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Jul 17 2017

California Bill Would Mandate 100% Green Energy, Solar Panels on Every New Home

You could watch a chilling science fiction movie about what would happen if certifiable lunatics achieved total control of a society. You could learn about the history of Cambodia under Pol Pot, whose schizophrenic dictates killed off up to 30% of the population. Or you could visit California:

The California Senate Majority Leader Kevin de León has introduced a new bill that would mandate the Golden State get all of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045.

Note this is not some backbencher kook but the Senate Majority Leader in a state that effectively has only one party.

What has not been widely discussed in the press – and buried in the details of the bill – is that all new homes and all homes sold must have solar panels as their source of energy. All apartment buildings with more than four units must install solar panels by 2025, and all commercial and office buildings must do the same. As for farms, they must commit 25% of their acreage to windmills.

California has been known as the nation’s breadbasket — probably not for much longer though.

A Democratic member of the Senate told us “We cannot wait any longer to save the planet. The time is now.”

Reasonable people can disagree over whether there is such a thing as anthropogenic global warming and whether it is somehow a problem. But no reasonable person could believe that destroying California’s economy with lunatic regulations will “save the planet.”

We asked him about the economic effect of the bill. He stated, “This will be a huge economic stimulus for California. Now all my family members who are here as undocumented workers can get a job. It will take the burden off me of supporting them. Who do you think is going to climb on all those roofs and install those solar panels?”

Wonderful. It will employ the zillions of illegal aliens that California has lured in with its generous welfare benefits and sanctuary policies. But who will pay the illegals to install the inefficient solar panels? At some point wealth has to be created before it can be forcibly redistributed — a fact that is unaccounted for in liberal ideology.

Speaking of liberal ideology, there is more to it than using apocalyptic environmentalism to justify authoritarian micromanagement. There is also a profound hatred of America’s core population, generally expressed as special rewards for anyone who is not white and heterosexual.

On the subject of how people will be able to afford the mandatory solar panels:

He then said, “California has its own program and we plan on expanding that. The program, of course, will be income qualified and aimed toward identified minorities.” Expanding on that issue, he said anyone who can show they are Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ or disabled will get a special subsidy.

Others can qualify by convincing the bureaucrats that they are at least 1/16 American Indian. As for the rest of us, we get yet another kick in the teeth for having “privilege.” White Californians who cannot certify that they are perverts will pay for their own solar panels, and also the solar panels of those lucky enough to be “marginalized.”

A bill recently emerged in California that would provide free healthcare for everyone, with no way of paying for it. It would have literally bankrupted the state. It was shelved without being put up for a vote, to the vehement chagrin of Bernie Sanders and other leftists. If sanity prevails, the green energy bill will suffer the same fate. If not, it might pass. Surrounding states are advised to brace for large numbers of refugees.

Kevin de León knows almost as much about energy as about firearms.

On a tip from Steve A.

19 Responses to “California Bill Would Mandate 100% Green Energy, Solar Panels on Every New Home”

  1. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    The Zimbabwification of California is racing ahead. A 25% reduction in food production is a signpost of all failed utopic decrees be they Five Year Plans, Collectivization, redistribution or straight up extermination. Though in normal utopias the decrease in food production is a byproduct of the communist insanity, not actually written into the law. Perhaps a new paradigm is at play in terminal, end stage utopianism?

  2. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    “California has been known as the nation’s breadbasket — probably not for much longer though.”
    I always thought CA was more renowned for its fruits and nuts (both human and botanical) than as a grower of wheat.

  3. magic1114 says:

    Good scam on Commiefornia’s part; give you nothing in the form of energy, but tax you on what YOU YOURSELF produce… That Kevin De Leon, what a prankster!

  4. OldSailor says:

    The telling point is that “Moonbeam” Brown is totally in favor of this bill. “California will go its own way” – Paraphrased.

  5. wildmanonearth says:

    I assume there will be only one vendor and installer of these panels. I also assume that the refining of silicon for solar consumes megawatts of electricity to create. Something these bozos fail to mention

  6. HARP2 says:

    breadbasket ?

    More like basket case

  7. Watchman59 says:

    Any chance of surgical earthquakes dropping Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the other blue parts of the state into the ocean while sparing the red zones?

  8. BiffWellington says:

    Nothing crazy here….

  9. geeknerd says:

    I’ve been seeing commercials for a hydrogen powered car. That’s the dumbest thing since the electric car. Not only does it take more energy to get the hydrogen (by electrolysis) than one gets from burning the hydrogen (thereby making hydrogen not a fuel but a battery), but also one cannot store hydrogen long-term. All pressure vessels leak when filled with hydrogen-the smallest molecule possible. It would be more “sustainable” just to have an electric car (plugged into a nuclear power source)

  10. BillyBobBob the Covfefe Bob says:

    and all homes sold must have solar panels


  11. mas2 says:

    “This will be a huge economic stimulus for California. Now all my family
    members who are here as undocumented workers can get a job.” Wait, what? Was this guy being sarcastic, or did the referenced article use The Onion for a source? Even in the current era of insanity, I’m finding that one hard to believe.

  12. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Escapees from California have turned Utah’s capital city into a liberal hellhole. Two weeks ago I watched as homeless people camped out on the grassy islands in the middle of the streets.

    The homeless are like cats. Feed them and you get more of them.

  13. kerri says:

    I say go for it !
    The more insane those people become …the faster they drive their state into the ground .
    Vote for the Progressive-Socialist-democrat Party …the party of baby killing, perversion, and economic doom !

  14. Kevin R. says:

    I never would have believed it but people can actually go feral.

  15. Kevin R. says:

    “The planet” will be just fine, but California is going down.

  16. Jeff says:

    If only rising ocean level were real, I’d be doing all I could to increase my “green house gas” emissions.

  17. Jeff says:

    So, which solar energy company or companies are giving De Leon money?

  18. Stosh says:

    So long as NO federal subsidies pay for the lunacy, let them go for it. But build a wall on the Nevada border to keep refugees out.

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