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Aug 31 2011

Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Tea Party With Hyperbolic Race-Baiting

Anyone who has attended Tea Party events has probably noticed the disproportionately large percentage of minority speakers, who are deliberately sought out in a misguided attempt to prove the obvious to those unwilling to see it: there is nothing “racist” about individual liberty. This effort has predictably failed, as the leftist lowlifes comprising the Congressional Black Caucus have thrown their race-baiting demagoguery into overdrive and are attempting to run over the Tea Party with it. CBC Whip André Carson (D-IN) has gotten so carried away as to claim that advocates for limited government want blacks “hanging on a tree.”

Most whites have been conditioned to cringe like whipped dogs when confronted with this incongruent and cartoonish rhetoric. But after having been used to put an unqualified anti-American fool in the White House, the race card has been played out among all but the most politically neurotic. Its heavy use now demonstrates that the increasingly desperate Ultra Left knows the pendulum can’t be pushed any further and will now swing back the other way with a vengeance.

However, the race card can still be used to wreak social havoc. If rumors that Obama plans to resort to racial rhetoric to hold power prove true, the mostly unreported epidemic of racial violence by black mobs will explode.

Recent examples of alarmingly inflammatory racist rhetoric from the CBC:

Some activists actually do call for lynching — but they sure aren’t from the Tea Party:

On tips from Bill T, Trace, Tony, Sgt Brock E Lee, SR, and Sean. Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld.

33 Responses to “Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Tea Party With Hyperbolic Race-Baiting”

  1. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    Well, this just goes to show you that there are racists still around, and they are all over the political spectrum. I’m sure there are racist members of the Tea Party, just like there are racist democrats/republicans/independents.

  2. Trace says:

    In a just-released interview to a Black radio host given within hours of Congressional Black Caucus members declaring “war” on the Tea Party, President Barack Obama calls for the listening audience to mobilize inside America.

    Read more:

  3. Trace says:

    Woops dave, i guess that is what you referring to.

  4. Sgt Brock E Lee says:

    Ok Dookiestain, so where is the video showing conservatives suggesting we hang Ruth Bader Ginsgurg?

  5. Jodie says:

    I would never advocate black people being hung from trees!

    However, for ALL of the blacks who support this lying, thieving, traitorous, fraudulent, Islam supporting, affirmative action LIAR IN CHIEF – I WOULD support having them thrown into the lake of fire!

  6. Sgt Brock E Lee says:

    And growing evidence shows that the majority of today’s racism comes from the left or thosenthe left supposedly champions. So this “they’re racists everywhere” stipulation is weak

  7. Carmen says:

    I just wish the race baiters in the CBC would speak English instead of the ebonic gibberish they spew. It’s hard for me to understand the insults about my guilt of being alive & white.

    And why, pray tell, to they politic in churches and the dookie’s of the world have zero probs w/this? Most interesting hypocrisy….

  8. Carmen says:

    OT: If the lefties hate the righties so much & want us all to vamoose, where should we go? Serious query. Where? If there is a place that exists that has no statists I WANT TO KNOW WHERE IT IS, DAMMIT.

  9. Jay B. says:

    Carmen says:
    Isn’t it interesting? Like with Al Shaprton, I’d LOVE if one of the interviewers or journalists would say “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear a word you said. Can you speak english?” I could even make a wild guess here and say that ebonics is a sure way to know if a black is a liberal voter or not. My black neighbor speaks perfect and clear english… and has been married to the same woman for the past fifteen years. Same for the lady owning the corner store on my street, who displays an american flag without shame in the store and has a support our troops sticker on the front. Token gestures yes, but you’ll never see either in Chicago or Detroit.

  10. Hail The Amberlamps! says:


    Very loud one this time. The DNCs racial division machine ratchets-up, with only one direction; forward into race riots and anarchy. It’s the Bolshevik way.

