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Dec 15 2012

Caption Contest

Leave a comment providing the winning caption to the picture above and win a free t-shirt, suitable for any formal occasion, courtesy of the esteemed countermoonbats at Party Crasher.

The winner will be announced Monday. Free shirts need to be claimed within a week (i.e., I need a mailing address). T-shirts for the contest are available in blue L or XL only, although white shirts and other sizes are available directly from Party Crasher, along with an excellent selection of other t-shirts guaranteed to cause moonbats to sputter with impotent rage (all shirts are currently at least 20% off).

88 Responses to “Caption Contest”

  1. Dr. 9 says:

    “They can’t touch me. I’m in a union”

  2. RocnRobin says:

    “We’ll teach you not to think for yourself !”

  3. Mr. X says:

    Liberal air bag.

  4. rex freeway says:

    “Take that you son of a bitch”!”How dare you deprive me of part of your paycheck”!

  5. junkyard infidel says:

    “now pay those union dues or your knees are next” !

  6. junkyard infidel says:

    “take that, you breitbart looking punk” !

  7. Dien Cai Dau says:

    Im not hitting you…Im just talking to all those villians out there in the tea party

  8. big-pete says:

    Union member counters a right to work with a left hook.

  9. HookLineandStinker says:

    “This is my last punch. It’s time for my break.”

  10. Wizard45 says:

    big-pete gets my vote!
    big-pete says:
    December 15, 2012 at 11:55 am Union member counters a right to work with a left hook.

  11. Son of Uncle Sam says:

    If you think union dues are painful, just try leaving the union!

  12. Wyld_Goose says:

    So first they banned guns, then they banned knives, but no form of thought policing prevailed when facing a lunatic moonbat, hell-bent on hurting or killing. They will use any means do so. I guess after this attack there will be callings to ban fists.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Tony says Relax

  14. Rob says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  15. Brian_Boru says:

    Live Better. Work Union.

  16. Leonard Jones says:

    Look for the union label!

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    Hi, I’m doing a survey on liberal tolerance and civility, would you like to…


  18. the man says:


  19. Dbm says:

    “It really pisses me off when people say Unions are violent.”

  20. Chris says:

    I’m a Union Dentist, let me fix that tooth for you.

  21. Dbm says:

    “Hey I’m just putting the Union stamp on your face.”

  22. Chris says:

    What, you think you’ld get better treatment at a Walmart rally?

  23. Chris says:

    “I’ve had it with all this talk about how violent unions can be. Let me prove how peaceful we are.’

  24. Chris says:

    You’ll get the bill in the mail for all of my work to restructure your face.

  25. Wilberforce says:

    Speaking of which, Crowder just released the full video, unedited. Yep, goons being goons…

  26. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    More Tea Party violence
    The media

  27. grayjohn says:

    I’m hitting you because I’m so attracted to you and don’t want my union buddies to know what a flaming homo I am.

  28. Sam Adams says:

    Liberals eschew violence…unless they need to get their point across.

  29. Sam Adams says:

    Liberals always lead from the left.

  30. Stacy Slay says:

    DEE BO! DEE BO! Man, you shoulda’ ben bobbin’and weavin’!

  31. Sam Adams says:

    Crowder was surprised to find his polite suggestions rejected.

  32. Doug says:

    “Tolerance” it’s what Unions are all about …

  33. Sam Adams says:

    Naaaaa…this ain’t assault. This is what we, in the union call “getting your attention.”

  34. Sam Adams says:

    Smoothing out some of the bumps in the road Forward®.

  35. Bob Roberts says:

    Keith Olbermann (visible just behind the action in the photo):

    This is great! Hit him again! We’ll teach him to be tolerant and civil!

  36. Wilberforce says:

    “If those people didn’t want union guys to pull down a huge tent on top of them, they shouldn’t have exercised their right to free assembly.” -Jim Treacher

  37. Wilberforce says:

    Typical lib: “See? Crowder punched him right in the fist with his face!”

  38. Canis lupus says:

    You have a bee on your head.

  39. Fat Stanley says:

    Here’s something for you to wear that was Made in America!

  40. Highway Hospital Student says:

    I’m the left-punch Union. We gotta bring in another Union for the right punch.

  41. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Take that Crowder…I ain’t afraid of you here, 1500-to-one!

    But yeah, okay… I’m a scared little bitch and would rather be someone’s punk in jail, rather than meeting you man-to-man in the octagon.

