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Mar 20 2018

D.C. Council Member Forced to Apologize for Saying Jews Control the Weather

It isn’t just Hollywood; now we learn that Jews control the weather:

A D.C. lawmaker responded to a brief snowfall Friday by publishing a video in which he espoused a conspiracy theory that Jewish financiers control the weather.

D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) posted the video to his official Facebook page at 7:21 a.m. as snow flurries were hitting the nation’s capital. The video, shot through the windshield of a car driving west on Interstate 695 through downtown Washington, shows snowy skies while White narrates.

“Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation,” he says. “And D.C. keep talking about, ‘We a resilient city.’ And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful.”

At first White didn’t see anything wrong with the video. Then his moonbat allies at Jews United for Justice managed to get it through to him that only Louis Farrakhan can get away with saying stuff like that in public, so he issued the standard profuse apologies.

White’s video statements appear to echo beliefs, found lurking in corners of the Internet, that the Rockefeller Foundation’s Resilient Cities initiative — which provides grants to cities, including the District, to address environmental and economic problems — is actually part of a secret scheme to control and reduce the population of North America.

Some conspiracy theorists also think the Rothschilds, acting in conjunction with the Rockefeller family, have technology to manipulate the weather — for example, by causing freak storms that wreak havoc on people, farms and livestock.

The belief that people can control the weather does seem insane, but it is almost ubiquitous among moonbats, who believe that freedom and economic productivity make it be too hot out, whereas heavy taxation and regulation make the weather nice and cool for the sacred man-eating polar bears.

White’s video makes two things clear: (1) the cultural Marxist rainbow coalition is a Frankenstein monster sewn together from incongruous parts and may fracture into competing factions at any moment; and (2) we allow people to write laws we must live under who could achieve their maximum intellectual capacity by pushing brooms.

The video:

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