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Oct 05 2017

CBS News Uncovers the Menace of Automatic Rounds

I swear this tweet is for real:

Any journalists out there want to explain what “automatic rounds” are?

Whenever the agenda-driven “mainstream” media reports on a topic that you do not have first-hand knowledge of, it would be safe to assume that these buffoons are as clueless as when it comes to guns.

On a tip from Torcer. Hat tip: Twitchy.

57 Responses to “CBS News Uncovers the Menace of Automatic Rounds”

  1. ICEvictim says:

    Once, just once, I’d like to hear a news mumbler that actually owns and shoots firearms speak on live TV “news”. The entire mob of pretty faces are like a bunch of junior high kids trying to be kool.

  2. itsatax says:

    “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only
    reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns.
    That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing,” CBS News chief’s brother

  3. ICEvictim says:

    they are pretty much all Journalism majors with heads filled with leftist progressive (sic) nonsense by their professors and TA’s.

    I wager not one of them could pass a 6th grade civics test on the Constitution.

  4. Dan Northrup says:

    Trigger words all arranged in a way that is a micro aggression against firearms. It’s ok Mr.Glock, I will find you a safe space.

  5. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    At least they said “rounds” rather than bullets. Shows they’ve been reading something on guns, even if they obviously don’t understand it very well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh, no, not those evil fully-automatic bullets!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the hipster skinny jeans, the iPhone glued to the hand and that they still talk like a nasally teenager…

  8. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    These days? I bet they could. Look into what you are required to regurgitate to pass advanced placement tests for college credit in US history. The books are written by Marxists. The standardized tests are written by Marxists. And it’s being taught by Marxists (even if they don’t know they are Marxists, which I’m sure most of the don’t). It seems the only environment more thoroughly steeped in Marxism than J school are colleges of education.

  9. Frank says:

    The lamestream media probably think “automatic rounds” are particularly nasty because the fly aROUND on AUTOMATIC pilot for up to a month searching for targets. If they don’t find one, they return to the firearm that launched them to be used again. Between assaults, they’re stored in insidious “high capacity magazines” that are like 10,000 page versions of Playboy, NatGeo or GQ.

  10. itsatax says:

    Chuck Todd sure flunked spectacularly the other day.

  11. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Any hysteria to disarm their prey will be used breathlessly until we are all defenseless and at their mercy. Mercy, to them resulted in 100 MILLION of us in mass graves last century, judging by the sanguinarius language that they use so freely in their official capacities right now, it is safe to say that the 100 Million mark is only a stepping stone for what they have in mind for all of us.

    600 victims in a single week will be nothing. It will take 9/11 level body counts every day for 93 years to equal that 100 Million, more to exceed it.

  12. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Those are the exceedingly masculine ones, most are wearing their mother’s and sister’s panties, wear nail polish and lipstick too.

  13. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    I was a journalism major, I realized my last semester that I wasn’t cut out for the bleeding heart hysteria. That, and being a hetero White Male, I knew there was no room in the inn for me.

  14. TED says:

    MAYBE if we had journalists that had ANY IDEA about what they are talking about we could get honest news INSTEAD of LIBERAL NEWS!!! Of course the LEFT would refuse to watch it because they HATE TRUTH in ANY form!!

  15. ICEvictim says:

    welcome back from the dark side! *grin*

  16. ICEvictim says:

    Eff Chuck Clodd is the epitome of ignorant journalists

  17. MAS says:

    Bullseye and your second release split the first arrow. Many are spouting Marxist philosophy and don’t even know it. Even if we cut the head off the snake (those Marxists that pull the strings) the damage would last for generations.

  18. MAS says:

    Invite a leftist to the range, those that go will come away with a whole new perspective. Providing you don’t macho them into a coma with firearms that are not really for the average beginner (44 mag etc). Think firearms ambassador…

  19. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    I would love to see an unedited documentary about Liberal Media twerps handling guns. If for no other reason that I’m pretty sure a number would wet themselves, and one or two might blow their own brains out.

