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Nov 11 2016

California Moonbats Mutter About Secession

It seemed only yesterday that some wistfully mused how relatively free of moonbattery Texas would be if it once again became its own country. Now it’s the moonbats who want to secede:

Shervin Pishevar, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist whose company, Sherpa Capital, has invested in massive companies like Uber and Airbnb, announced on Twitter Tuesday that in the event of Trump win, he would be “announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation.” …

Soon after he tweeted, Path founder Dave Morin added that wanted to be involved as well.

“I was literally just going to tweet this,” he wrote. “I’m in and will partner with you on it.”

A previously announced campaign hoping to facilitate the secession of California from the United States, called Yes California, is gaining more steam with voters disappointed in the results of the election.

What foot-stamping moonbats like Pishevar and Morin seem not to realize is that Silicon Valley would not remain in California if it were its own country. In a nation run entirely by leftists, the death spiral of lavish entitlements driving high taxes driving high unemployment driving lavish entitlements driving still higher taxes would soon force businesses to relocate abroad. Texas might be a good place.

Democrats would say goodbye to 55 electoral votes.

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62 Responses to “California Moonbats Mutter About Secession”

  1. BobSykes says:

    Some Oregonians want to secede, too. Please, God, grant their wishes.

    Many of our current problems stem from the Civil War and forcing the South to remain in the Union. A truly great mistake.

  2. Artfuldgr says:

    I guess they forgot the last time dems tried to leave the union… It was to preserve slavery as a economic system and run away from the Republicans party of Lincoln…. Now they want to leave so they can have their dictatorship of the prols… Go ahead… Given policy, the wealthy will leave when they realized they are the major trees saps to provide Mexicans money for comming over the border for their fair share of the valleys moolah

  3. Daniel says:

    It’s a reasonable position. Trump wants to stop funding for sanctuary cities. But if they become their own state, they can apply for foreign aid and there is no doubt they will qualify as a third world nation in a very short time.

  4. Occam's Stubble says:

    Without those 55 EVs, would any Democrat ever win the White House again? Where do I go to contribute to this effort?

  5. Exit Only says:

    Those liberals. Always a tease. If only it would happen.But it won’t, becasue it would require too much work, and California needs the Government tit and Colorado water to exist.

  6. wildmanonearth says:

    By all means leave. it will save us bailing you out when you eventually go bankrupt.

  7. Troy McClure says:

    Exact percentage of them that are willing to get a rifle and put on a uniform to make it happen: 0.00000000%

  8. ArmyAviator says:

    If Californicators want to Secede, then by all means let them go in peace. It would actually be a good thing and would STRENGTHEN the Union, to have the Sumbitches gone! Maybe they could elect (or select) Pelosi Galore as their ruler. Or maybe CrooKed Hillary would condescend to rule over California. Then, they could tax the crap outa all the Gays, the Hollyweirds and Soros types and live quite well for awhile. They could be “sanctuary nation” and maybe even eventually, be annexed by Mexico again! What’s one more basket case Latin country?

  9. NotKennedy says:

    Why wait for them to secede, let’s just embargo them into obscurity…sanctions, isn’t that what America does when they disagree with some other country? Impose a federal excise tax on California electricity consumed, in excess of their own energy production, but offer a coal generated power with a tax credit. Libs always like that “choice” stuff. Make it easy for them.

  10. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Hollyweird film companies would be elbowing to be the first ones out. No one would fund their crappy film production in a country with no banks, no currency and no serious governmental infrastructure.

    They produce a lot of anti-American crap, but they are the first to take advantage of the tax laws that favor businesses.

  11. TED says:

    Ba’BYE! A MAJOR PLUS for this country, go INFECT another!!! TAKE THESE with you!!!

  12. rex freeway says:

    Let them spend massive amounts of their own money to secede. Was they are done, treat them as a hostile country. Zero federal aid, close all roads in and out, and allow all deathrow and violent criminals a free pass to Cali.

