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Mar 09 2018

British Moonbats Aim Their Ire at Coffee Cups

Nothing is safe from totalitarian moonbats. Now they are coming after coffee cups:

Ministers have been slammed for resisting calls to introduce a ‘latte levy’ on takeaway coffee cups.

A committee of MPs urged the government to introduce a mandatory 25p charge on disposable cups, which are difficult and costly to recycle.

No worries, eco-justice warriors. The Nanny State is sure to inflict the absurd surcharge if you just keep screeching for awhile.

As well as calling for a so-called ‘latte levy’, Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) recommended all paper drinks cups should be recycled by 2023 – and if not, they should be banned.

Disposable cups used by big coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa are difficult to recycle because of the cups’ tightly bonded plastic lining.

Why not save the planet by banning coffee altogether? It would serve Starbucks right for its left-wing virtue signaling.

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