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Jan 21 2013

Danny Glover Reveals That Freedom Is Slavery

“Freedom is slavery” is a key slogan in the oligarchical collectivist dystopia described in 1984. Patently absurd? Not to a liberal. A Hollyweird leftist makes the case:

Actor Danny Glover told students at Texas A&M University the intent of the Second Amendment was to protect slavery.

“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

Seeing is believing:

There is no more essential liberty than the freedom to defend your life and property. But freedom is slavery, to a moonbat.

Educrats won’t say how much the university paid to have Glover deliver this pearl of wisdom, but considering that he is an award-winning member of the Tinseltown pantheon, it was surely more than the $25,000 his fellow America-hating communist kooks Angela Davis and Harry Belafonte have been paid for speeches at the same event. No wonder college tuition is skyrocketing, even as the quality of education collapses.

danny glover
Glover explains how freedom is slavery.

On tips from Apostle53, Spider, and Bob Roberts.

26 Responses to “Danny Glover Reveals That Freedom Is Slavery”

  1. Goes to show how stupid most Hollywood types are.

    Looking forward to my welcome letter form the New Jersey Libertarian Party!


  2. justme says:

    It’s easy to understand why they have so much hatred for the documents this nation was founded on. Seriously, it all goes back to The Declaration of INDEPENDENCE- There is nothing in there about Obama Phones, Pigford Payouts, Affirmative Action – Clearly the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE IS RACIST as is everything since except Obama – now they too can be proud of their country.

    Every Amendment was written to protect the slave holders. The First Amendment, the Second, The Fourteenth… Al Sharpton, Danny Glover and the twice coronated king agree so it has to be true along with the 57 States of America, CIA flooding ghettos with crack.. insert further examples of stupidity here – Free Huey! Kill Whitey!!

  3. hiram says:

    Anyone get that sinking feeling that maybe ol’ Charlie Manson wasn’t quite so totally nuts, just off with the timing?

  4. Bee says:

    Read up, Danny:

    “The Racist Roots of Gun Control”

  5. Metryq says:

    Gee, this would explain why William Luke bought a gross of guns so that former slaves could protect themselves against the then-new KKK (all Democrats) that grew out of the Reconstruction.

    Look both ways before crossing the street, don’t talk to strangers, and never believe any of the revisionist bilge spewed by liberals.

  6. JNN says:

    Here is how we PROVE this loser is a flippin’ moron. Demand evidence AKA Go Brietbart on him.

  7. groman says:

    Obviously another typical Hollywood meatball who knows nothing and can only sound intelligent when he’s reading the lines that an underpaid screenwriter has given him.

  8. Clingtomyguns says:

    Looks like the Aggie Conservative group has petitioned throught the freedom of information act for disclosure of just how much taxpayer money (Texas A&M is a taxpayer supported school) the liberal educrats wasted in inviting commies like Glover, Angela Davis and Belafonte to come and espouse their unrivaled ignorance of all things American.

    Hopefully, this adds fodder to the conservative group’s pending lawsuit against Texas A&M University for falling all over themselves to pay taxpayer-appropriated funds for leftists to come espouse their crap on campus, but shutting the door on conservative voices:

    “When Plaintiff Texas Aggie Conservatives (“TAC”)applied for Student Organization Funding to host a nationally recognized speaker, Star Parker, to talk about poverty,race, and social justice issues, TAMU officials denied the request because TAC is classified as a social and political student organization and the event involved social, political, and religious
    content and viewpoints. At the same time, for example, TAMU officials have allocated the same funds to the NAACP, even though it bears the same classification as TAC; the Muslim Student Association for a religious event; and the TAMU V-day for a self-described feminist speaker on women’s empowerment.

    Texas A&M and its alumni have historically been thought of as a conservative institution that produced many fine men and women who have served honorably in our military. I am surprised would not have been a tar and feathering of the educrats in charge of permitting this type of crapola. My how things have changed in the era of Obama’s fundamental transformation.

  9. Katya Kakhov says:

    Any word on the chocolate rations ?

  10. Glanny Dover says:

    Well Danny-dumbass, since the slave revolt-hostile Indian thing is no more, the guns thing can roll over into other needs. What a douchebag.

  11. Tax Slave says:

    What about foreign invasion? That’s what the FRENCH-and-Indian wars were all about.

  12. Doug says:

    Katya Kakhov says:
    January 21, 2013 at 3:48 pm
    Any word on the chocolate rations ?

    Just watch out for watermelon and fried chicken rations.

  13. Tax Slave says:


    Then why did the original Black Panthers rely on the 2nd Amendment so much to stay armed?

  14. Skyfall says:

    Are your entertainment needs so great that you would actually support an industry with people like this?

    Stop going to movies. Stop watching sit-coms and prime-time dramas. Stop listening to anything these insects have to say. They MEAN YOU HARM, and I know that from the inside (trust me on this).

  15. TonyD95B says:

    Hey, Danny – why don’t you read a history book NOT written by a jacka## like Zinn.

