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Jan 14 2013

Caption Contest Winner

The weekend caption contest results are in:


Second runner up:

“Mr. President, the members of the press pool are awaiting your command.”

First runner up:

“But… but… He said that only the rich were going to get fleeced…”
—True Blue

The winner:

“We’ve turned in our guns, now what?”

Congratulations, LyleLovett666. You have earned a free t-shirt from the ever-expanding selection at Party Crasher.

4 Responses to “Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Jodie says:

    Congratulations LyleLovett666 and the runners up! That had to be one of the funniest Caption Contests ever!

  2. Alphamail says:

    Jodie is right……..and 217 comments prove it.

    Overlooked in this hilarious fiasco is how dificult picking a winner must be for Dave. This time the captions were awesome.

    We all have our favorites but ILOL on these:

    dmgore O-BAAAAAAAA-Ma

    xavier what you look like w/out the 2nd Amendment

    ghost no worries…..this one eats dog.

    jinks (my fav) finally a picture of the 72 virgins

    Thanks MB

  3. mojo says:

    “I was given to understand that there would be no dipping.”

  4. Contessa61 says:

    The White House press corp without the Fox News correspondent and Jake Tapper…

    Much better than 2nd runner up and submitted sooner.

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