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Nov 21 2012

Caucasian Men Have Been Unpersoned

The Democrat Party is an alliance of balkanized special interest groups, each of which is promised special advantages. By definition, special advantages come at the expense of those who do not have them. Therefore, a designated victim group is needed, so that one Democrat constituency doesn’t realize that it is paying for the privileges granted to another. That group is healthy white heterosexual men:

Fresh off his reelection, President Barack Obama is asking his supporters to complete a survey that asks the people being polled to check off which “constituency groups” they identify with — there are 22 groups listed but not one for “whites” or “men.”

Blacks, Arabs, perverts, the disabled, et cetera ad nauseam all have entries, but the category of normal American guys who built the country that moonbats are now looting to death is not even acknowledged to exist, because there is no way any of them would support Obama expecting their interests to be defended.

Yet there are some so pathetically brainwashed into hating themselves that they support Democrats anyway, precisely like Jews voting for Hitler.

Obam- Campaign-Constituency-List
“Parasites” is checked by default.

On tips from Dean D, G. Fox, and Artfldgr.

40 Responses to “Caucasian Men Have Been Unpersoned”

  1. Mickey Shea says:

    Fuck em, I’m glad they left me off their stupid list.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    Rule # 1,2 for being a proglibard:
    1) Play the victim
    2) Hate Whitey

  3. Tchhht!!! says:

    I asked the census taker why I should have to identify my race, and she said if was so that the government could allocate resources effectively. Bullshit. It’s all about dividing the country and rigging elections. Democrats can go to hell and take RINOs with them.

  4. KHarn says:

    “IslandLifer says:November 21, 2012 at 10:21 am”

    RULE THREE: Repete as nessisary, or as often as you are told.

  5. anon says:

    I note also that plain ol’ “American” is not on the list either.

  6. Beef says:

    Well, there can’t be an “Us” without a “Them”, right?

    White males function as the universal “them” for everyone else to rally against, the Emmanuel Goldstein of identity politics.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    This represents the logical next step in figuring out how to pit us against one another.

  8. ant says:

    There is a checklist entry for white American males…but it’s over at the DHS’s terrorist watchlist.

  9. “normal American guys who built the country”

    Who is to say which group of Americans is “normal” and which group is not? So “white heterosexual men” is what you consider “normal”? And they’re the ones who “built the country”?

    Umm, not exactly. If there was any single group that “built the country” it would be blacks, who toiled under slavery. But I’ll save that discussion for another day.

    Cry me a river, rednecks.

    I’m a “white guy” and I can check off at least three on that list. Sorry to say, there is no “bible thumpin’ hillbilly” up there for y’all to check off.

    I’ll tell you what: you keep doubling and tripling down on your hate and stupidity, and losing elections will surely become the “new normal” for y’all in the years ahead.

  10. Joe says:

    You call people “rednecks”, “bible thumpin hillbilly”, while you’re arrogantly talking down to people, and THEN you say we are the haters.


    I noticed you put “white guy” in quotes. That’s probably not intentional but correct anyway. What 3 can you check off. Let me guess. Environmental case, student and pervert.

    Oh, and save this for another day. Picking cotton does not build a country.

  11. wingmann says:

    Too bad they are increasing the taxes on tanning..I would try to get a little”darker”for some protection.

  12. Beef says:

    “doubling and tripling down on your hate”

    What purpose does the obsessive sorting of people by race and gender have other than to foster hate and division by race or gender? Identity politics is a divide and conquer strategy that obliterates the concept of individual rights for the pursuit of group interests – interests that must be by definition against some other group, else their would be no need for the identity group in the first place.

    White males are given options to identify by occupation, interest or where they live. Every other demographic has it’s own badge to rally under.

    The principle is simple: unify your coalition and fracture the opposition. This is not an inclusive coalition built on tolerance and common interest, it is founded on exclusion and glued together by shared resentment of a targeted demographic. How cool is that?

  13. 762x51 says:

    I never saw an actual poster for Divide and Conquer.

    This is it.