  11. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    . I’m sure there are racist members of the Tea Party, just like there are racist democrats/republicans/independents.
    Yes there are, it’s just that most Tea Party members tend to chase them off.
    Liberals put them in Congress.

  12. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    “But resist we much…We must and we will much…about…that…be committted.”

    —Tawana Brawley Sharpton, MSNBC News Anchor

    Yeah. Gonna real hard to defeat them.

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Wait, wait wait Dave
    The Congressional black Caucus is BLACK ?
    The DarkSoiledDiaperDraven is offended.

  14. Spider says:

    So Mr. congress person, just when does the Congressional White Caucus meet?

    Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists…

  15. KHarn says:

    “Dookiestain Laflair says:August 31, 2011 at 8:13 am”

    You do know that there are people who use “there are (BLANK) on both sides” as a means of JUSTIFYING radical behavior?

    I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, I’m just saying.

  16. Spider says:

    Those video clips prove something we all should be aware of, that is, we are involved in a culture war with the evil forces of the Left. And make no mistake, it’s a “very real” war that’s been going on for decades, and Conservatives and moderates are losing. What do we have to lose? Everything!

    Why are we losing? Because we tend to follow the rules. Conservatives are, well, too conservative. You will notice the Left follows no such rules, nor does it care about the tactics it uses. The only way to defeat the Left is to use their own tactics against them.

    In this war, you either fight 100%, or capitulate and live your life as they say you must. Take your pick.

  17. Beef says:

    There has been a systematic campaign by the democrats and their media outlets to delegitimize the Tea Party movement by labeling it as racist. MSNBC cropping photos, Thinkprogress disseminating photoshopped rally pictures, the phony Rep. Lewis n-word story, etc. – all have been very effective in mobilizing black America against the Tea Party. I would say that project is a done deal.

    So much so that this latest effort must be to keep whites away from the Tea Party. This is also a highly coordinated effort between the democratic leadership and the MSM and this also appears to be having an effect on the number and size of Tea Party events. The counter-message is not getting out to independents.

    Progressives play hardball. Their hatred for and vilification of the Tea Party knows no bounds. There is no harm to the country they will not risk, no lie they will not tell, in order to win. Things may not look so good for the Left right now, but they are just getting started for 2012. This election campaign is going to be unprecedentedly brutal. To win, the truth needs to be shouted over the gale of lies. Hang on.

  18. J says:

    It appears that this lesson needs to be reviewed again.

    Black conservative tea party backers take heat

    Chris Mathews: All ‘Teabaggers’ White? Maybe not…

    “But here’s what you don’t often see in the coverage of Tea Party rallies: Patriotic signs professing a love for country; mothers and fathers with their children; frican-Americans proudly participating; and senior citizens bopping to a hip-hop rapper.”

    Tea Party Polling: Poll Finds Movement Is Just About As KKKristallnacht As General Population

    NBC asks man who doesn’t exist, “Have you ever felt uncomfortable?”

    Video: Tea Party hero knew question was coming

    Tea Party: 4 in 10 are Dems, Independents, Survey Says

    Tea Party Racism??

    Black Tea Party Protesters vs. Keith Olbermann

    Video: Black tea partiers surprised to find they’re not “really” black

    Countermoonbattery Eruption in Albany

    Blacks, the Media, & the Tea Parties

    NYT discovers record number of black Republicans running for Congress

    Obama inspires black politicians to seek office — as Republican candidates

    Why Is the State-Run Media Hiding This Photo From You?

