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Mar 07 2012

Changing Gender Back and Forth

It’s not only contraception that Sandra Fluke demands other people pay for, but even gender reassignment surgery — and no wonder. If you keep changing your mind about which sex you want to be, you can run up quite a medical bill. Take Adeleh Deane for instance:

With her striking blue hair, hooped earrings and bright yellow cardigan, Adeleh Deane looks every inch a confident young woman.

But she admits it is only recently that she has found peace with who she is.

Miss Deane has revealed she was actually raised as a boy and has since changed gender three times in the search for her sexual identity.

At least a true hermaphrodite can be excused for some confusion. This exceedingly rare condition is not to be confused with the increasingly common practice of declaring that physically normal kids barely out of diapers suffer from recently invented “gender identity disorder” and need to be sexually reassigned.

Whether Sandra has switched is anybody’s guess.

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25 Responses to “Changing Gender Back and Forth”

  1. James McEnanly says:

    Does this person hold a regular job? Unless they are now doing sexual reassignment as an out patient service, he probably spends more time in a hospital suite than at any place that would employ him.

  2. Shooter1001 says:

    Changing gender 3 times? All that detachin’ and re-attachin’ down there must get that area a little sore & worn out, wouldn’t you think?
    Maybe a modular set of equipment could be helpful for changin’ your mind and your sex. If your an F and want to be an M, simply slip on and bolt the junk down, some extra testyosterony and you’re on your way. Then if can’t get a date and you’re not happy with the M, one stop at the sex change shop and you’re set to go.

  3. Sam Adams says:

    “Gender identity disorder” is an indication that you don’t really know who you are. Let your chromosomes be your guide.

    I’d love to see the long term statistics on those who have had “gender reassignment surgery.” I suspect there aren’t a lot of real happy campers, if the truth were known.

  4. oldguy says:

    Get Sandra to roll up her sleeve, extend her arm strait out and observe the tilt of the elbow.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    Your post briefly mentions an important point while making others I feel are less significant.

    There are genetic and developmental disorders in a very small percentage of the population which lead to true gender confusion. These people truly may be at a legitimate loss with regards to determining their appropriate gender.

    But, as Shooter1001 says, “Changing gender 3 times?”

    Pretty clear evidence the problem is mental, not gender related.

    Too bad the APA was bullied into changing the APA by the gay mafia.

  6. oldguy says:

    Sorry, should be straight not strait.

  7. Jay B. says:

    As I said before, this deviancy is always about shoving it into people’s faces. Why the blue hair? So people notice and ask. Why changing genders three times? The novelty wore off. “Haha, no, I’m not a girl anymore, I’m a boy! Let me tell you all about it!” Then a year later “Do you know the latest? I’m a girl again! Come and let’s party, I just dyed my hair!”

    This is nothing but sexual immaturity.

  8. Son of Taz says:

    Assuming this mental midget is telling the truth – and I’d be highly suspicious it’s not – what medical doctor or doctors would perform multiple surgeries such as this?

    If this were true, the doctors involved should have their license to practice revoked. Of course, if it happened in some whacko country such as Sweden, maybe this type of thing is SOP.

    In any case, they all belong in an asylum. Oh, and Bob Roberts – it seems great minds like ours think alike. The APA is the criminal.

  9. Z1ggurat_Vert1go says:

    What does the left like? Abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, and transgenderism. What do those things have in common? Fewer human beings. By the time a transgendered person figures out what they want to be they probably can’t have kids anymore (might be a good thing for other reasons, but overall the trend is fewer and fewer people). They think they only hate God, but in reality what they hate is humanity.

    It would be a terrible burden to have the hardware of one sex and the software of the other, but chemicals and surgery at the expense of others might not be the best answer. Especially at a time when society is broke.

  10. Bloodless Coup says:

    A private citizen reports that two secret service agents told her that the FBI and Secret Service were afraid to investigate Obama’s forged identity documents because they are afraid they would lose their jobs.

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  11. TED says:

    Leftist pukes can’t even decide something so simple as what gender they are yet THEY expect us to let THEM run the country!? Is there any question of their stupidity!!? For you leftist’s the answer is NO.

  12. StanInTexas says:

    Bloodless Coup, I am saying this to you as a friend and as someone who likes to read your posts and links.

    You need to stop posting the same off-topic posts on EVERY thread. Use the open thread for your information.

    Yesterday, you were whining about being banned at Glenn Beck’s site. Well, THIS IS THE REASON. I would hate to see it happen to you here!

  13. Spon says:

    This, is waaaay
    beyond Sandy’s 3K per year….

  14. Momster says:

    Ms. Deane could get a job with “Snap On Tools.” Just sayin’.

  15. TexasDoc says:

    “She” is attending on a scholarship and just placed herself with some Lesbian rights group after “she” graduates.

  16. Jimbo says:

    Wow – that picture – she’s the spitting image of that linebacker for the Detroit Lions – old whats-his-name.

  17. Bob Roberts says:

    Leftists and Democrats have this fantasy that they’re morally superior to everyone else. But in order to feel this way you have to find someone to attack and blame, often falsely, and thus an imaginary state of moral superiority is created. Unfortunately the forms of human turpitude that liberals know enough about to accuse others of are those they practice themselves. So liberals can’t open their mouths without revealing their own moral failings.

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