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Apr 24 2018

Crybully Protestors Weep That They Will Be Traumatized if Punished for Storming Stage at Alumni Event

At least the fascists who rose to power in central Europe last century didn’t mix their thuggery with contemptible whimpering, unlike today’s crybully protestors. But political extremists unburdened by values or self-respect will use whatever tactics work. On university campuses, thanks to the mentality of liberal educators, what works is a combination of jackbooted goon tactics and victimhood sniveling. For example:

A group of student protesters who stormed the stage of an alumni event [earlier this month] to demand Duke University adhere to their manifesto – and then accused administrators of “traumatizing” them after being threatened with discipline – have found allies in more than 60 faculty members.

Dozens of professors signed a letter addressed to the North Carolina school’s administrators Thursday asking them not to punish the protesters who interrupted the State of the University speech April 14.

The bold revolutionaries have come to expect nothing but pats on the head when they hijack public events. So much as a demerit on their record reduces them to sobs. One organizer wept that “by sending these conduct letters … they will be exacerbating any preexisting mental health conditions and … traumatizing and starting new ones.” Like-minded professors scurry to bring the tissue.

No worries, jackbooted snowflakes. There will be no punishment.

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