    Colored Patriots of the Revolution

    Race bait: MSNBC lies, edits out black gun owner, says ‘white people with guns’ threaten Obama

    MSNBC, the black man with guns, and the racist narrative

    Republican Tim Scott Releases Statement – Condemns NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party

    Black tea partiers rebut NAACP

    I Condemn the NAACP: It Is Lost

    Herman Cain & Nate Whigham Speak Out Against Bogus NAACP Tea Party Charges (Video)

    Busted: Dishonest Hacks at Think Progress Caught Manufacturing Another Fake Racist Tea Party Story

    Daily Caller discovers Journolist plot to spike Wright story, smear conservatives as racists

    Prominent Black Activist Admits Branding Tea Party Racist Is Effective Tool For NAACP & Democrats

    Video: Bachmann introduces the new House Tea Party Caucus

    Spencer Wilking Finds That New York’s Tea Partiers Aren’t The Bigoted White Guys You Fear.

    Think Progress Caught Using Liberal-Manufactured Signs From ‘Crash the Tea Party’ as Evidence of Tea Party Racism

    Few signs at tea party rally expressed racially charged anti-Obama themes

    Republicans elect more minorities than Democrats in 2010

    POLL: Voters more likely to see Dems as dominated by extremists

    Tea party Democrats do exist

  19. Bill T says:

    You don’t suppose barry is planing on taking a page from cousins election play book by chance?

  20. Dr. Theo says:

    Andre Carson is even worse than his predecessor. Who could have imagined that?

    Carson apparently believes that smaller government, fiscal responsibility and constitutional fideliity are threats to his constituency equivalent to the lynchings and brutal segregation that once existed in some parts of this country.

    This kind of race baiting is the major plank in the Dems campaign platform for 2012. Every conserative in the country (a clear majority) will be accused of racism in the coming months. Prominent conservatives will by visciously attacked and called racist. This is all they’ve got try to keep The One in the White House.

  21. TED says:

    Of course, anything the left perceive as a genuine threat to their agenda they attack, the more they attack the bigger the threat. THAT is why all you have to do is say PALIN to watch their heads explode. THAT is why they attack her with such vile. SO who should our candidate be…at least they know. We on the other hand don’t do that, we use honesty not aganda, a concept they know nothing about.

  22. FrankW says:
    AFter seeing this can we pass a law removing the protected speech of ANY elected official. If it needs to be narrowed a bit how about removing the free speech rights of ALL elected officials if it is deemed by a reasonable person that they are speaking as that office and not as a private citizen. Perhaps if these jackasses were liable in some regard they might think twice. And yes libs, I want it imposed on the right as well. When I was in the military there were restrictions on what I could say regarding missions (some restrictions are still in place), the same application should be made to ANY and ALL elected officials.


    A blabbering liberal dipwad witha micraphone in front of his ugly mug and a pea sized brain ads up to a liberal nincompoop

  24. wendy says:

    Ignorance…pure ignorance. Unfortunately, these are the people someone elected to speak for them. I never in my life thought that our own government would go after millions of Americans concerned about the future of this country.

  25. LMS says:

    Yawn. These race-baiting ingrates need to shut up now. This is what the civil rights amendment got us nearly 50 years later? Get the hell out of my country. To these morons, Tea Party=White people. Just go back to Africa and leave real Americans alone.

  26. Stop arguing and listen says:

    Hey Dave

    Moderately off topic, and I’m sure just ANOTHER isolated instance, NOT part of some larger pattern…

  27. Spurwing Plover says:

    Back a few years ago one from the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK COCKROACHES one MAJOR OWENS sponsored a bill to repeal the 2nd amendment someone to repeal him from office

  28. Coldwarrior57 says:

    Well its gotten to the point with me , that to call someone anyone in the TEA PARTY a racist is the same as calling a black ANY black the “N” word. I HATE being PC here but I am not sure if the powers that be would allow the REAL word to be typed. But it is what it is. Tea party /racists = Black / “N” Word.

  29. Lyn says:

    Don’t dismiss the foolishness of the congressional blacks. The violence and rhetoric they are spewing is a real danger. When blacks and other liberals “crash” tea party rallies there is always a serious threat of danger. Blacks in general have been socialized to attach whites – just as whites have been socialized to submit and defer to blacks. It is sick, but it is the truth.

