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May 05 2017

Butler University Offers Course in Hating Trump

The Trump presidency has one silver lining even for liberals. Instead of learning tedious grownup stuff, they can take classes in how much they hate Trump:

Students at Indiana’s Butler University will soon learn “strategies for resistance” to oppose President Donald Trump.

Students paying roughly $36,000 in tuition have signed up for a “Special Topics” class titled “Trumpism & U.S. Democracy.” The course, which begins in August and runs until December, explicitly charges the Republican with “perpetuating sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism, and imperialism.”

“This course explores why and how this happened, how Trump’s rhetoric is contrary to the foundation of the U.S. democracy, and what his win means for the future,” reads a description on Butler’s website, first reported Wednesday by The Heartland Institute. “The course will also discuss, and potentially engage in, strategies for resistance.”

For the money being charged, they ought to bring in famous self-proclaimed members of The Resistance like Keith Olbermann and Shrillary Clinton to give guest lectures on how to throw tantrums and attempt to subvert democracy rather than winning elections by appealing to the voters and fielding acceptable candidates.

The class will be instructed by Professor Ann M. Savage of the university’s Critical Communication and Media Studies department.

It isn’t only the kids and their parents paying through the nose for this crapola. Even private universities are subsidized seven ways to Sunday by taxpayers. Much of the money is wasted on flagrantly useless moonbattery like Critical Communication and Media Studies departments.

Ann Savage of The Resistance.

On a tip from Guy B.

34 Responses to “Butler University Offers Course in Hating Trump”

  1. Sandy Reardon says:


  2. Hungjumper says:

    From Merriam-Websters –

    “Incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority”

  3. NotKennedy says:

    I have never been that drunk that I would even think about a woman as nasty as she looks. I don’t care what they say about girls at closing time, date-rape pills or love potion number 9, even Bill Clinton could walk away and actually feel better for it.

    Meanwhile kiddies, spend all that money and study all that trash and it will NEVER get you a job in the real world. Your degrees are worthless junk, meaningless paper that no has any respect for. Get a mail order degree, put it in a nice frame and you’ll have money left over to pay for a car of your own so you move out of your parents home.

  4. Bodhisattva says:

    One thing you notice about the people who are behind all these efforts to hate and to promote hate. They’re generally fat, ugly malcontents with pasted on smug smiles. The photo you provided of Ann Savage shows this.

  5. Troy McClure says:

    I’m used to seeing CA, NY, MD and DC making this blog multiple times a day, but this is TWICE for the Red State, Indiana

  6. Chuck Aston says:

    There’s hope! A researcher (sorry, I can’t remember his name) tracked the average number of children liberal and conservative couples produce. Liberals didn’t produce enough to replace themselves (the replacement level is about 2.1 children). Conservatives produce more than the replacement level. His conclusion; liberals will eventually die out and be replaced by conservatives. “Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!”

  7. Chuck Aston says:

    ” … they ought to bring in famous self-proclaimed members of The Resistance
    like … Shrillary Clinton to give guest lectures …” HILARIOUS CLITORIS doing SOMETHING for NOTHING?! I think not!

  8. Chuck Aston says:

    Ann Savage was immortalized in a famous novel by Herman Melville about an obsessive need for absolute control. WHALE HO!!!

  9. StephaneDumas says:

    Would be more worthy and more useful it if it was course in hating George Soros or Hillary Clinton thought then that course won’t be so long because the teacher might be “Vince Foster-ized”. 😉

    Edit: I wonder if Ann Savage is related to Trigglypuff? By comparing pictures of her and trigglypuff….

  10. Number 6 says:

    Any parent spending $ to send their kid to this joke of a college is an idiot.

  11. ramrodd says:

    Many dont want to hear – The Late USA…..

    Audio – Barnhardt blasts Trump as Kayfabe, but many of us knew that Alex Jones is a
    phony! She also talks about govt. run health care and the church..

    A must listen – Barnhardt Podcast #002: “Kayfabing Ourselves to Death”

  12. Torcer says:

    Anyone want to guess what the Fascist left would label a similar course on Obama?

  13. Sufferfortribe says:

    Hah, I don’t need to take a class to learn how or why I dislike politicians.
    I just do.

  14. Joe Elliot says:

    I wouldn’t want to be the one detailed to find out.

  15. Joe Elliot says:

    I can’t say for sure, the 70’s are a little hazy. If I did, please God, don’t let me remember.

  16. StephaneDumas says:

    They’ll call that “hate speech” the Trigglypuff way.

  17. NotKennedy says:

    Hehe, what happened in the 70s stays in the 70s!

  18. K.E.Miles says:

    Ann Savage, outside linebacker.

  19. BiffWellington says:

    A whole lot of woman there…perhaps two women.

  20. Joe Elliot says:

    We can only hope.

  21. J.j. Cintia says:

    Maybe Trump should adopt a different strategy with La Resistance? Like Cake, and Ice Cream. The fat will take care of itself…

  22. 762x51 says:

    Outside linebacker is a position of speed and agility, clearly not her forte. I’d say more of a Center or an offensive Guard. She’s not fast enough to play Tackle on either side of the ball.

  23. Sharonmcastillo says:

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  24. 762x51 says:

    Is that a woman or did it just swallow one whole?

    DipShiite U these days teach everything “critical”, except critical thinking. Ten minutes of that would collapse their entire course catalog.

  25. ICEvictim says:

    “Trump’s rhetoric is contrary to the foundation of the U.S. democracy”
    another history bereft moonbat. It should try reading the various papers and broadsides published by the founding fathers. Oh yeah, and BTW… we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy, idiot.

  26. ICEvictim says:


  27. ICEvictim says:

    it’s probably the only place the little snotflakes could get in

  28. Allan says:

    Anything with “studies” in its title should be banned from being taught at a school.

  29. Jimmy Flounderello says:

    There once was a teacher named Annie,
    With a hideous face and big fanny.
    She sat in her class,
    And talked out her ass,
    And people all thought her a tranny.

  30. BUBBA says:

    What a savage krunt. I guess Buttler University is one of those schools that hand out useless degrees after students take on $100,000 or more in debt so they can enter the job market with no useful skills.

  31. markflag says:

    Very appropriate last name. Useless degrees emerge from useless courses. My kid would have the following choices: STEM (ideal), Two foreign languages, one of them Asian and neither of them Spanish, or pay for it yourself. Gender studies and film? Out of the will.

  32. markflag says:

    Only a gynecologist knows for sure. And he ties a rope around his ankle so he won’t get lost.

  33. Carol Jennings says:

    It has long been rumored that the schools of higher education had gone to hell, but now we know it for a fact. Ann Savage of Butler University is intent upon living up to her surname, “Savage”. Why not? Barbarism is eminently fashionable in America. The school in which she teaches has given her carte blanche to promulgate pseudo-academic trash-talk on punk rock, “women” in music, and so on. Now she is given the same latitude to indoctrinate the younger generation on revolutionary politics. I cannot wait to hear the backlash from the alumni, and to see what the administration does when the donors put away their checkbooks. Who hired this woman? What, pray tell, did she write as a Ph.D. dissertation, and where? God help us, if this is where education is going. We are surely done for.

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