  13. rex freeway says:

    There is the pic of Whoopi I was looking for…

  14. grayjohn says:

    Well, Bye!

  15. Silence Dogood says:

    Yeah so the right talking about this are fools but it’s ok when the left does it? Oh man the hypocrisy just reeks of foolishness

  16. TED says:


  17. TED says:

    Liberal TEARS, Sooooooooo sweet!!

  18. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    As someone born, raised, and fled from CA, let me just say…

  19. TrojanMan says:

    California is not really part of the USA anyway. Our federal government is so bloated and so corrupt secession will still be needed by red states.

    All the proposed amendments to come out of the COS project would not shrink government. They would help to prevent it from getting any larger but would not shrink it.

    Trump will not shrink government and return it to its proper role. Cruz would not have been able to do that either. The government will only continue to get larger and more hostile.

    We as a nation are more divided since the 1860’s.

  20. physicsnut says:

    oh and they want to abolish the Electoral College
    after they have their riots
    i agree with this guy
    hey – is America EXCEPTIONAL OR WHAT !!

  21. Artfuldgr says:

    they have to take california with them… they wanted to move to other countries but found out no other countries wanted them, and unlike the US going over another countries border is a crime and the idjits would be in prison if they tried…

    so, when no country wants you
    try to steal part of the country you live in and create a new one

    last time they tried that bevcause of a republican in office, they ended up wiht the civil war and their precious slavery ended… as the radical republcans and the party of lincoln and MLK beat em

  22. Alphamail says:

    Any one who is for any kind of secession is a lunatic. 4000 Marxists riot in Portland and you want the entire state to secede? Wouldn’t it be better to jail the Marxists? La Raza wants to own California so you would sit on your hands and let the state secede? Designate La Raza a hate group along with CAIR and BLM and arrest those who call for the overthrow of our government. Protesting and burning the flag is one thing – rioting and calling for anarchy and violently overthrowing the government is NOT free speech and should be dealt with like any other enemy action. When Obama was first elected many of you called for nuking Washington, DC……..imagination run amuck is far from reality – scores of millions of Constitutional Conservative Christians and decent Americans would be displaced or killed, and America would cease to exist, including the same delusional people who advocate this dangerous silliness. I’m not saying we allow federal troops to roam the streets and arrest people, I’m saying the National Guard goes in, in very limited situations – like it always has – and give the police their power BACK that has been stolen by Obama and BLM, and let them do their jobs.
    Snark, and saying states should secede here and there is fantasy and another position of irresponsibility when stopping the people who are lawless and violent is the answer.

  23. Alphamail says:

    You make a good point – the #NeverTrumpers who are not willing to give Trump a running-start blessing, will now have to sit back and watch in agony as he lives up to his promises…in this case stopping funding for sanctuary cities. This being Veteran’s Day, they’ll probably go catatonic when he helps veterans like he says he will, and revamp the entire system.
    Also, I believe when Trump is in office he should actually give entitlements to Hollywood. He should give every Hollywood celebrity a free airline ticket to ANYWHERE in the world, as long as they promise to stay there and never come back..

  24. Gene says:

    Apparently, the Democrats didn’t learn from the last time they tried do this after an election, and Generals U.S. Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan had to come explain it to them.

  25. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    This time, I’d say Republicans should learn from the past too and just let them go. Open up the United States for some period of time for US citizens in CA who want to leave CA. I’m guessing the ratio of Americans to leftists will be pretty favorable, with the worst of the starry eyed moonbats staying to build their utopia. Then close the border, let the leftists do what leftists do. Watch it rot and keep strong border security to stop the useful idiots who later want to flee after they finally understand that they’ve been had. Actually, this probably won’t be too difficult. The authoritarians in the Democratic Socialist Republic of California (or whatever they call it) will work hard to ensure their slaves do not escape, so it won’t even be that hard to secure the border.

