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Feb 18 2013

Confirmed: Obama Regime Is Deliberately Importing Massive Welfare-Dependent Underclass

Americans will not do certain work, because it is easier and more remunerative to live off welfare. So we leave the border open to wave after wave of Third World “workers.” But what is to stop these largely illegal immigrants from living off welfare too? Nothing — by design:

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is accusing the Obama administration of failing to enforce a century-old law meant to prevent immigrants from taking root in the U.S. only to live on the government dole — after the administration reported it did not cite anyone for this last year.

“Virtually no one is being examined before they enter the country on whether or not they’ll … immediately begin to depend on government welfare,” Sessions, R-Ala., top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, told Fox News.

In addition to zero immigrants being turned away due to unlikelihood of staying off welfare, DHS admitted

that just a tiny fraction of people are rejected on these grounds when seeking entry under a program that allows admission for 90 days for travelers from certain countries. Between fiscal 2005 and most of fiscal 2012, a total of 9,796 were denied — a fraction of a percent of those admitted. State Department figures for visa applications showed a similar trend, with just .068 percent of visa applications denied on those grounds in fiscal 2011.

The 90-day visas effectively grant citizenship to anyone who simply fails to go home, since everyone knows there will always be another illegal immigrant amnesty.

[Sessions] suggests the immigration system has produced a lopsided result in which high-skill immigrants are turned away while those who end up absorbing more taxpayer dollars than they contribute stay.

That’s not a bug; it’s a deliberate feature. The high-skill immigrants tend to have skin color that will not advance the demographic “fundamental transformation” of America. Keeping out welfare recipients would defeat the purpose of the Obama Regime’s immigration policy, which is to secure a permanent Democrat majority by displacing working Americans who believe in industry and independence with millions upon millions of government-dependent Third Worlders who are just here for the free money.

Recent studies show welfare spending on immigrant-headed households is relatively high. A Center for Immigration Studies report found that 36 percent of these households were using “at least one major welfare program” in 2010 — compared with 23 percent of other households.

Sessions’ office says the number of non-citizens on food stamps has skyrocketed in recent years. And the conservative Heritage Foundation claims low-skill immigrant households take in roughly $20,000 more in government benefits every year than they pay in taxes.

Meanwhile, the website keeps welfare colonists informed regarding the many easy ways to help themselves to your money.

Soon they will outnumber us, and America will be over. We are being forced to finance our own eradication.

On a tip from Dr. 9.

14 Responses to “Confirmed: Obama Regime Is Deliberately Importing Massive Welfare-Dependent Underclass”

  1. Aoife says:

    The sooner this farce comes too its conclusion the better. It’s too painful to watch the continued decline of our once proud country. Let there be an end and then we can have a new beginning.

  2. Skyfall says:

    Just come to Los Angeles if you have any doubts. All those “good people just looking for a better life” who the administration wants to paint as yearning to be Americans…well, just take a look at ’em.

    They don’t assimilate and have no intention of doing so. They want freebies, but they also want Mexico Norte, you know what I mean? They are tribal, primitive, violent, clan-ish and hate white-ass gabachos.

    There is only one real agenda here: oust white Americans from any control over their lives and replace the population with low-intelligence third-worlders. I’d love Nan Pelosi or Debbie Wasserman-Slut or any of the oh-so-ready to bow to the illegal masses coming here to hang out in East L.A. or City Terrace for a while. From the time they got out of their Limos to the time they almost made it to the sidewalk, they’d have a very clear, if final, lesson in “tolerance” and “inclusion”.

    We are losing without even the pretense of a fight.

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  4. Jim says:

    They are brought here as breeding stock, just like the slaves in the pre-Emancipation Proclamation era.

  5. Chris from Calgary says:

    We are dealing with a very similar situation in regards to politically correct parasites displacing us here in Canada. One Calgary Police (who more and more act as enforcers for social engineering) constable was famously interviewed after the 9/11 attacks in the US– and went on to crow about how by 2020 white people would be a minority in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and that was essentially a godsend. The fact is, the powers that be regardless of political stripe simply believe that the west (translation: White, Christian, English speaking, natural born citizens) owe the rest of the world everything, all the time, period. This is to make amends for our very existence- which is the ultimate heresy . Any other answer on our part is racist and evil.

  6. IslandLifer says:

    Hit the reset button and level the playing field. Only those who prepared themselves will have a fighting chance for survival. The parasites will eat themselves. Those responsible for the destruction should be hunted and fed to their pets. Then the animals should be corralled and released into Mexico. Only then can this country begin to rebuild.

  7. Skyfall says:

    Chris has it about right. The problem with Island’s solution is that you’d have to hole-up in a bunker for a hundred years or more…and then scratch-out an existence for ANOTHER hundred years, hoping that the seeds of freedom and the ideals of the Republic would once again find fertile ground.

    No, at this point, only the Lord will set things right. He is our only hope now.

  8. Clingtomyguns says:

    We’ve been through the so-called fiscal cliff, punted, and now the sequester looms. This is the end game for Repubicrats, and most unfortunately, for the Republic.

    Democrap leaders and Obama lie through their teeth and say we don’t have a spending problem, and we need still more “investment” “stimulus” “balanced approach” and “revenues.” These commie bloodsuckers are insane in every since of the term, but represent the 47% who don’t pay any taxes and 41% on welfare. Think they give a crap about America – they just care about where their next handout is coming, and the politicians just want to build their power. Obama et al have seen to it that there is no restrictions on third world welfare colonists hopping on the gravy train funded by the suckers who still work, and they do so after they drop their anchor babies.

    In 2005, just $900 million in child tax credits went to families of illegals. In 2012, due to an increase in the number of illegals and growing fraud, the amount is $7.4 billion — an increase of 722% in just seven years.

    If any House Republican still has a set of balls, that would be a good place to make a stand! Put Democraps on the record for encouraging welfare cases to immigrate – everyone knows it anyway.

    To hell with amnesty or trying to grovel for some Hispanic votes. These new immigrants don’t want your American culture, morals or civilization, they want you money and lots of it, and now! In return they will cast their lots and illegal votes to help the Democraps. Trying to Hispander for votes is a fools errand.

    As economists like to say, if you want more of something, subsidize it. If you want less, tax it. Well, we’re subsidizing illegals by the millions to displace us.

    A new study from the Senate Budget Committee shows that, as of last year, nearly 107 million Americans received some form of government welfare benefit, a rise of nearly 9% in just over two years, that doesn’t include Social Security or Medicare.

    Read More At IBD:

  9. Vic Kelley says:

    I wonder if the study and its figures include “free” public schools. We spend/waste a lot of our money edumacating Americans and America’s permanently entitled minority. Illegals love to send their kids to our schools. And colleges. Changes in school policies like starting or expanding bilingual education programs cost us even more money.

  10. Bill T says:

    USDA/Mexican consulates to immigrants: Don’t worry, food stamps won’t affect citizenship chances

  11. Glorious Golden Hopetopia says:

    Wow, all those rocket scientists and math geeks and world class doctors they are importing will insure our number one status forever comrades! Zimbabwe? Yes we can!

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  13. ConMom says:

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