    And that “epidemic of racial violence by black mobs” is the most underreported story out there. It’s a disgrace.


    Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have been are traveling around this great country, at taxpayers’ expense of course, meeting with members of their communities in town hall style meetings hurling vile and false racist charges not only against their fellow white members of Congress, but at anyone associated with the Tea Party movement, particularly if they happen to be White. Apparently, these members of the Congressional Black Caucus feel that anyone who is White, in the Tea Party movement and is standing up for the constitution and/or who wants a smaller federal government with less spending, is an anti-Black racist.

    At one of these recent CBC Town Hall meetings, Representative Andre Carson (D-Indiana), said that some (White) members of Congress want to go back 50 or 60 years with regard to race relations. He said “Some of these (white) folks in Congress right now would love to see us (blacks) as second class citizens and some of them in Congress right now with the Tea Party movement would love to see you and me hanging on a tree.”

    Of course, Andre Carson has never really had anything of substance to say during his unremarkable congressional career, so what the hell, why not just accuse Whites of racism and put the race card on the table. Remember back in March of 2010, when Representative Andre Carson, the NAACP, along with Congressmen John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver made complaints that a mob of White Tea Party protestors had spit on them and called them “niggers” in front of the Cannon House federal building during the health care debate. Unfortunately for them, someone recorded the entire incident and the allegations were proven to be absolutely false. The congressmen and the NAACP representatives had made up the whole thing to show that they were the “victims” of White racism. These congressmen outright lied and it was caught on tape. Who were the real racists back then?

    As far as the lynching of people is concerned, Representative Carson is apparently ignorant of the fact that it was not just Blacks who were lynched by the KKK and by members of his own party, the southern Democrats. After the Civil War, the Democrats in the south called Republicans “radicals” because the Republican Party had become a bi-racial party that actually allowed Blacks to vote and participate in the political process. For example, in the South Carolina of 1868, the Republicans in the state legislature were made up of 50 Blacks and only 13 Whites, while the Democrats were all White. Out of the 4,800 people that were lynched during the next 90 years or so, 1,300 of those lynched were White, mostly Republicans who were lynched because they supported Black civil rights. With this history, it boggles the mind that Blacks would remain so loyal to the Democrat party.

    What exactly is the Congressional Black Caucus? Can White people be admitted or is it a Blacks-only racially-exclusive group? And if it is a racially-exclusive group, how can such a “Blacks-only” group that discriminates against White people in membership, even exist within a federal government organization that is paid for by taxpayer dollars? Here are the answers that may surprise you.

    The Congressional Black Caucus was founded in 1971 by 13 Black members of congress and in its 40 or so-years of existence it has never allowed a White Congressman, Congresswoman or Senator to become a member. This ”No Whites” policy of the Congressional Black Caucus was tested back in 2007 by a newly elected House member, Stephen I. Cohen of Tennessee, a White man who represented a 60 percent Black district. During Cohen’s 2006 campaign he was quoted as saying that if elected he would try to become “the first White member” of the Congressional Black Caucus. Shortly after being sworn in on January 2007, however, Cohen’s bid for membership was turned down and he heard from several Black Congressional Caucus members that “whites need not apply.” Who were the real racists here?

    At the time, Congressional Black Caucus member William Lacy Clay (D-Missouri), son of one of the CBC’s founders, confirmed that. “Mr. Cohen asked for admission, and he got his answer. … It’s time to move on. It’s an unwritten rule. It’s understood. It’s clear” that White people cannot become members of the Black caucus. Rep Clay went on to say:

    “Quite simply, Rep. Cohen will have to accept what the rest of the country will have to accept – there has been an unofficial Congressional White Caucus for over 200 years, and now it’s our turn to say who can join ‘the club.’ He does not, and cannot, meet the membership criteria, unless he can change his skin color. Primarily, we are concerned with the needs and concerns of the black population, and we will not allow white America to infringe on those objectives.”