    And if they actually produce anything, I’d even say trading with them would be OK. Let’s not be jerks about it, the regular folks will suffer plenty enough as it is.

  26. Looking at the CA election map, most of the blue was along the coast. My uncle lives in the red part up around Mt Shasta. Maybe if we kicked out the blue counties and let them fail as a nation, the Proggies would learn their lesson… or at least starve Venezuela-style.

    Alternatively, that possible State of Jefferson could form and secede from this incipient People’s Republic of Kalifornia!

    Now Oregon wants to go, too. Same solution: divide it along the Cascades and let the blue boys have the weird part!

  27. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    I like it. And if you can find a way to give them the heavily populated core of the Eastern sea board, essentially the Boston/New York/Philly/Baltimore/DC corridor, so much the better. I actually live pretty close to Philly, so getting out would be a bit of a hardship, but it’s a sacrifice I would happily make.

  28. Don’t forget to encourage any other Proggies to move there as well!

    A guy named Kurt Schlichter wrote a cool e-book about something like that; however, he postulated that Hildawg would win and the red states would kick the Proggie enclaves out. The branch-off point for that parallel universe has passed, but the book is still a fun read!

  29. I was born there, too: Presidio, San Francisco. CALIF stands for Come And Live In Florida, or so said my late dad.

    Since I am still in Florida, that was one thing he got right!

    Just let me get my red-county uncle and his family out first: WWII Navy veteran who should not be left behind!

  30. Sitting here imagining those before/after CA secession pictures like we see from Africa pre and post native rule..

  31. Not going to argue against giving Marxist crybullies a whiff of Ma Deuce… great, if brief, entertainment!

  32. Kurt Schlichter’s ‘People’s Republic’ showed how that might have worked in event of a Hildawg victory. Thank God that didn’t happen! Still, a peaceful secession for the bluest of blue areas could be productive.

    I think at some level the Proggies realize that secession would not go well for them: no tax base, large dependant class, limited natural resources, and so forth. The question will be: does their will to power override their will to survive?

  33. KHarn says:

    Your first sentence is a lie.
    Read the first six chapters of Admiral Semmes’ “Memoirs of Service Afloat” for a start. The gentleman lays out the whole case for Southern independence and the crimes against the South and the UNITED STATES committed by New England.
    Even Daniel Webster said in 1850 (Capon Springs speech) that since New England had refused to uphold the Constitution, the southern states were not obliged to uphold it either and therefore, the Constitution was NULL AND VOID. This would, in fact, have effectively dissolved the union.
    Then there was the Abolitionists’ rebellion against the United States which the Republican party joined, resulting in “Bleeding Kansas”. Lincoln said in a campaign speech that he would support New England in anything they said and did. At the time, they were calling for the over-throw of the “slave government”.
    Like it or not, the north fought for New England’s economic and political domination and the Republican party. Ending slavery was just a by-product; an after-thought. Why didn’t they end slavery DURRING the war IF they were fighting to end it? How many other countries did the US invade to “end slavery”?

  34. KHarn says:

    They go to foreign countries to make movies anyway.

  35. KHarn says:

    And one more thing, perhaps more important than any other reason:
    Secession was NEVER proven illegal!

  36. KHarn says:

    Missions to free the oppressed behind the “Orange Curtain”!

  37. KHarn says:

    And America became a FEDERATION which over-threw the Constitutional Republic.
    Thank your ancestors for me, A**hole.

  38. KHarn says:

    How many more times do I have to do this?
    Did your savages “explain” how secession was illegal? NO THEY DID NOT! Because they COULDN’T.
    But I would LOVE to hear you prove it. Go on. I’m waiting.

  39. Bodhisattva says:

    Yeah, as they did to preserve slavery once before, Democrats still see their desires as more important than this country. But we knew that already.

    And it’s Oregon too:

    Oregon residents submit ballot proposal for U.S. secession

    Joining political groups in California seeking ways for the state to secede the union after Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, residents in Portland, Oregon, are making moves.

