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Mar 07 2018

California Bill Would Ban Internal Combustion Engine

First, they came after the incandescent light bulb. Now moonbats want to ban the internal combustion engine:

Now compounding [California’s many liberalism-induced] problems is a bill currently under consideration in the Legislature, Assembly Bill 1745, that would outlaw the sale and registration of new light-duty vehicles powered by internal combustion engines beginning in 2040. The unintended consequence for those existing internal combustion engines after 2040 would be that people would drive their internal combustion engines for 50 years, like they did in Cuba, and adversely affect air pollution, and not take advantage of technology improvements. The sheer scope of the proposed mandate is staggering. According to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, of the 35 million registered vehicles in CA there are over 26 million passenger vehicles registered in California. Of these, only about three percent are personal electric vehicles. Limiting the types of new cars Californians could buy would disproportionately punish working families already struggling to make ends meet.

If the left-liberal elitists who have total control of California gave a hoot about working families, they would have turned back from their devastating agenda long ago. Already California has the nation’s lowest quality of life and highest poverty rate. With 12% of the country’s population, the erstwhile Golden State has 22% of the homeless population and 33% of the welfare recipients.

The idea of AB-1745 is to force everyone to drive electric vehicles, in the deranged belief that sufficient electricity will be generated by windmills and solar panels. Not going to happen, even if we could come up with enough cobalt for the batteries.

Other than causing great hardship and allowing moonbats to virtue signal, the tyrannical bill solves nothing. Even if you believe that humans are causing global warming and that this is a problem, California produces <1% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. An earthquake could drop the whole state to the bottom of the sea and no one would notice a difference in temperature — although we would certainly experience a change for the better politically and culturally.

Next up: bans on electricity and indoor plumbing. Only when we are back to living in trees will temperatures become static so that the polar bears can truly flourish.

On a tip from Jester.

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