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Mar 26 2012

Christian Sex Shop

Despite Obama’s recent assaults, liberals seem to be figuring out that they are better off corrupting Christianity from within than ham-fistedly attempting to crush it, if this is any indication:

Christians who want to do the nasty without getting too nasty may want to visit the “Love Garden.” Marc Angenent, a Dutch priest turned sex therapist, launched the Liefdestuin online store for “Christians who want to shop for sex toys but don’t want to be inundated with pornographic images and crude language.”

Let’s hope the sex toys don’t look anything like the ones sold on the street in Nancy Pelosiland.

On a tip from Chris.

13 Responses to “Christian Sex Shop”

  1. IslandLifer says:

    As Jody stated in an earlier thread how she has watched all of this wickedness unfolding over the years. Evil is growing very rapidly and very strong. It’s obvious, to those with faith, that these are truly the end of times we are witnessing as the devil is working overtime on the hearts of men. It is more important now than ever to stay strong in your faith and come closer to God. Now is the time to choose which side of the fence you want to be standing. I try not to get too preachy but like Jody I also believe we are seeing the revelations of the Prophets come to light and urge those who believe to get your house in order. What a wicked world we live in.

  2. Jodie says:

    It’s Jodie, and great post!

  3. IslandLifer says:

    Sorry 😉

  4. AC says:

    I thought this wasn’t supposed to be a problem for married couples.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Just speaking for myself here. The use of these toys brings impure thoughts which can and usually lead to other things. Without getting too graphic sex between a husband and wife is for bringing life into this world and to build the bond of love between each other. When you start throwing rabbits and vibrators into the relationship it takes away the intimate passion and replaces it with wild and crazy sex. There is another word for it but I’ll refrain. So needless to say, again only speaking for myself, Christians view sex as something sacred not a recreation involving artificial boners.

  6. Sinister66 says:

    IslandLifer says:

    Is your significant other as boring as you?

  7. son of a preacher man says:

    Why do the ones who pride themselves on open mindedness are usually the 1st ones to chime in and let you know you are doing it wrong via some utterance of condescension?

  8. RichInNC says:

    If a Christian couple is both comfortable with toys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Some couples need help in getting that ultimate satisfaction. Some just like having fun in the bedroom. There is no harm in it and nothing scriptural that says otherwise.

    Pray long and hard about it. I have. The Lord put many Godly people in my path in that season that helped me realize there is nothing wrong with it.

  9. RICH says:

    Just like steroids, sex toys are unfair. Our bodies can’t compete with vibrating, pulsating, ribbed and variable speed electronic gizmos.

  10. IslandLifer says:

    Sinister66 says:
    March 27, 2012 at 6:16 am
    IslandLifer says:

    Is your significant other as boring as you?

    Actually I don’t have one but if I did, unlike you, I could satisfy her myself without having to jump to the toy chest.

  11. IslandLifer says:

    And Sinister, since you’re a fan of these toys has your other half told her friends that you let her stick her finger up your butt?

  12. Sinister66 says:

    IslandLifer says:

    Didnt say I was a fan but dont see what your panties were all in a bunch over the topic.

    “Actually I don’t have one”

    “has your other half told her friends that you let her stick her finger up your butt?”

    And just the fact you would think of this shows you have queer tendencies and prefer ass play.

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