    Who are the real racists here?

    For approximately 40 years, White people have been denied membership in a federal government funded congressional organization just because of the color of their skin. Isn’t this a violation of federal anti-discrimination laws? The American taxpayers, of all races and creeds, pay the salaries of the congressional staff members, as well as the congressional office expenses that are used to support this apparently racist Black organization.

    The main question here is how can such racial discrimination against White congressional members exist in the United States in 2011? Can you imagine the uproar if there was a White Congressional Caucus and they had refused to allow a Black member of congress to become a member because of the color of his or her skin. Oh! Wait a minute. I forgot. You can’t have a White Congressional Caucus because that would be considered racist!

    Let’s take a quick look at the recent remarks of some members of the Congressional Black Caucus and see what this traveling band of racist instigators have been saying:

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California) was caught on tape saying that “the Tea Party can go straight to hell” and called for mass demonstrations by Blacks including runs on the banks and civil unrest not only in their neighborhoods but in the neighborhoods of White people as well. These are pretty strong words from a woman who is under investigation for misusing her congressional office to help her husband’s Black-owned bank get some TARP and Stimulus funds. Who is the real racist here?

    Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) said: “High unemployment in the black community is a result of White racism. When you look at African American males, 40% of them are unemployed, those under 30 years of age. And all of the growth in the past 30 years, we see it.” She conveniently ignored the fact that the Democrat party had controlled congress from 2007 to 2010, and had done a great job of creating more government programs that destroyed the economy, along with a lot of help from President Obama.

    Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Florida) said “the Tea Party is the Republican Party” and later urged the panel to play down the power of the tea party. “I’m not going to continue down the path of giving them all this credit,” “Turn the tea party upside down!” he said. This coming from a man whose congressional career began after he was impeached from his Judgeship for taking a bribe of $150,000.

    Joining the members of the Congressional Black Caucus at one of their recent town hall meetings was the Reverend, Jesse Jackson of “Hymie-Town” fame, who also made some outrageous charges that White Tea Partiers were the ones opposing the civil rights movement led by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. “The tea party is a new name on an old game,” he said. “Dr. King fought a ‘tea party’ in Alabama…He had no weapons, but he confronted the tea party.”

    Of course there was no tea party movement in Alabama when Dr King was alive, but Jesse Jackson, like his friend Al Sharpton, is not restricted by the facts. There is nothing like a phony, charlatan, opportunist preacher bearing false witness and trying to divide Americans by using that worn out old race card. But that is nothing new for Reverend “Hymie-Town” is it? Who is the real racist here?

    I believe the Rev. Jackson also needs a lesson in history. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered Republican. Why? Because from its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party, the Republican Party has been the party that has championed freedom and civil rights for Black people, not the Democrat party. The Democrat party is, as it always has been, the party of Slavery, Segregation, Secession and now Socialism.

    It was the Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the discriminatory Black Codes and the Jim Crow laws that Representative Andre Carson talked about, not the Republicans.

    It was the Democrats who started and supported the Ku Klux Klan and it was the Democrats who were involved in the lynching and terrorizing of Blacks, not the Republicans.

    The Democrat party has fought tooth and nail for most of their history to prevent the passage of every civil rights law beginning with the civil rights laws of the 1860’s, and they continued fighting the civil rights legislation into the 1950’s and 1960’s. Remember Senator Robert Byrd, the famous Democrat Senator from North Carolina who at one time was a Grand Cyclops in his local Klux Klux Klan chapter.

    What some of the members of the CBC seem to forget is that the tea party movement is made up of people from all races, ethnic backgrounds and political beliefs. What should bother most Americans, both Black and White, is that it appears that out of the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, only one member has the guts to stand up and speak against the racist remarks made by some of its members.

    If a White member of congress said that the failing economy was caused by the actions of racist Black members of congress, White congressmen and women would be stepping over each other to express their outrage. Where is the outrage about these comments from the Black members of congress or President Obama? Why do they remain silent? Are they afraid to criticize a fellow Black politician because they would be called an Uncle Tom?