    Every oppressor needs a bad guy to blame so that they can “solve” the problem. In Rome it was Carthage and later the Visigoths, Germany had the Jews, Islamists have America and liberals have white men.

    In every case there was an oppressor, i.e., dictator who held out the supposed enemy group as the problem so they could “protect” the population against that threat. Everyone blames Saul Alinsky but he just wrote down what despots have known for thousands of years.

    Fuck Obama and his Marxist minions.

    Bill T says:
    November 21, 2012 at 10:19 am

    Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth

    Bill – Did they play their national anthem “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” during the ceremony?

  14. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Heh, the blacks “toiled” picking cotton, just like the Chinese laid RR tracks. It was the whites that wrote the constitution, almost exclusively fought the revolution and civil war to free the largely unappreciative blacks, and established the capitalist economy that was the envy of the world. It was the whites as architects, all the way down to the truck drivers and riveters, that built the buildings, roads and cities. It was the whites that invented the essentials of technology, all the way up to the microchips. You’ve bought into misperceptions based on, what was that again? Oh yeah, hate.

  15. Dr. 9 says:

    So where’s the big surprise? Did anyone actually believe the Marxist-in-Chief was the president for “all” the people? That was simply another one of his many lies. Only a liberal would be dumb enough to buy that con-job. In his first month in office back in ’09, he signed into law a 30% increase in welfare payments. Only a complete idiot would not have realized what that meant.

    Unfortunately, White America had better get used to the fact that while we sat by silently, while we were being tolerant of everything and everybody, our country was taken from us. And, WE AIN’T GETTIN IT BACK!

  16. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Oh, I put “3” on my census form for the number of people who lived here, and mailed it in. The schmuck from the census came around twice, and I told him that, but he claimed they hadn’t got it. I wouldn’t tell him any more, and go away. They finally gave up. I haven’t been arrested or fined.

  17. Mohammet Joe says:

    Composite “Julia” made the list.

  18. SR says:

    Blacks, are still toiling under another kind of slavery and the Democrats are still their masters.

  19. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I would like to thank Massachusetts moonbat for pointing out the fact that if you CANNOT find your race or sexual orientation on this particular list, you are then forced to choose between student, youth, disabled, or any of those productive endeavors listed.
    Conspiculuosly missing is welfare brood sow, gang banger, or community organizer

  20. Ummah Gummah says:

    wingmann says:
    November 21, 2012 at 11:40 am
    Too bad they are increasing the taxes on tanning..I would try to get a little”darker”for some protection.

    I never imagined Boehner would cave on THAT one..

    The situation is even worse than I imagined.


  21. whotothewhat says:

    Another group left off the survey was people who think OBAMA is a DICK!

    This is just the start of the new war on us not self loathing Caucasians who know that these assholes are f3$king us over and are trying to stop it. Looking at the other news stories that have come out after the dear leaders reelection. GOP full of racists, Tea Party racists on and on. Its setting there plan in motion when the Fed crumbles and the money and toys stop flowing to the teet suckers. They will use NON REPENT Caucasians as the scapegoats. It looks like they are in the process of doing a South Africa part deux

  22. Canis lupus says:

    Massachusetts Progressive,
    Nobody is saying what is normal and what is not. What we are saying is the list does not white heterosexual men. White men did not build this country, white men created it. Without white men, the United States would not exist. Now you bring up blacks who were slaves. Although blacks were slaves, they are not responsible for the techincal innovations and breakthroughs such as harnessing electricity, aircraft, the internal combustion engine, developments in civil engineering, medicine, places of higher learing, the transistor (without this, you would not be able to troll) and many other things. These things would not be possible without white men.
    We are not “rednecks” or “bible thumping hillbilies”. Your name calling shows me that it is you who is the ignorant and hateful.
    Have a great day. 🙂

  23. Bad Barry says:

    Black slaves built this country? Nope. Try again.

  24. 762x51 says:

    Canis lupus says:
    November 21, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Massachusetts Progressive,
    Nobody is saying what is normal and what is not. What we are saying is the list does not white heterosexual men. White men did not build this country, white men created it. Without white men, the United States would not exist. Now you bring up blacks who were slaves. Although blacks were slaves, they are not responsible for the techincal innovations and breakthroughs such as harnessing electricity, aircraft . . .