    According to USA Today, two Portland residents have submitted a petition for a 2018 ballot initiative, asking to have Oregon secede from the union and form its own country.

    The petition invites any other states that want to join.

    Lawmakers “shall seek secession alone or in conjunction with other states and Canadian provinces that seek to form a new nation, including but not limited to California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, Alaska and British Columbia,” the petition says.

    Lawyer Jennifer Rollins and writer Christian Trejbal reportedly filed the Oregon Secession Act on Thursday morning. Trejbal told The Oregonian of the petition, “Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States.”

  40. Bodhisattva says:

    It is mostly the urban centers and the places a lot of illegal aliens voted. The illegal alien vote is hastening the destruction of this once marvelous state. I have said I won’t ever leave it, but even that might be subject to change the way things are going.

  41. Bodhisattva says:

    THIS JUST IN: Cher prepares to make good on her threat to go to Jupiter if Trump wins – Jupiter responds that she’s not welcome there!

    Cher didn’t hold back her feelings about Donald Trump during a Hillary Clinton fundraiser she hosted on Thursday in New York. According to Page Six, the singer said that if Donald Trump wins the presidential election, “I’m gonna have to leave the planet.”

    Cher addressed the fact that Trump supporters call her a “libtard” [because she so obviously is one] and touched upon how she grew up poor before her mother married a “really rich guy and we moved to Beverly Hills and it was like the Clampetts.” [because it was]

  42. TrojanMan says:

    We all have a natural right to self governance. I believe that once admitted to the union we are only justified in leaving if the federal government usurps the constitutional. Which of course it has time and time again.

    The south used the fugitive clause in the constitution as one cause to secede as northern states were not returning escaped slaves to southern states as the constitution mandated.

    This government tramples on our right and we stand justified in leaving. We not only have the right to leave we have a DUTY to do so.

  43. Buffalobob says:

    The day after CA succeeds Mexico will invade and conquer them. Not that they haven’t already.

  44. Dick Turpin says:


  45. JackisBack says:

    A tariff on California and Washington wines

  46. StephaneDumas says:

    Another possibility would had been like in Tom Kratman’s dystopian novel “A State of Disobedience” who also talk of a Hildawg victory.

  47. MAS says:

    Just make the border anything west of the San Andreas fault and the problem would be solved.

  48. TED says:

    Chasing roaches??

  49. Ray Caruso says:

    I have a better idea: let’s deport all illegal aliens and 1965 Immigration Act settlers and keep California. It’s got nice scenery and weather.

  50. […] sore loser moonbats get their way, California won’t be the only state to secede. Oregon will […]

  51. Gene says:

    It isn’t clear in the Constitution; there is no mechanism for it. However, if a state could succeed anytime an election did not go the way it wanted, then a free and democratic country could not survive. Kaos and tyranny would always be the end result. Ultimately, the Civil War decided the matter.

    I would note that the Declaration of Independence actually explained how it works. “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes” (secession is not allowed). However, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive” to the liberties of the people have a “duty to throw off such Government.” This implies revolution if it cannot be done by other means. In short the south was denied the right to secede not just on moral grounds, but because the rest of the country had the right to say “no” and the power to do so.

  52. rex freeway says:

    was having s discussion with someone about evolution and how some people look to have just made the leap from apes.

  53. TED says:

    I CANNOT see how they can say the Neanderthal’s died out?!!! SHE is proof THAT didn’t happen…

  54. grayjohn says:

    You need to consider how hurtful that must be to Apes.

  55. Kriss says:

    To those liberal pukes….try it, we are locked and loaded. Time to put you were you’ll do the best for our state IN THE GROUND. I’m so tired of what you foreigners have done to our state….you can take all your friends with you.

  56. Kriss says:

    I’ll help any of you secede, get the hell out of my state.

  57. Kriss says:

    I’m all for that…and never let any of them back. Hopefully the San Andreas goes and I’ll only be a half hour from the beach WIN WIN

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