  20. Tchhht!!! says:

    Hah, I told a liberal acquaintance that I had something to show him and asked him to follow me into the garage. He said “Oh no, please don’t show me any guns”. The color returned to his face when I brought out a guitar case. Don’t know why he didn’t assume it contained a Chicago typewriter.

  21. Crotalus says:

    Ya just gotta wonder if they’re deliberately making this crap up. Anything to stampede the sheeple, I guess.

  22. MAS says:

    Challenge what little testosterone he has remaining by asking why he is so afraid of inanimate objects. Some cases are beyond repair but it doesn’t hurt to try and turn them out…

  23. SNuss says:

    Why would they?

  24. Gaybinator02 says:

    Bump stocks legalized in June 2010 by the Obama Administration.

  25. ComradeJ says:

    Automatic rounds?

    That’s in the same library section as intelligent lefty journalist. Just slightly left to the shelve with Godzilla comics.

  26. ComradeJ says:

    These are the automatic rounds that only hit your in the ears.

  27. FireWatch says:

    Careful there! You could get PETA on yourself talking about bovine optics and if the snowflakes find out that Bullseye is the name of a popular powder, well……

  28. apeiron says:

    Well you spend 2 hours a day in front of a mirror to get ready to read a teleprompter for 30 minutes plus keep on top of your social media and lets see how much juice you have to left for research there buddy.

  29. richard says:

    As opposed to semi-automatic rounds and single shot rounds. To say nothing of blanks, which this guy probably shoots.

  30. Torcer says:

    Five MORE things that don’t add up about the Las Vegas massacre… Where is all the expended brass?

    Vegas shooter’s body is seen splayed on his hotel room floor next to assault rifles, ammo and a possible NOTE – as it’s revealed he hid TWO cameras in a room service cart and his door’s peep hole so he knew when SWAT were coming

  31. Torcer says:

    NYT Reporter: Don’t Rule Out Vegas Shooter’s Possible ISIS Connection Yet
    With as many cameras that were pointing toward and working inside the Mandalay Bay during Sunday night’s attack, the public is still unsure exactly how and why it happened. Conspiracy theories abound on the Internet, and armchair sleuths are posting scenarios, pictures, and analysis in forums and chatrooms that run the gamut from the absurd to the impossible.

    Some of those allegations include that the 64-year-old shooter, Stephen Paddock, is a member of Antifa and targeted the country music fans because the likelihood that most of them supported Donald Trump. No solid connection has been made to the violent leftist group, but some evidence has surfaced that appears to show Paddock was indeed a Democrat:
    Well, New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi is saying, “Not so fast.” She believes ISIS’s claim deserves a thorough investigation before ruling it out. Callimachi covers the Islamic terror group as a career and what she posted to Twitter in a series of messages raises enough red flags to make the most skeptical observer shift in his seat. This possibility, that Paddock is a recent Muslim convert and soldier for ISIS, is so far away from the media narrative of “gun nut white guy,” we won’t be surprised if the NYT reprimands her for doing journalism:

  32. MAS says:

    Oh no, not lefties being upset at my redneckness… 😉

  33. ICEvictim says:

    guided munitions!

  34. ICEvictim says:

    well… yeah
    I mean own an icky gun! whoa no!

  35. BiffWellington says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen automatic rounds used lots of times, in movies like “The Fifth Element” and “Judge Dredd”…

  36. Eddie_Valiant says:

    An automatic round is when your bartender brings you another round without you asking.

  37. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Damn I hated those dum dum rounds!

  38. TED says:

    ME THINKS THEY spend FAR too much time juicing that mirror already…

  39. FireWatch says:


  40. MAS says:

    Drawing white powder lines on them…

  41. MAS says:

    “Double whammy.”

    I want one of those sidearms…

  42. TED says:

    BAM! EXACTLY!!! Like WE should hand OUR lives over to people who CAN’T even stand themselves so much they have to do drugs to live with themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Franklancer says:

    I remember a CNN report years ago, describing a gunman armed with a 9mm pistol and a 45mm pistol.

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  45. BUBBA says:

    You mean they are legal? Dumb azz reporters!

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