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Dec 03 2017

Britain’s Hate Speech Police

Pat Condell explains why British police don’t seem able to deal with serious crime. Justice has been subordinated to its nearly diametrical opposite, social justice. This is excellent news for Islamic colonists, but bad news for Britons who would like to live in a free country:

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and physicsnut.

12 Responses to “Britain’s Hate Speech Police”

  1. ICEvictim says:

    Canada’s not much better, unfortunately.

  2. Geeknerd says:

    In the sixties hippie chicks had to prove they weren’t racist by having sex with brothas.

  3. Spiny Norman says:

    They still do… although pretentious internet virtue-signalling seems to be a popular substitute…. and more of an ego boost when they do.

  4. Veritas100 says:

    Regarding what you posted – do you think things have really changed?

  5. Frank says:

    They might try hating communism if they need something to hate.

  6. Spiny Norman says:

    They think they’ll be the “nomenklatura” after the Glorious Revolution!

    In reality, the first up against the wall, as useful idiots always are.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Useful idiots for ya…

  8. JackisBack says:

    God bless you Pat; a voice of reason and resistance. Too bad your fellow Britons welcome their slavery.

  9. JackisBack says:

    Hillary Clinton is one such example

  10. Willard J Clinton says:

    Interestingly we learn in the video that (((Freemasonry))) is behind providing the Bolshevik indoctrination received by the sociopathic UK police “leaders” who are imposing this censorship and oppression on England.

    This is my shocked face….

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