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Apr 24 2018

Home Defended from Invaders with 30 Rounds from AR-15

“No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer,” militant moonbat Andrew Cuomo yelps. True enough; but you may need 30 rounds to defend your home:

Three men say they were asleep inside a mobile home in Glen St. Mary [Florida] about 4 a.m. … when they heard a voice outside yell “Sheriff’s Office!” before the front door burst open.

In stormed a masked gunman who fired off a single round before two of the men inside, one armed with an AR-15 rifle and the other with a handgun, emerged from two bedrooms and opened fire. …

The victims told deputies they acted in self-defense when they turned their guns on the intruders, with one of them estimating he fired over 30 rounds from an AR-15 before the threat was over.

No one was hurt — except the invaders. Things would have turned out differently had the household been a gun-free zone.

This certainly isn’t the first time an AR-15 was used to defend against multiple home invaders. You just don’t hear about it on the news very often, because it conflicts with the liberal narrative.

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Apr 24 2018

Crybully Protestors Weep That They Will Be Traumatized if Punished for Storming Stage at Alumni Event

At least the fascists who rose to power in central Europe last century didn’t mix their thuggery with contemptible whimpering, unlike today’s crybully protestors. But political extremists unburdened by values or self-respect will use whatever tactics work. On university campuses, thanks to the mentality of liberal educators, what works is a combination of jackbooted goon tactics and victimhood sniveling. For example:

A group of student protesters who stormed the stage of an alumni event [earlier this month] to demand Duke University adhere to their manifesto – and then accused administrators of “traumatizing” them after being threatened with discipline – have found allies in more than 60 faculty members.

Dozens of professors signed a letter addressed to the North Carolina school’s administrators Thursday asking them not to punish the protesters who interrupted the State of the University speech April 14.

The bold revolutionaries have come to expect nothing but pats on the head when they hijack public events. So much as a demerit on their record reduces them to sobs. One organizer wept that “by sending these conduct letters … they will be exacerbating any preexisting mental health conditions and … traumatizing and starting new ones.” Like-minded professors scurry to bring the tissue.

No worries, jackbooted snowflakes. There will be no punishment.

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Apr 23 2018

Open Thread

Conservatives in general, and even so called Tea Party conservatives, are not against transportation spending. Indeed, interstate commerce is one purpose of interstate highways and byways, and is one of the things the federal government is actually supposed to spend our tax dollars on. What conservatives are opposed to is needless and excessive spending, pork-barrel spending, deficit spending, spending to pick winners and losers among American individuals and corporations, and spending to promote the social and economic whims of the Washington few. - Barry Loudermilk

Apr 23 2018

ESPN’s Howard Bryant: It Is Racist That Baseball GMs Need to Understand Analytics

ESPN is not about sports. It is about hardcore moonbattery given a sports-flavored sugar coating to get you to swallow it. That’s why Howard Bryant is employed as a senior editor at ESPN the Magazine.

Watch an NBA or NFL game and you will notice that an overwhelming majority of the players are black, despite blacks making up only 13% of the population. But that isn’t good enough for black supremacists like Bryant, who want baseball too — and not just the playing field, but the front office as well. If general managers are not black, then it must be racism. Barks Bryant:

“I believe in baseball that analytics are the equivalent of racism because baseball has created a new barrier to entry. Now you have to have an Ivy League degree to get a GM job in baseball. Only two GMs in baseball right now are ex-players. … If you’re an African-American, being an ex-player is not gonna help you anymore because now you gotta be an Ivy leaguer.”

That is, if being a general manager requires understanding numbers and stuff, then the numbers and stuff are racist. Having black skin ought to be enough to get you the job, despite the increasing emphasis on analytics in baseball. After all, it can get you a job as a senior editor at ESPN.

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Apr 23 2018

California Healthy Youth Act Promotes Degeneracy to Children

As mentioned earlier, sexual perversion will not be merely accepted in utopia; it will be coercively imposed on the culture. Once again, California blazes the path forward. The California Healthy Youth Act, passed in 2015, is beginning to take effect:

Under the auspices of health, the law says it will equip students to develop “healthy attitudes” on “gender [and] sexual orientation,” among other things. It also says it will inform students about the “effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approved contraceptive methods,” and facilitate “objective discussion” about “parenting, adoption, and abortion.”

The word “healthy” is used in the Orwellian sense. Teaching materials include I Am Jazz and what they call a “sexual health toolkit.”

This “toolkit,” funded in part by the George Soros-connected Tides Center, offers kids tips on using sex toys and anal lubricant. It defines “anal intercourse,” “phone sex,” and more as “common sexual behaviors.” It teaches that “abstinence” and “virginity” can mean engaging in a variety of sexual activities, but stopping short of intercourse.