    Actually they were replaced by the cotton gin a device so primitive that it is barely considered to be technology. That is the measure of slave contribution to the building of this nation. They were a people so bereft of skills that a simple mechanical device replaced they completely.

    White men ushered in the modern age from the Renaissance through today. Mathematics, science, art, literature, exploration, engineering, medicine, all were the product of white males of northern European descent.

    The asshole Obama wants to discriminate against me go for it. I don’t like your smarmy, metro-sexual, liberal, half white ass either scumbag.

  25. Jim says:

    Presidential Poll Question: This Woman Voted For…..

  26. Rotohammer says:

    Most of those choices are not just groups, but are reasons or excuses for voting for Obama.

  27. During WW2 Jews had to wear stars on their clothes in Nazi Germany. What icons will we wear to denote our official victim status?

  28. grayjohn says:

    I would identify with “People who say fuck racist Obama”
    but that isn’t there either.

  29. Nicki Thomas says:

    Actually…this is standard cultural Marxism, right out of the Frankfurt School. Minority Rule. It’s a divide and conquer strategy, as someone else already mentioned. A white woman has no value unless she becomes a feminist, then she suddenly has a very high value because she is opposed to her former “oppressor,” the evil white male. White males have no value unless they become homosexuals, in which case they suddenly have a very high value because they are opposed to the evil white male patriarchy. It’s ludicrous stuff, but it works because the white males are too wimpy to protest their own displacement. But if enough of them wake up, there might just be a very nasty civil war.

  30. Canis lupus says:

    “…because the white males are too wimpy to protest their own displacement”
    White men lives can and will be ruined if they speak out against cultural marxism. White men are the only class of people who are not permitted to speak out. Even women can say something that isnt politically correct because different societal rules are applied to them. While I agree that conservative women are shunned if they speak the truth, the everyday man risks finantial and career ruin if he stands up for himself. These rules do not apply to anyone else but white men.

  31. Loon says:

    Same kind of imature, ill educated beurocraties that identified domestic terrorist under Homeland security. I guess all Arabs are Muslim. No listing for Muslim Americans, Yet there is one for Jewish Americans. Sa

  32. Nicki Thomas says:

    I disagree that white men will be ruined if they speak out against PC. We’re already ruined for NOT speaking out! We better organize and do something to combat the insanity. Secession actually looks good to me now.

  33. Vic Kelley says:

    Thank you for posting this. It shows a lot about the thinking of obama regime. We can not allow them to marginalize us or worse. They are the ones who have to lose.

  34. […] Caucasian Men Have Been Unpersoned […]

  35. not my president says:

    What an honor it is to not be on the list of Hussein the Rat’s supporters.

  36. bluffcreek1967 says:

    In reply to Massachusetts Progressive: No, Backs did not build this country. At the founding of our once great nation, they were slaves and did the menial work that Whites wanted them to do. But Blacks, by and large, had no hand in the founding documents of our country, and they played no important role in designing, structuring and managing the USA. Even now, they are unable to effectively run any major city effectively without the aid of the White man. Any country or region in the world that is fully Black run is utterly corrupt and crime ridden. Blacks have proven to be incompetent in anything involving technical abilities, intelligence, management and in important scientific discoveries. While White Europe was experiencing the Renaissance, the Reformation and new scientific finds, the Blacks in Africa were still living in huts, wearing loin cloths, deeply absorbed in voodoo, and chasing each other around with spears!

  37. Lester Flatt says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. Wingnuts like you will keep the White House in the hands of the Dem’s in 2016

  38. What??? says:

    I don’t think just the generic term “White Men” is a constituency group targeted by politicians. You do here about Politicians pandering to the above groups.

    Through all of the speeches and debates going all of the way back to the primaries did anyone here any politician, either dem or rep, say anything about the problems faced by white men? you heard plenty about women, blacks, hispanics, vets, seniors…. but nothing specifically to white men. Hell they both spoke in front of womens groups AND the NAACP. Are there any white male only groups to even pander too?

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