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Dec 21 2012

Breaking the Bank

Banks need to have sturdy floors if they are to withstand stampeding recipients of federal largesse — as demonstrated at an Indian reservation in South Dakota:

The floor of the Wells Fargo bank dropped 2 feet Tuesday morning as tribal members rushed to cash trust settlement checks. No one was injured, but the bank is closed indefinitely.

“If you knew the number of people packed into a very small building …” said Lower Brule Chairman Mike Jandreau.

On Tuesday, the Lower Brule Tribe started issuing $750 checks to about 3,800 members as part of a settlement with the federal government over the abuse and mishandling of tribal assets over the past several decades.

The Crow Creek Tribe, based in nearby Fort Thompson, started cutting $800 checks to about 4,000 tribal members Monday.

That’s more than $6 million in checks, and people were in a hurry to cash them. Many members of both tribes used the Lower Brule bank before the floor collapsed.

Would it be politically incorrect to hope they reinforced the floor at the nearest liquor store before the stampede moved on from the bank? I guess so. Forget I mentioned it.

buffaloes stampede off cliff
Buffaloes rush to cash government checks.

On a tip from Ghost of FA Hayek.

7 Responses to “Breaking the Bank”

  1. Lazlo says:

    That’s not fair at all. I’m sure a good number rushed to the nearest meth cooker in lieu of booze.

  2. vonster says:

    Thank God they weren’t giving out ‘Bama phones too!

  3. Jester says:

    Sad, sad, sad. My wife will be ashamed when she hears of this. She knows that if she had actually been raised on the reservation she had been born on, she too would have been another statistic of America’s longest-running, and most shameful, socialist system failure.

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    One only needs to take a drive through the reservations of Minnesota to understand what libs have in store for the rest of us

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Those aren’t buffalo – that’s Obama along with other Democrats and their crony capitalist supporters rushing over the fiscal cliff.

  6. Mr Evilwrench says:

    I’ve been to a reservation in Oregon, and seen the, um, adult beverage containers strewn along the highway. A sad fate for a great people.

  7. Mickey Shea says:

    And by the next day, all the money was gone….

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