    Many of the early gun laws were designed to keep weapons away from minorities and other so-called “undesireables”. The Liberal Elites have always wanted only the “right” people to be armed.

    Here’s some additional reading for ya:

    I DO NOT agree with R.F. Williams on most political issues – but that doesn’t matter. Self defense is a basic God-given human right, and I support his decision to arm himself and defend himself and his community. I don’t have to like the man to respect him.

  16. AZRon says:

    Gee, what a shock. Another rich, angry, useless bag of melanin trying to shout three words into a reasoned discourse.

    Gotta’ love the reparations sign behind this bastion of justice. I’m betting he’s a pigford farmer in his spare time.

    Borrowing from their own colloquialisms “NIGGER PLEASE!”

  17. TonyD95B says:

    As a follow-up to my earlier post, here’s the strikingly blonde and lovely, ever-charming and effervescent Miss Ann Hart Coulter’s take on the subject:


    April 18, 2012

    Liberals have leapt on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida to push for the repeal of “stand your ground” laws and to demand tighter gun control. (MSNBC’S Karen Finney blamed “the same people who stymied gun regulation at every point.”)

    This would be like demanding more funding for the General Services Administration after seeing how its employees blew taxpayer money on a party weekend in Las Vegas.

    We don’t know the facts yet, but let’s assume the conclusion MSNBC is leaping to is accurate: George Zimmerman stalked a small black child and murdered him in cold blood, just because he was black.

    If that were true, every black person in America should get a gun and join the National Rifle Association, America’s oldest and most august civil rights organization.

    Apparently this has occurred to no one because our excellent public education system ensures that no American under the age of 60 has the slightest notion of this country’s history.

    Gun control laws were originally promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. This allowed the Democratic policy of slavery to proceed with fewer bumps and, after the Civil War, allowed the Democratic Ku Klux Klan to menace and murder black Americans with little resistance.

    (Contrary to what illiterates believe, the KKK was an outgrowth of the Democratic Party, with overlapping membership rolls. The Klan was to the Democrats what the American Civil Liberties Union is today: Not every Democrat is an ACLU’er, but every ACLU’er is a Democrat. Same with the Klan.)

    In 1640, the very first gun control law ever enacted on these shores was passed in Virginia. It provided that blacks — even freemen — could not own guns.

    Chief Justice Roger Taney’s infamous opinion in Dred Scott v. Sandford circularly argued that blacks could not be citizens because if they were citizens, they would have the right to own guns: “[I]t would give them the full liberty,” he said, “to keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

    With logic like that, Republicans eventually had to fight a Civil War to get the Democrats to give up slavery.

    Alas, they were Democrats, so they cheated.

    After the war, Democratic legislatures enacted “Black Codes,” denying black Americans the rights of citizenship — such as the rather crucial one of bearing arms — while other Democrats (sometimes the same Democrats) founded the Ku Klux Klan.

    For more than a hundred years, Republicans have aggressively supported arming blacks, so they could defend themselves against Democrats.

    The original draft of the Anti-Klan Act of 1871 — passed at the urging of Republican president Ulysses S. Grant — made it a federal felony to “deprive any citizen of the United States of any arms or weapons he may have in his house or possession for the defense of his person, family, or property.” This section was deleted from the final bill only because it was deemed both beyond Congress’ authority and superfluous, inasmuch as the rights of citizenship included the right to bear arms.

    Under authority of the Anti-Klan Act, President Grant deployed the U.S. military to destroy the Klan, and pretty nearly completed the job.

    But the Klan had a few resurgences in the early and mid-20th century. Curiously, wherever the Klan became a political force, gun control laws would suddenly appear on the books.

    This will give you an idea of how gun control laws worked. Following the firebombing of his house in 1956, Dr. Martin Luther King, who was, among other things, a Christian minister, applied for a gun permit, but the Alabama authorities found him unsuitable. A decade later, he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

    How’s that “may issue” gun permit policy working for you?

    The NRA opposed these discretionary gun permit laws and proceeded to grant NRA charters to blacks who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence — including the great civil rights hero Robert F. Williams.

    A World War II Marine veteran, Williams returned home to Monroe, N.C., to find the Klan riding high — beating, lynching and murdering blacks at will. No one would join the NAACP for fear of Klan reprisals. Williams became president of the local chapter and increased membership from six to more than 200.

    But it was not until he got a charter from the NRA in 1957 and founded the Black Armed Guard that the Klan got their comeuppance in Monroe.

    Williams’ repeated thwarting of violent Klan attacks is described in his stirring book, “Negroes With Guns.” In one crucial battle, the Klan sieged the home of a black physician and his wife, but Williams and his Black Armed Guard stood sentry and repelled the larger, cowardly force. And that was the end of it.

    As the Klan found out, it’s not so much fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.

    The NRA’s proud history of fighting the Klan has been airbrushed out of the record by those who were complicit with the KKK, Jim Crow and racial terror, to wit: the Democrats.