Here’s a sample of what children are taught at taxpayer expense:

“What if you don’t have time or money to buy sex toys?” the guide asks on page C-51. “Cucumbers, carrots, and bananas (with the peel) make great dildos. Just remember to use a condom!”

Liberal social engineers are deliberately creating a generation of degenerates. As for parents who don’t want their children corrupted with obscene sexual indoctrination,

In a memo dated March 29 to the Orange County Board of Education, Orange County Department of Education general counsel Ronald Wenkart says that the law’s opt-out provision “does not apply to instruction, materials, or programming that discusses gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, relationships, or family and does not discuss human reproductive organs.”

Kids will be required to get with the program. Parents are irrelevant.

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Apr 23 2018

Moonbat Churches Divest from the Police

There are churches that worship moonbattery rather than God. Many are Unitarian, but some are nominally Christian. They push liberal ideology to extremes best described as insane. For example, some divest from the police:

First Congregational Church of Oakland … has joined a small handful of like-minded congregations with a radical goal: to stop calling the police. Not for mental health crises, not for graffiti on their buildings, not even for acts of violence. These churches believe the American police system, criticized for its impact especially on people of color, is such a problem that they should wash their hands of it entirely.

The reason policing has a disproportionate impact on persons of politically preferred pigmentation is that they are vastly more likely to commit crimes. Consequently, they are also more likely to be the victim of crimes. If you wished them well, you would help the police maintain order in their communities. But moonbats who have hollowed out Christianity and replaced the content with moonbattery are more interested in ludicrous pseudo-moral posturing.

To support their hysterically anti–law & order Black Lives Matter rhetoric, the four churches that have adopted the no-police pose would rather let criminals rob the place, cover it in graffiti, or even burn it down than fall back upon civilization.

Using weapons for self-defense is also off limits. They even encourage parishioners to eschew police in their private lives.

The churches call their drastic approach “divesting” from policing.

Divesting from South Africa worked wonders in terms of helping savagery advance at the expense of civilization. The same strategy has been applied to Israel. It was only a matter of time before militant moonbats tried it on their own country.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 22 2018

Open Thread

Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual). - Ayn Rand

Apr 22 2018

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Kanye West

Due to their influence, we are forced to care about the opinions of people like Kanye West. Fortunately, in West’s case the influence isn’t entirely pernicious.

Unlike most pop icons, Kanye seems to think for himself. He even dared to enrage the establishment by endorsing esteemed countermoonbat Candace Owens, who rejects the snivelingly belligerent victimhood all blacks are required by political correctness to adopt as a philosophy. Paul Joseph Watson provides some details:

On tips from Lyle and ABC of the ANC.

Apr 22 2018

Gabola Church: Worshiping Alcohol in South Africa

As South Africa dies of political correctness, relics of civilization will be adapted by the savages who inherit the ruins to create new cultural phenomena like Gabola Church:

Gabola’s founder and self-declared pope, Tsietsi Makiti, says the church is for those who have been rejected by other churches because they drink alcohol. Gabola means “drinking” in Tswana, one of South Africa’s official languages.

Services are held in bars. At least they aren’t drinking engine cleaning fluid.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Apr 22 2018

An Environmentalist Argues for Nuclear Energy

The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. For example, most environmentalists are not particularly concerned about the environment. They exploit the issue to attack capitalism and push for more government. It isn’t hard to identify the handful of environmentalists who are sincere; they are the ones who advocate nuclear energy, like Michael Shellenberger:

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Apr 22 2018

Liberal School Security Policy: Replace Armed Officers with Therapists

Illinois Democrats demonstrate what kind of school security policy you get when the matter is left up to moonbats:

Some Illinois lawmakers want to give extra money to schools that replace armed security officers with unarmed social workers and behavior therapists…

That should be about as effective at reducing school shootings as blaming them on the NRA.

Here’s the reasoning, if you can call it reasoning:

Michelle Mbekani-Wiley, from the Sargent Shriver Center on Poverty Law, said … police are unequipped to recognize or respond to mental health issues. She adds that many minority students within the Chicago Public School system are arrested by school resource officers for non-serious offenses, which could jeopardize their chances of applying to jobs and colleges in the future.

“This increased presence of law enforcement in schools does not necessarily enhance school safety,” said [Ms. Mbekani-Wiley]. “Instead it dramatically increases the likelihood that students will be unnecessarily swept into the criminal justice system often for mere adolescent or disruptive behavior.”

Non-liberals already know what effect this approach has on school safety. Parkland taught us:

Research conducted by Paul Sperry for RealClearInvestigations (RCI) shows while Broward County Public Schools, under the direction of superintendent Robert Runcie, has embraced Obama-era, social justice school discipline policies aimed at ending the “school-to-prison pipeline” for minority students, data indicate the school district has grown increasingly unsafe over recent years.

