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Mar 11 2017

China’s Ghost Cities

Anyone who doesn’t understand why we do not want the federal government running health insurance or any other sector of the economy is referred to communist China’s 50+ ghost cities:

With economic freedom (a.k.a. capitalism), resources are allocated spontaneously, just as water spontaneously finds its own level. Under statism, resources are allocated the way they do it in China.

On a tip from Jester.

6 Responses to “China’s Ghost Cities”

  1. Eddie_Valiant says:

    I may have a solution for China and the US – send all of our illegals to populate the ghost cities. They’ll get quality housing, we export the problem to China and balance the trade deficit!

  2. Kevin R. says:

    Paul Krugman would say this is sound economics.

  3. Gutterboy says:


  4. Evawsmith says:

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  5. sam I am says:

    perfect……and we can send them all the syrian, yemen,somolians too, its a win/win

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