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Oct 14 2017

Charlie Kirk on Boy Scouts’ Latest Capitulation

Progressives have found that if you push the Boy Scouts of America these days, they will step back. They accepted belligerently homosexual scoutmasters, girls who pretend to be boys, and now girls who admit they are girls. Eagle Scout Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA understands what is going on here — the methodical deconstruction of traditional values:

Carlson is on point. Anything wholesome and sincere must be infiltrated and corrupted, so that it can be either co-opted or destroyed. That’s what the long march through the institutions is all about.

With the Boy Scouts descending into farce, there is one less pillar of traditional American culture for progressives to topple.

On a tip from J. Hat tip: Clash Daily.

9 Responses to “Charlie Kirk on Boy Scouts’ Latest Capitulation”


    British version of obamacare meets meddlesome intrusive gay fascism:

    Doctors are ordered to ask patients if they are gay: NHS
    bows to pressure from equal rights lobby to insist that GPs have to
    record every patient’s sexuality



    moslem “comedian” on – you guessed it: Jimmy Kimmel – Jokes That Media’s Portrayal of Islam Makes Him ‘Want to Blow Stuff Up’

    The media keeps coddling islam, this POS is taking a comedian job away from an American and he wants to blow things up!


    Berlin, Germany Soccer Team Takes a Knee Before Match in Solidarity with Millionaire NFL Players Who Hate Cops

    And that in a town ruled by iron-fisted Muttizi and under siege by imported moslem crime gangs!

  4. Frank says:

    SNOWFLAKES BEWARE: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING! Leftists will really hate the Boy Scouts when they realize it’s actually a white supremacist cult!

  5. BobSykes says:

    More importantly, why do we still have Girl Scouts or Camp Fire Girls or Brownies? Or, for that matter, women’s sports?

  6. 127guy says:

    The Scouts have been on the decline for decades. The latest nonsense is just the last few nails in the coffin. A once great organization is long gone. Sacrificed on the PC altar.

  7. ICEvictim says:

    cultural Marxism is ALL about destroying America’s culture

    I’m so glad my son and I went through the Scouting experience while it was still the old school Scouting.

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