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Mar 13 2018

China, Iran Demand We Surrender Right to Bear Arms

In terms of the sheer number of its own citizens it has killed, China’s communist regime is the most tyrannical that has ever existed. Mao’s body count dwarfed even Stalin’s. Unlike Russia, China never cast off communist rule; Mao is thankfully dead, but the same government is in power. Astonishingly, this regime preaches to America about human rights:

A Chinese state-run newspaper said in a recent editorial that the United States should learn from China and restrict civilian gun ownership, Reuters recently reported.

The editorial, called “China Can Offer Lessons to U.S. in Protecting Human Rights,” ran in the Global Times newspaper on Feb. 22, just over a week after the Parkland shooting in Florida where 17 students and staff were killed.

“There is an urgent need for the U.S. to impose harsh restrictions on gun purchases nowadays,” the editorial said.

The terrorist regime in Iran — which has been in a de facto state of war against the USA since 1979 — concurs that we must give up our fundamental right of self-defense. Internal enemies of American civilization think so too.

With that, we could rest our case in favor of the Constitution.

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