    In the preface to “Negroes With Guns,” Williams writes: “I have asserted the right of Negroes to meet the violence of the Ku Klux Klan by armed self-defense — and have acted on it. It has always been an accepted right of Americans, as the history of our Western states proves, that where the law is unable, or unwilling, to enforce order, the citizens can, and must act in self-defense against lawless violence.”

    Contrary to MSNBC hosts, I do not believe the shooting in Florida is evidence of a resurgent KKK. But wherever the truth lies in that case, gun control is always a scheme of the powerful to deprive the powerless of the right to self-defense.

  18. Sam Adams says:

    Bee says:
    January 21, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Read up, Danny:

    “The Racist Roots of Gun Control”

    Every gun control law (put in place by the democrats) was intended to keep guns out of the hands of the black man. The democrats knew that they were the targets, especially when they put on their white sheets.

    BTW, Danny, the dems are putting Planned Parenthood Clinics in the inner cities so that the black race becomes insignificant.

  19. Bo-Jangles says:

    Comrade Glover is just a low-rent nigga who got lucky. I wonder how much of his money he gives to his people? Isn’t that what communism is about?

  20. AZRon says:

    When this ignorant jack-ass is willing to apply affirmative action to the NFL and the NBA, I’ll take him seriously. (in my Barry Sanders jersey, the last black athlete that I respected)

    Danny, like Obama, Wesley, Samuel, and Mr Kotter are one-trick ponies. Devoid of talent, they screech endlessly against Whitey in an attempt to stay relevant and flush with unearned income.

  21. Beef says:

    “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

    Um, no, that of course was not the primary rationale behind the second ammendment, but those are still pretty good reasons to own a gun.

  22. starkness says:

    Here’s another good account of blacks using firearms to defend their lives and property from evildoing whites in the past. Talk about a “well-regulated militia”! This incident took place in the all-black town of Boley OK in the 1930s.


    by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

    On November 23, 1932, three desperadoes rode quietly into the all Black town of Boley, Oklahoma, with the intent to rob the Farmers and Merchants Bank. The group was led by George Birdwell, chief lieutenant to the infamous bank robber, Pretty Boy Floyd. On this day these men would encounter much more than they could possibly handle.

    Birdwell and his partners, Charles “Pete Glass, and C. C. Patterson, entered the bank and herded assistant cashier H.C. McCormick into the vault and order him to stay out of the main bank area. The three men now approached the bank counter, where they confronted the bank’s president, D.J. Turner. After staring down the men, Turner calmly reached over the counter and pressed the alarm to alert the townspeople.

    Birdwell became enraged, and leveved his pistol at Turner. From inside the vault, H.C. McCormick grabbed a gun and fired at the would be thief, and his aim was deadly. Birdwell fell dead, but not before he could manage to pump four bullets into Turner. Turner died before he could reach the local hospital.

    With their leader down, Birdwell’s companions attempted to flee. As they ran outside the bank they found themselves surrounded by citizens of this all-black town. The people in Boley had heard the alarm and had gathered outside the bank with their squirrel rifles and bird guns aimed at the fleeing outlaws. When the gunfire ended, Charles Glass lay dead, killed by J.L. McCormick, the town’s city marshal and the brother of the bank’s assistant cashier, H.C. McCormick.

    In desperation, the third bank robber, C.C. Patterson, attempted to use Wesley W. Riley, the bank’s cashier as a shield. The residents of Boley were crack shots. Someone in the crowd shot Patterson – while only grazing Riley’s coat. Riley was not wounded.

    After the ill-fated robbery attempt, information surfaced about Pretty Boy Floyd’s involvement in the holdup. Floyd had advised Birdwell and the other two men not to attempt the robbery. He told them that Boley was an all-black town and there wasn’t very much money in the bank, and they were advised that everyone in the town had a gun, and they, the townspeople, were not afraid to use their weapons.

    A short time after the abortive robbery, a Memphis newspaper received a letter signed “Charles Floyd.” The letter stated, “The man who killed my pal Birdwell will never be alive to see Christmas.” Pretty Boy Floyd never followed through on his threat. Floyd was gunned down in Ohio less than two years later.

    (NOTE: Wesley W. Riley was my second cousin, the son of my grandfather’s sister.)

    References: Ed Montgomery. “Bank Made Headlines in 1932.” The Daily Oklahoman, Thursday, March 9, 1962. (Submitted by Dorothy Stallworth Calhoun, also a second cousin of Wesley W. Riley.)

    Telephone interview: Dr. Wilbert Wilson, Saturday, February 5, 1994. (During the interview Dr. Wilson stated that as a young man growing up near Boley, one day he was given $0.25 to purchase cigarettes for a man. He completed the errand quickly, and delivered the cigarettes to the waiting Pretty Boy Floyd.)

  23. whotothewhat says:

    WOW Danny Glover calls the 2nd Amendment akin to slavery.

    Thats why he used that throwing disk to gut the Predator.

  24. deepred says:

    …Yet if God wills that it continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn by the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword…

    Reparations for slavery have been paid… when will the Democrats pay for one hundred years of Jim Crow.

  25. Antisocialist says:

    Danny Glover the American wannabe Mugabe&Idi Amin Dada…

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