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Jan 28 2013

Caption Contest Winner

The weekend caption contest results are in:

obama kiss

Second runner up:

“I’ll pretend to kiss you and you’ll pretend to like it.”

First runner up:

Its not always good to be king.

The winner:

“Don’t move, that fly’s got my name on it!”

Congratulations, Alxandro. You have earned a free t-shirt from the ever-expanding selection at Party Crasher.

8 Responses to “Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Jane says:

    Me, Jane, Me Disappointed…

  2. Jodie says:

    Good one Alxandro! Congrats and enjoy your t-shirt!

  3. JamesJ says:

    Two chimpanzees grooming. Seen it on wild kingdom many times.

  4. Eleanor in Hell says:

    I -still- see Eva Braun at The Eagle’s Nest.

  5. Ken Hahn says:

    “Your turn for the chewing gum”

  6. Lucky13 says:

    It’s not cool that the WZ took the winner’s bad copy of my entry. What was wrong with:

    just caught another pesky fly… Mmm

    She is thinking the words with a closed mouth, get it? Only they pick the one where the picture don’t fit the caption. And my entry was the second entered. Moobattered by Moonbattery.

  7. Alxandro says:

    Wow, who would’a thunk it, thanks.

    Let me clear, no copying here.
    For the record, to be honest, her eating a fly was the first thang that came to mind.

  8. christene says:

    If I had a son,…..

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