    Fortunately, Black members of the Tea party movement are standing up to be counted and are coming out against the remarks made by the CBC members. Rep. Allen West, the no-nonsense GOP congressman from Florida and the only Republican member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said he might even consider leaving the CBC after hearing the vitriolic, anti-White, anti-Tea Party language.

    Emery McClendon, an African-American from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who is among the most popular speakers at tea party events both in Indiana and nationally, said Carson and some of the other members of the CBC should apologize. “I’m the one who started the tea party here in Allen County,” McClendon said. “I have never in my career, and it’s been almost three years now that the tea party’s been in existence, experienced any form of racism or any form of any negative-type treatment from anybody. The negative treatment that I have received has been from basically my own people, other blacks, telling me that I’m wrong for being a part of it, but without having any type of reasoning or proof as to why I shouldn’t be a part of the Tea Party.”

    I wonder if the Democrat Party leadership, as part of their demented Election 2012 strategy, has given the green light to some Black Caucus members to hit the streets with their baseless, racist allegations against White people, while also calling for protest and resistance against the Tea Party movement. Is this what the Congressional Black Caucus is supposed to be about? Are certain CBC members deliberately trying to divide America along racial lines in the hopes that all hell breaks loose before the 2012 elections?

    Is this where these new Black “Flash Mobs” are getting their ideas from? As you may or may not know, violent Black ‘Flash Mobs’ have randomly and viciously attacked White people in several major cities and other locations throughout the country during 2011, with little or no national news attention given to these incidents. If there were violent White ‘Flash Mobs’ randomly and viciously attacking Black people throughout the country, it would surely have made the national news. Are these Black ‘Flash Mobs’ getting their ideas to hate White people from certain members of the Black Congressional Caucus?

    The vitriolic, anti-White, anti-Tea Party rhetoric coming from some members of the Congressional Black Caucus is right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” Demonize the White members of congress and the Tea Party. Create a climate of fear, distrust and racial animosity that might lead to civil unrest, violence, rioting, racial hatred, and destruction so severe, that President Obama and the federal government will have to intervene in the name of national security, peace and order, and we will all suffer from a loss of our freedoms and perhaps our very liberty.

    The racist leaning members of the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as their Marxist friends and fellow travelers in our government, are keenly aware that the majority of Americans of every race and creed are waking up to what is happening in America. The people are becoming aware that they are being used as pawns by those in power and by those who seek power. The American people are beginning to find out about the globalist and socialist plans for America and they don’t like what they see and hear, so some members of the Congressional Black Caucus and similar race-based organizations must now ratchet it up a notch or two.

    Playing the race card is what these racist individuals always do when all other options run out. They haven’t been able to keep up the deception of the American people and a growing number of Americans, including an increasing number of Black Americans, are now resisting their socialist plans for the country. Apparently, it is now time for certain Black leaders to declare war on those outspoken, White racists and to try to shut their mouths once and for all by calling them racists. Calling White people ‘racists’ has always worked in the past, but as the members of the CBC will soon find out: “that old dog don’t hunt no more” and by their own words and actions, we now know who the real racists are!

    With the help of an increasing number of well-informed and courageous Black Americans who are now willing to speak out against the racial agenda-driven, establishment Black political leaders, America will be better able to move forward as one strong, freedom-loving movement without separating ourselves into different hyphenated racial groups.

    Together, Americans from all races and creeds will continue on our journey to restore our Republic and leave future generations of Americans a legacy of individual freedom and liberty, a first class, non-government run education system, a clean environment, a strong and sovereign America with an honest, limited, constitutional government that will offer unlimited opportunities for their future.

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  31. jim smith says:

    I read something the other day, it went like this,
    “Voting for someone because they are black is as racist as not voting for them because they are black.”

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