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Oct 31 2017

British Police Forsake Crime Fighting for Clowning

Even in moonbattery-addled Britain, people are getting fed up with the feminization, infantilization, and moonbattification of the police:

Officers were criticised for garishly painting their nails, posing for photos in bumper cars and stroking puppies for stress relief.

The nail painting was intended to raise awareness for human slavery. Officers who were subsequently ridiculed were encouraged to report this as a hate crime.

Some officers pose in bear masks — others in women’s shoes.

Yet [or more likely, consequently] shocking figures out this week showed that almost every type of crime is up, with knife offences alone rising by a quarter. Nine out of ten home burglaries are unsolved.

Retired senior Scotland Yard detective Mick Neville may have fingered the problem:

“Too many modern chief constables have got more degrees under their belts than arrests.”

But no doubt they are very good at community relations and staging awareness-raising publicity stunts.

On a tip from The Lieberal Media.

13 Responses to “British Police Forsake Crime Fighting for Clowning”

  1. Chuck Aston says:

    Can’t blame the Bobbys for backing off if the Brits treat them the way we treat our cops.

  2. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    They must learn from comrades Bloomberg and DiBlasio across the pond about how to have the “safest city” – don’t allow the police to take reports, mock crime victims, threaten crime victims, do not file reports that crime victims demand you take, report thefts and assaults as “lost property” and “tripping” – when political bribe payers blind lets say Homosexual African Americans for walking down their street – arrest the victim, ridicule him –

    NY being the “safest big city in America” has taken tremendous amounts of work. You too can live in the safest city if you just follow their lead.

  3. Chuck Aston says:

    Crime is apparently in the eye of the beholder. hillary and her dildo slick willy have gotten away with everything for decades.

  4. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Democratic Motto: Criminal for thee not for me.

  5. Take The Red Pill says:

    “…We’ll get the bloody buggers!”

    Just as long as those “bloody buggers” are heterosexual white males, I’ll bet…

  6. J- says:

    Send police who no guns and lots of sensitivity training after violent Muslim hordes? Did anyone expect it to turn out any other way?


    …and English luvvies are handing out white Surrender poppies now because
    the traditionally red ones commemorating British War dead are “racist”.

  8. physicsnut says:

    well NO KIDDING – brit police are a joke

  9. MAS says:

    Those that can do, those that cannot promote, those that cannot promote become community policing clowns.

  10. Now I understand why most British cops aren’t trusted to carry guns.
    Looks like a wise policy in retrospect.

  11. Chuck Aston says:

    And not muslim “refugees.”

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