. Flash says:

    Protesters’ real message: Tear down Wall Street—rebuild Berlin Wall.

    At least people worked in the Bolshevik world, unlike these parasites.

  43. joeh says:

    These people could have starred in The Omega Man with Charlton Heston. They look about as dead.

  44. AC says:

    They actually had a guy show up in an East German military uniform. Not surprisingly, his brain was rotten.

  45. Lgbpop says:

    Communism worked, all right. As Reagan once noted he was “told” by a comrade – “We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.”

  46. Jimbo says:

    “God bless them” said Nancy Pelosi; proven liar and thief.

    This is a bunch of lazy twirps who are now wallowing in their own filth… BUT! Soros sponsership has chipped in with a roll of TP.

    You have to hand it to liberals; they may be liars, but at least they’re filthy liars.

  47. Sgt Stadenko says:

    The Weed Party protesters dress in Halloween costumes and behave like spoiled 12-year-olds, and expect to be taken seriously?

    An entire generation grew up without ever hearing the word “no”…

  48. TED says:

    The libtards in the top pic forgot thier makeup!

  49. […] Boston Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Organized by ACORN […]

  50. Enough Is Enough says:

    Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!
    Demand sweeping congressional investigation of Obama’s Department of Injustice

    Read more: Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!


    If you think you wont have to get in the street in the next 10 years to push back the horde, you are dead wrong

  52. Fred says:

    This is what happens when Congress, Republican Congress as well. Bails out banks and corporations. And, the young who can’t find jobs in this economy get upset. The gap between the rich and middle class is greater now more than ever.
    TexasDoc, these aren’t rich kids, more like unemployed.

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