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Jan 31 2013

Children Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic

Despite its socialist origins, our moonbat rulers don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance because it stinks of patriotism. At Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, a compromise has been reached; students have recited the pledge over the intercom in Arabic:

First, the students translated the Pledge of Allegiance and read it in French. Then they recited the pledge in Spanish last fall. Monday, students read the pledge in Arabic.

“We have a tremendous amount of diversity in our school,” [principal Tom] Lopez said. “This is very American, not un-American.”

America has succeeded as a society because of its ability to integrate and assimilate immigrants. This ability has been deliberately destroyed through political correctness in a process of cultural sabotage that will reduce us to an eternally squabbling Tower of Babble.

If Koreans had flown planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, children would be reciting the pledge in Korean.

“…to multiculturalism and to the liberal rot for which it stands…”

On tips from Dr. 9, Wiggins, and Bill T.

21 Responses to “Children Recite Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic”

  1. Tax Slave says:

    but.. pledging allegiance to anything other than Allah is apostasy, punishable by DEATH!

    …even though the Koran (it is NOT spelled Quran) says “there is no compulsion in religion.”

  2. Tax Slave says:

    And Peking is NOT spelled Beijing
    and Bombay is NOT spelled Mumbai

  3. Sam says:

    Tremendous amount of diversity? Give me a break. Looking at the census data, one census tract in the Rocky Mountain High School attendance area is 77% white, and the rest are 82-88% white. Hispanics are the largest minority, and other groups are barely a blip on the radar.

    The city has a significant population of DWLs. About 20 years ago, the local paper felt that the city should try to emulate Eugene, Oregon. It looks like they got their wish.

  4. Tim says:

    There are thousands of Muslims buried in Arlington who probably went to their 72 virgins knowing they were fighting for their country. To them “one country under God” means “one country under Allah” and entirely too damn much fuss is being made over this.

  5. MicahStone says:

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste on socialist extremism.

  6. Doug says:

    I pledge allegiance to Allah
    of the United Arab Emirates.
    And to Hussein Obama, whom Republicans cannot stand;
    one nation under Marx
    with EBT and Obamaphnoes for all.

  7. criolle johnny says:

    I’m not sure if the girl is lavender is having a blonde moment, or expressing her opinion of this foolishness.

  8. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    This liberal “diversification” based on race, Islam, and class war will only result in Balkanization.
    In other words a land where the French in America identify as only French, the Hispanics as such, and of course with sharia as the law of the land.

  9. Jodie says:

    Right now, Satan is the god of this world. I’m sure that he is god to many of the students at Rocky Mountain High School – so, “One nation, under Allah” is not that far fetched.

  10. Skyfall says:

    Our fault, pure and simple. The idea that parents aren’t out there en mass, tell the school in no uncertain terms what to do with their Islamic indoctrination means that we deserve what we get.

    Allah’u Akbar, baby!

  11. Skyfall says:

    Satan, Jodie? No no no. That’s all a myth foisted on America by Cristo-fascists. Can’t have any of that religious talk in public schools. Instead we make sure students are nudged towards atheism (since we know all really INTELLIGENT people don’t believe in God). Then we lead by example and show them that Islam isn’t so bad and that only a bigot would criticize the “religion of peace” or it’s prophet (peace be upon him).

    You see? Don’t you feel better now?

    (Actually, spot on Jodie. Satan sure IS in control of this world at the moment, esp. the media…but then he IS the prince of the power of the air.)

  12. Mr Evilwrench says:

    I dug up the email of the principal (pretty easy) and sent him a nastygram. Doubt it will do any good, but I feel better.

  13. Jodie says:

    Skyfall says:
    January 31, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    You so funny! I laughed through your entire first paragraph.

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    More PC nonsense before long theyll have them recite it in Swahili,yidish,pigin english and klingon

  15. IslandLifer says:

    Obongo pledges his allegiance with gifts of fighter jets and tanks. A small token of appreciation from the American taxpayer. Arming the enemy and disarming the state. Treason.

  16. Dennis says:

    Has to be something with the thin air, maybe the brains are starving? Had a socialist in High School, he dragged us down to Chicago on a trip to prove something about how bad the people had it in the housing section.. Somehow after I got done making a mess of his mind, I think he started planning how to leave me there… What a piece of crap.. Amazing how memory is, forgot milk today! This trip was fifty years ago and I remember every part of it..

  17. VoiceOfReason says:

    There are Arab Christians. You wanna tell them they aren’t allowed to speak their native language anymore?

  18. grayjohn says:

    Fire EVERYONE involved in this bullshit and never let any of them near another school.

  19. bee says:

    @ grayjohn: Better, we fire everyone in Public ‘Education’ and reclaim our responsibility to educate our own children. (They’ll be safer at home, anyway.)

    “Public Education = Public Housing = Public Health = Public Defenders…”

  20. TonyD95B says:

    What a bunch of PC male bovine feces.

    “Let’s Celebrate Diversity, because you’re DIFFERENT, just like EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!”

    While we’re speaking other languages, how about a little more, “E Pluribus Unum” all up in here?

    “Out Of Many, ONE”

    With that said, I would sincerely hope for more people who spoke Arabic as a “first language” expressing heartfelt allegiance to the Unites States of America……….in a rational world, that would be so.*

    In fact, I wish more Americans would express thier allegiance, too.

    “……..and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, ONE NATION under GOD…….”

    There I go again…..asking for things that make sense – and disappointed yet again.

    *In a RATIONAL world Judeo-Christianity and some of the other religions would be fine…….and Islam would not find anyone dumb enough to join.

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