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Apr 12 2018

College Presidents Polled on the Free Speech Versus Inclusion Conflict

The American Council on Education surveyed almost 500 college and university presidents on the free speech versus inclusion conflict. The word “inclusion” in this context means cultural Marxism, which does not tolerate “intolerance” (i.e., dissent).

Respondents predictably expressed pious reverence for both freedom and political correctness, while painting a happy face on the situation at their own institutions. However, they admitted that the barn is on fire at everyone else’s institutions. Below are a few of the more interesting findings.

Q: How do you perceive the current relationship between campus inclusion and free speech nationally?
A: They are currently at odds with one another, 87%.

Q: Looking ahead, how do you think the relationship between campus inclusion and free speech will evolve nationally?
A: Worsen, 39%. Remain the same or not sure, 38%.

Q: How concerned have you been about violence and student safety when managing efforts around campus inclusion and free speech?
A: Very or somewhat concerned, 70%.

Since the 1960s, college presidents have been constructing a monster by promoting leftist ideology and reflexively caving to the demands of leftist mobs. They are not eager to admit that this monster is getting out of control. But there comes a point in every horror movie when all the characters acknowledge that there is a problem.

On a tip from TCS III. Hat tip: Hot Air.

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