The school district has drawn intense scrutiny since accused shooter Nikolas Cruz killed 17 individuals two months ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Despite an extensive history of violence and threats, Cruz was never expelled from the district or referred to law enforcement for arrest, factors that prevented a background check from flagging authorities who might have blocked his ability to obtain a firearm for his rampage.

As a result of hijacking Parkland and attempting to fly it into the Constitution, liberals learned nothing from the carnage. This compounds the tragedy and all but guarantees that it will recur.

On tips from Guy B and Jester.

Apr 22 2018

California Moonbattery Creates Sh**hole Cities

Progressives hope that welfare colonists I mean “refugees” flooding into the country at an unabsorbable rate from sh**hole countries will transform America in their image. Some parts of the country don’t need to be transformed. Thanks to rampant moonbattery, we already have sh**hole cities, many of them in the erstwhile Golden State:

Between stratospheric housing costs resulting largely from environmental fanaticism and the entrenched moonbattery that encourages all manner of dysfunctional behavior, particularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland, progressives are reducing California to a dystopian nightmare.

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Apr 21 2018

Open Thread

Liberalism is a mental disorder. - Michael Savage

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Apr 21 2018

China’s Social Credit System

Progressives like Obama buddy Andy Stern often express admiration for how things are done in communist China. Given their proclivity for coercive social engineering, they will love China’s social credit system:

The ultimate goal is to hammer into citizens the idea that “keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful,” the Chinese government has said. Good scores get rewarded, and bad ones punished.

Penalties include being banned from taking trains, having your internet speed cut, and being publicly shamed.

The programme will be fully operational by 2020, but is being piloted for millions of people already.

Here’s how it will work when Fakebook teams up with the government to impose a similar system in the USSA:

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Apr 21 2018

Israeli-Born Natalie Portman Sides Against Israel

To make it big in Hollyweird, you have to let the prevailing winds push you where they will. In Tinseltown, the prevailing winds blow straight out of the bowels of hell. But that’s okay with Natalie Portman:

Portman, the Israeli-born Oscar-winning actress, has informed a prominent pro-Israel foundation that she will not attend their event and claim its most coveted prize due to Israel’s recent efforts to prevent Hamas terrorists from killing Jewish citizens, according to an announcement.

The Genesis Prize Foundation, which awards internationally renowned individuals for their commitment to Jewish values, announced late Thursday that Portman would “not to travel to Israel for the June 28 Ceremony organized in her honor,” according to a statement from the organization.

In the past, Portman “has positioned herself as a proud supporter of Israel.” But now that Israel is yet again forced to defend its existence from hordes of Islamic savages, that support has become inconvenient, since the liberal elite that runs the entertainment industry reflexively sides with Islam against Western Civilization. So under the bus goes Israel.

Portman’s refusal to travel to Israel has resulted in the award ceremony being cancelled.

Giving any sort of award to someone of standard starlet caliber would be a farce anyway.

On a tip from Jester.

Apr 21 2018

USA Today Moonbat Wants to Abolish Cheerleaders

Progressive social engineers never tire of finding things to take away from us. Now they want to abolish cheerleaders:

In a Wednesday op-ed, USA Today columnist Nancy Armour said that the NFL should do away with cheerleading altogether, as the “premise of NFL cheerleaders is degrading.”

Armour barks that “their only purpose is to titillate” and that permitting their existence is inconsistent with the feminazi crackdown euphemistically known as the #MeToo Era.

Paul Joseph Watson, who seems to enjoy treating idiotic articles by USA Today moonbats like piñatas, responds:

Apr 20 2018

Open Thread

My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. - Barry Goldwater

Apr 20 2018

Preschool Students Forbidden to Have a Best Friend

Social engineers aspiring to construct totalitarianism starting with impressionable children won’t stop at destroying the family. Close friendships also threaten to undermine utopia, because all of us must be the same and interchangeable, and our only loyalty must be to The State. Consequently, students at a preschool in Massachusetts are forbidden to have a best friend:

Pentucket Workshop Preschool’s “best friend” policy is being blasted by a parent who says her daughter got upset after reportedly being told by a teacher she couldn’t use the term because it could make other students feel excluded.

The appalled parent got a letter from Pentucket’s director, who will continue discouraging the concept.

“It has been our experience (which spans decades) that the use of the term ‘best friend,’ even when used in a loving way, can lead other children to feel excluded […] which can ultimately lead to the formation of ‘cliques’ and ‘outsiders,'” the letter was quoted as saying.

The coercive assimilation of any sort of outsider or “other” is a primary objective of cultural Marxists. We are not to form voluntary associations based on similarities. Equality as understood by progressives means no one is more similar than anyone else — unless of course you are an “other” yourself, in which case you are encouraged to exclude hated members of the core population.

In utopia, there will be no best friends or any other kind of friend, other than Big Brother.

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