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Oct 31 2012

Britain’s Youngest Sex Change Victim Wants to Change Back

Another life is destroyed by the absurd moonbat delusion that you can choose not to be the sex you actually are:

Ria Cooper made headlines last year when she [sic] became Britain’s youngest sex change patient aged 17, after years of begging her [sic] family and the NHS [i.e., taxpayers] to turn her [sic] in to a [crude facsimile of a] girl.

But now, having lived as a women for less than a year the 18-year[-old] has decided to change back in to a man after suffering huge mental anguish as a woman.

Cooper, whose name used to be Brad, has tried to commit suicide twice since becoming a “woman.”

Ms Cooper also says the hormone injections left her [sic] with extreme emotions and a high sex drive, but that she [sic] can not find the love she [sic] craves with either sex.

She [sic] believes she [sic] will have better luck in love as a ‘trendy’ gay man…

How wonderful that at last Brad will straighten out his ruined life and become a healthy, normal person. In the meantime,

Currently jobless and sleeping on a friends floor, Ms Cooper, hopes that after she [sic] stops having her [sic] hormone injections and returns to being a boy she [sic] can join the Army and have a career in the forces.

No doubt his training as a hairdresser will help him fend off Britain’s enemies.

Cooper personifies the sickness that is deliberately aided and abetted for political reasons by LGBT militants and their many fellow travelers in the “mainstream” media and even in the healthcare professions. No punishment would be too extreme for parents who subject their children to this type of depravity.

Brad/Ria Cooper over the years.

On a tip from Antara.

15 Responses to “Britain’s Youngest Sex Change Victim Wants to Change Back”

  1. Steven W. says:

    Maybe (s)he can get Joe Biden’s equipment – today Biden was heralding Sandra Fluke’s call that transgender reassignment is the greatest issue of our time and that he (Biden) was going to give a load up today ROFLMAO

  2. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    Welcome back to (almost) sanity, Brad. You’ve finally figured out that your “friends” on the left that care about you so much are, in fact, evil.

    They convinced you that you WERE a woman trapped in a male body.

    They assured you that you’d be happy and free and empowered if you would only mutilate yourself surgically and unbalance your (now mutilated) body chemically. THEN you’d be happy, and so would they.

    Well…THEY are happy, anyhow. You’re now a chopped-up freak who figured out that they are liars and monsters. Unfortunately, it cost you your weenie and probably your long-term health, mental and physical.

    But OH WELL! Your progressive enablers are sleeping the sleep of the just, knowing they did their job. Of course, now that you’re a mess, they can’t be bothered, but that is the way the operate: fuck things up, then leave it to someone else to pick up the pieces.

    They will have their reward…and soon.

  3. rockman says:

    The poor girl seems to have stepped on her dick…

  4. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Rats, another failed liberal lab experiment.
    Hopefully he has a family around if self harm becomes an issue again, because the Josef Mengele’s posing as psychiatrists won’t

  5. Doug says:


    I thought you moved to Sweden after Cameron was made PM.

  6. Your Inner Voice says:

    Looks like the commie-libs’ highest deity, self, failed poor Brad.
    Had those(weak/wicked)people surrounding Brad done more than never-ending positive affirmation and actually exposed the young-skull-full-of-mush to the MANY others who have gone the same mournful failed route, and to a full spectrum of expert counseling, poor Brad wouldn’t now be making repeated attempts to kill itself.

    I look at such tragedies and I praise the Almighty for the family/church/teachers/friends that have Providentially been put in my life’s path, and I deeply mourn for the Brads of the world.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    I think I’m going to put this person at #1 in my next Dead Pool. Certainly one who will likely take their own life in very short order.

  8. 762x51 says:

    Will the British taxpayers get reimbursed for the money they wasted on this whim?

  9. RKae says:

    Remember: to have told him “No, you’re not a woman trapped in a man’s body; you have a mental problem” would have been hateful… and it will soon be illegal to tell people this.

    When people are haunted by a crazy thought, it’s NOT compassionate to tell them it’s a legitimate thought.

  10. chuck in st paul says:

    The field of psychiatry has completely caved on these issues. They WILL burn in hell for what they now encourage.

    This “guy” will never be right in the head. And he thinks the military is looking for psychos like him? He’s even more delusional than first thought.

  11. serfer62 says:




  12. Vic Kelley says:

    What do you do for that person? Pray for them? Or pray that the third time is the charm (suicide attempts)?

  13. JNN says:

    I feel sorry for this young man. I suspect he has been misled all of his life. I’ve seen similar things happen with other young men. I’ve seen parent(usually single mothers) intentionally feminized their sons for various(always selfish) reasons.

  14. Sam Adams says:

    762×51 says:
    October 31, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Will the British taxpayers get reimbursed for the money they wasted on this whim?

    Liberal governments wasting taxpayer money is not a bug; it is a feature.

    For example, news just came out that we current spend $60,000 on every poor family in the US. Most of that money is consumed by bureaucrats, leaving the family with maybe $20,000. Liberals don’t see a problem with this.

  15. Grunt says:

    *Quietly agrees with JNN.* [Shakes head sadly}

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