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Jan 23 2013

Crime and No Punishment for Australian Welfare Colonist Omar Halaby

Guess what punishment this Muslim colonist in Australia got after being caught on camera smashing a police car:

That’s right; no punishment at all:

A rioter who smashed a police car windscreen and lashed out at a TV crew during last year’s violent Muslim protests told a court [Friday] he regretted his “stupid and reckless” actions.

Omar Halaby, 19, also said he regretted bringing the Islamic community into disrepute and apologised for his behaviour last September. He was caught on camera bashing in the windscreen of a police car with a milk crate as up to 1000 Muslims gathered in the Sydney CBD to protest against an anti-Islamic film. …

[M]agistrate Pat O’Shane handed him a 12-month good behaviour.

Guess what he does for a living. That’s right; nothing:

He has no trouble smashing police car windscreens with milk crates but it seems Muslim rioter Omar Halaby is not fit to work, receiving a $200-a-fortnight disability support pension. …

In documents tendered to the Downing Centre Local Court, Legal Aid lawyer Sophie Edin said Halaby suffered from “certain disabilities” which had seen him claim the pension for the past three years. “He has some physical problems in relation to some football accidents,” Ms Edin told the court. “He has literacy issues, a short attention span, things to that effect.” …

Halaby lives with his parents but, according to court documents, pays no board from his $200-a-fortnight taxpayer-funded allowance. He is not involved in any studies or community organisations, the documents said.

That is, Australian taxpayers pay him to smash police cars on behalf of expansionist Islam while he lives off his parents.

Congratulations, Omar. The future is yours. Moonbats have already slit the throat of Western Civilization. As soon as the corpse stops twitching, you can take over.

On a tip from Andrew W. Hat tip: Tim Blair.

12 Responses to “Crime and No Punishment for Australian Welfare Colonist Omar Halaby”

  1. Joe says:

    Great. A worthless, stupid, illiterate, stupid, useless, stupid, waste of skin, stupid muslim sucking the teat of government paid for by hard working people.
    Turn him into fertilizer. It’s the only thing I can come up with that he might be good at.

  2. A. Levy says:

    There was a time when you could not migrate to Australia “unless you could first prove” that you had a visible means of supporting yourself when you arrived. That was before socialism took over. Now, all the Aussies need do is pay the price for their weakness and stupidity.

  3. Alphamail says:


    As fertilizer he’s the Muslim’s best hope…

    He’s does the filthy ground work as an indoctrinated obedient nutbag drone.

    He must obey.

    If he strays, gets an infidel girlfriend, or so much as eyes a piece of bacon, they turn him into fertilizer.

    Then they use the fertilizer for a car bomb to blow up kids.

    He’s the Muslim’s best hope.

  4. Tax Slave says:

    That’s funny; he doesn’t LOOK Muslim.

    Is he some white convert to Islam, because his parents never took him to church?

    First the Left abandons Christ, then their children seek spiritual guidance, and either New Age (rhymes with “sewage”) or Islam is there to take over.

  5. Ummah Gummah says:


    @Tax Slave

    Could be a Bosniak.


  6. The story is not complete without a mention of the judge behind this ruling!

    The name Pat” O’Shane keeps popping up, like in so many cases like this: ”Pat” O’Shane is a magistrate of the Local Court of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. A former head of the New South Wales Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, and aboriginal herself…….


    Magistrate Pat O’Shane obstructed case, inquiry hears
    Magistrate Pat O’Shane sues Alan Jones for defamation. | Kangaroo …
    Magistrate Pat O’Shane’s ‘racism’ call questioned at judicial inquiry …
    Magistrate Pat O’Shane not impartial, hearing told | The Australian

  7. Metryq says:

    Kangaroo court?

  8. D.T. says:

    Re : sheik yer’mami
    The sheik is correct.This judge has a long history of siding with criminals ( being one herself ).She is still a judge only because our cowardly polititians won’t do anything about her . How are you sheik ? I visit your site all the time . As for the muslim…… strange how they hate us so much but don’t mind accepting our welfare and being a parasite .

  9. hiram says:

    D.T., it’s not strange at all. To them, it’s completely expected… actually, they’d be offended if you *didn’t* pay their bills.

    It’s considered “jizyah”.

  10. Python says:

    Update on this is that his lawyer also said it was sad that some employers won’t hire people with foreign names but he’s now been caught boasting on facebook that he has a job while collecting Centrelink (welfare). he’s been nailed and will now have to pay up or go to jail.

  11. KHarn says:

    This is why I advocate whippings and/or chaingangs for minor crimes.

    Isn’t there a fable about someone who takes in a “poor soul” who becomes so obnoxious and demanding that the host flees to start anew? The “poor soul” is left to wonder why his life of ease has ended.

  12. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    he’s been nailed and will now have to pay up or go to jail.

    Unless he gets himself a “good judge”

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