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Jan 28 2013

Child Prostitute Habit No Biggie for Robert Menendez

One advantage of being a Democrat politician is that, as Bill Clinton established, you are not required even to pretend to have any moral standards whatsoever. This allows a ratlike degenerate named Robert Menendez to get caught fornicating with child prostitutes without threatening his lucrative Senate career.

During unauthorized trips to the Dominican Republic, Menendez has reportedly rented the bodies of girls as young as 16. Whatever he pays them, it isn’t enough.

Two days after this became public knowledge, Menendez appeared on ABC’s This Week for an entire segment. Host Martha Raddatz never brought up the issue. The “mainstream” media is dropping the increasingly farcical charade that it is anything other than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.

At least Menendez is doing right by the Dominican children he molested. He is part of a bipartisan cabal of Democrats and RINOs that has been scheming to try once again to ram amnesty down our throats. This will open the floodgates the rest of the way, allowing the last remaining Dominicans who aren’t already in the USA to come on in and climb aboard the welfare gravy train.

Horny corruptocrat Robert Menendez.

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18 Responses to “Child Prostitute Habit No Biggie for Robert Menendez”

  1. Tax Slave says:

    So THAT’s why he supports women in combat…

    So that when captured service-women forced into prostitution have children, those kids can end up as child prostitutes for perverts like HIM.

  2. JNN says:

    This is what happens when you get rid of moral standards.

  3. whotothewhat says:

    Why would anybody with half a brain expect someone like the leftist Menendez to be punished for having sex with underage girls in a foreign country? After all the goal of the elites is to turn this country into a 3rd world hellhole. Where poor enslaved working drones will be compelled to sell or give their children to elites for what ever purpose the state or a elite desire. He was just doing what scumbag power elites have always done. The quicker we rid ourselves of these corrupt Pols the better.

  4. Eleanor in Hell says:

    When did they let Jim Bakker out of prison?

  5. StanInTexas says:

    Not only would a Republican be raked over the coals on an allegation like this, but EVERY Republican would be required to discuss the actions of a Republican that did this.

    The media continues to believe that a story is only a story if THEY decide it is a story.

  6. justme says:

    The corrupt pols are looking to get rid of us.

    The governor of NY worked for a convicted child rapist who molested dozens, if not hundreds of young men. The media will not even touch that story as the narrative cannot be muddied for his running for president in 2016.

    By contrast, his father’s Mafia connections always precluded him from running for the presidency. Now that we are in the brave new world of Progressive Utopia, a little thing like child rape, corruption, chairing the most corrupt agency that directly lead to the housing collapse means nothing as long as he invalidated the Second Amendment.

    When are you people going to wake up and realize that your country is gone? There is nothing to fight for now. You have to adopt the mentality of all the former soviets who learned how to play their corrupt system. Unless you people are serious about a Coup and a violent uprising, NOTHING WILL STEM THE TIDE NOW. It is best to ride the wave until it crashes.

    I watch it daily and am beginning to understand the wisdom of playing the system, if you don’t it plays you and if you fight it, they crush you.

    When the death camps come, it is better to be a camp official helping to make sure all of the useful idiots get what is coming to them than it is resisting.

  7. Beef says:

    “Host Martha Raddatz never brought up the issue. The “mainstream” media is dropping the increasingly farcical charade that it is anything other than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.”

    Yet the Republicans acceded to Raddatz moderating a President debate! Along with Candy (“picking Ryan is a death wish”) Crowley! And liberal dinosaurs Bob Schieffer and Jim Lehrer! This is so blindingly stupid it’s enough to make you wonder if the GOP is not just a subisidiary of the Democratic Party, there to provide the illusion of a two party system. I’m not quite that cynical yet, but things can’t get much more pathetic, can they?

    The credibility of these apparatchiks should be relentlessy attacked. Conservatives should completely boycott these propaganda outlets. Republicans should put their message out through FOX and paid airtime only. No more debates run comletely by democrats. No more feeding the beast.

  8. Bo-Jangles says:

    JNN says:
    “This is what happens when you get rid of moral standards…”

    No, this is what happens when weak, gullible, and mindless people have the power of the vote.

  9. dapenguin says:

    treat this problem the same way as they want to treat guns.

    to stop child prostitution, ban children

    problem solved

    (in lefty land anyway)

  10. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    That picture looks like Elizabeth Warren’s sister.

    “Fagtastic” says Jerry Sandusky.

    Oh, wait… he’s not dead yet.
    Never mind. 👿

  11. Cheryl says:

    Anyone who isn’t sickened by this is too far gone. The arrogance defies description. The lack of morality should be shocking. Sadly, it’s not. The decision to ban children merits contemplation – it would eventually end the public/private/charter/voucher education woes.

  12. a rose by any other says:

    that’s a pretty brave card to play there, Dave. When Newt and his 4 wives represent the least scuzzy end of the spectrum (at least it wasn’t gay sex in an airport men’s room, eh?), not to mention the hordes oh clergy and their…. predilections… to then open with Democrats having no moral standards???

    Are you really that stupid, or do you just assume your readers are? C’mon. Seriously.

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  14. JoeKidd says:

    Democrat depravity: Fathers with daughters…
    Barack Obama aids pervert Bob Menendez

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  17. chester arthur says:

    Gee,Rose by blahblahblah,who says YOU get to pick who the ‘least scuzzy’ are?Stil willing to defend the zipper boy and hill the shrill,his favorite enabler?By the way,were Newt’s wives underage prostitutes?I didn’t think so.’Moral’ is a real hard word to bear for the average democrat supporter these last..few..decades.

  18. Jill says:

    @rose- Aren’t you engaging in a bit of deflection here, essentially playing the “oh yeah? well, the other guy is worse” card? If Dave were to list every sex scandal to satisfy for need for balance, your eyes would go weary before you made it half way down the page. Clinton is mentioned because he is the most prominent statesman to be caught in a sex scandal. You’ve mentioned Gingrich and the Airport sex Senator….do you feel like either transgression rises to the level of exploiting a vulnerable teen for money, essentially using them for your personal amusement? If so, your issue run deep and your moral antenna is warped.

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