  42. Jodie says:

    Union thug: Boo hoo, my hand, my hand. It hurts! Owwweeeee!

  43. Sloppy Joe says:


  44. Jeanine says:

    Yup, look for the Union label!

  45. Depwavid says:

    How about a nice, union-made Hawaiian Punch?

  46. Enabler says:

    The Punch heard ’round the Conservative World.

  47. Wyld_Goose says:

    “Mongo only pawn… in game of life.”

  48. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Dis’s for all my benefits dat I get dat you don’t….

    And dis’s for dem no-bid contracts I get dat youse is never gettin.

    Dat’s for my 3/4 salary-pension-for-life startin at 52, dat youse can only dream about.

    And deese here’s for my cadillac-medical plan dat youse will never get.

    And dat’s for all dem no-show jobs I get dat youse pay for.

    And take dis for all the vacations I gets.

    And dis’s for Detroit dat youse……..wait….

  49. Joe Ives says:

    Watch Fox for hard hitting news!

  50. epb says:

    Aww, look! a Union goon employing his skill in dentistry without a medical license, without a contract and working for free!

  51. Dale Dawson says:

    Sweetie, if I can lose 200 pounds, YOU can too. Just think how great we will look together in the Gay Pride Parade.

  52. epb says:

    Doin’ my own Gangnam Style on the squinty eyed fellow I thought was Psy.

  53. vladtheimp says:

    Rational debate – union style.

  54. Gunny G says:

    “This is how unions say, we love you!”

  55. Jimbo says:

    “And with THIS hand I voted Obama 27 times!”

  56. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    ‘THIS’ is what “democracy” looks like!

  57. Scott B says:


    – Dental Union.

  58. Alphamail says:

    The union’s “Right to Strike” policy in action.

  59. Dbm says:

    Okay Alphamale, this is the winner.

  60. BigHorn says:

    “….my union love.”

  61. FrankW says:

    Get him!!!! That Republican dude took the last of the Twinkies.

  62. BigHorn says:

    Union Macho Duck

  63. Moot says:


  64. reeko says:

    “Union Made”
    knuckle sandwich

  65. Contessa61 says:

    Obama to the unions, “Your agenda is my agenda”.

  66. Determinatus says:

    “But Mr. Crowder, we politely disagree with your opinion…”

  67. Full Tilt says:

    Only the Union and it’s dues payees say who has a right to work around here.

  68. Patrick says:

    Might makes Right

  69. Bloodless Coup says:

    noun \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\

    Definition of TERRORISM

    : the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

    From The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  70. JG says:

    Media Headline: Right wing reporter rejects union member’s hug…

  71. Sweep the leg says:

    “I better be getting overtime for this!”

  72. Xavier says:

    FoxNews Journo Attacks Bystander

  73. Reverend Ken says:

    Has anyone ID’ed the goon yet?

  74. TonyD95B says:

    New York Slimes Picture Caption: “Dangerous Tea Party Extremist Stephen Crowder Violently Attacks Peaceful Union Demostrators in Spite of President Obama’s Continued Calls For Civility”

    Sidebar Story: “Witnesses Say New Media Breitbart Etremist Seemed “Agitated” While Repeatedly Slamming Face Into Union Leader’s Fist”

  75. Bad Barry says:

    Here’s a little hope for you, but you’re gonna need to bend over for the change.

  76. Spikehb says:

    Stop asking questions about my union’s peaceful protest!

  77. MissAnthropy says:

    Unions: We put the “dick” in Dictatorship of the Proletariat

  78. Joek Loth says:

    Steven Crowder, takes a lickin but keeps on tickin!!

  79. Miz Barkee says:

    The secret headshake of an uncivil union.

  80. junkyard infidel says:

    right to work, meet left hook !

  81. Logic_Mine says:

    “Tolerance” in a Liberal World.

  82. Restless says:

    Peace. Love. Union.

  83. Z1ggurat_Vert1go says:

    It’s not the thug’s punch Crowder’s reeling from, it’s from the smell.

  84. If we can’t pursued you with our progressive logic skills, the we will try beating it into your head.

  85. If we can’t pursued you with our progressive logic skills, then we will try beating it into your head.

  86. Eric says:

    What do you say to a “Faux” contributor news caster with two black eyes?

    NOTHING! The bitch should have listened the first time.

  87. Bert says:

    Gentle persuasion Union Style

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