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Feb 24 2013

Day of Resistance Gala Extravaganza

Oligarchical collectivists struck a mighty blow against liberty on November 6, 2012. On February 23, 2013, the counterattack began as Americans turned out in all kinds of weather for Day of Resistance rallies across the country. Below are a few samples of the patriotism on display.

Carmel, NY, compliments of Wiggins:





Dallas, TX, compliments of JustAl:




Phoenix, AZ, compliments of Varla:


Yours truly.






Ventura, CA, compliments of Henry:





Wasilla, AK, compliments of Conan:




See more cities at Doug Ross.

Nothing is over. When America dies, it won’t be quietly.

31 Responses to “Day of Resistance Gala Extravaganza”

  1. Comrade Kulak says:

    Bwahaha! I love the three statists as red coats.

  2. Dmgore says:

    I’ve never seen such a large collaboration of obvious racists participating in obvious racist activity. /sarc

  3. Mary says:

    Looking Good DavE! Great Photos all round 🙂

  4. Flu-Bird says:

    Hey to you who print SLIME magazine to MICHEAL BLOOMJERK,JOE the SCHMOE BIDEN,OBAMA,ATTILA the HEN(HILLARY)UNITED NATIONS,DEMACRATS This is the VOICE of AMERICA. Hey i attended a chilli cook-off last night and their raffle prize was a GUN which realy bothers the gun control wanks of the BRADY CAMPAIGN

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    They will be most likly be called EXTREMISTS by the liberal leftists news media who print these offensive liberal news rags like THE NEW YORK SLIMES,WASHINGTON COMPOST,ATALANTA URINAL,CONSTIPATION,and the talking heads as well like they do the Tea Party

  6. Laurie says:

    I’ve noticed that the messages on these (and other) boards and at the assemblies have taken a much more serious tone. As Flu-bird, above, mentioned, the participants will most likely be called “extremists” by the LameStream Media and the liberal statists. But I would send a message loud and clear to the LameStream Media and the Obamunists:

    Regarding last Saturday’s “Day of Resistance”: pay heed to the message that’s been delivered…because those are the last friendly words you’ll hear.

  7. MarkyMark says:


    I hate to break this to you, but we lost the 2nd Amendment almost 20 years ago. What happened 20 years ago? The Brady Law was passed, that’s what!

    To refresh your memory, that is the law that imposed the waiting period, which was followed by those instant background checks. The end result of those background checks is whether or not some gov’t bureaucrat tells the guy at the gun shop whether or not he can sell you a gun. Why is that significant?

    Because, in effect, you’re ASKING PERMISSION to buy a gun. Sorry, but if you have to ask permission from some gov’t asshole bureaucrat to do something (in this case, buy a gun), then you do not have a RIGHT to do that thing-duh! The moment you have to ask permission is the moment that your former right became a privilege. Sorry, but privileges != rights.

    I remember the NRA and others saying that, when they got Brady, they thought we had a good deal; after all, they thought they got the statist, tyrant wannabes to give up their really bad gun control laws. That’s a laugh! The moment gun owners agreed to Brady is the moment they gave up their Second Amendment rights…


  8. Xavier says:

    Laurie, I think there’s a real chance people who resist gun control could be tagged on their permanent record. The threat of an ‘extremist warning’ showing up on background checks (think jobs, healthcare, court proceedings, etc) could intimidate a lot of people into giving up their so-called illegal firearms.

    Sure that wouldn’t be legal. But they’re not afraid to suppress the Second Amendment, so what’s a little blackmail?

    Also, I feel threatened by Dave’s shirt. Help! 😉

  9. Flu-Bird says:

    Benidict Obama wants to arm the DRUG CARTELS he sells arms to the middle east he wants to open our borders to these drug cartels and terrorists OBAMA IS A TRAITOR

  10. Laurie says:

    Xavier, you said: “I think there’s a real chance people who resist gun control could be tagged on their permanent record. The threat of an ‘extremist warning’ showing up on background checks could intimidate a lot of people into giving up their so-called illegal firearms.”

    Xavier, you’re either a liberal or you give up way too easily. For every tag on a permanent record, there’s a computer hacker who can be paid to remove it.

  11. WTSherman1864 says:

    Does a body good to see this!

    And NO spelling errors on signs unlike the moonbats!!

  12. MAKAYA says:

    You had a misspelling there: Demacrats
    Pardon my Greek, but aren’t they Deimocrats?

    Pour moi, quoi…

  13. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Audio from the St Cloud MN Day of Resistance.
    (I personally was “under the weather” yesterday)
    And video

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    When Nov 2014 rolls around i hope the cizens of NEW YORK STATE vote Cuomo and his bunch of freak monkeys clean out of office

  15. Xavier says:

    Laurie, I can assure you that I’m not a liberal and won’t give up fighting liberalism or my guns until I’m dead, and maybe not then. My point was, the threat [not the reality] of being labeled extremist could persuade those who weren’t hardcore gun advocates to give in without a fight. Perhaps I should have worded it better.

  16. justme says:

    They look like they are at a flea-market. It looks bad, easily made fun of by the media and Leftists. Some of them really look like they are in trailer parks making meth.

    It is style over substance and they lack style. Can’t they get a make-over so that their message isn’t lost?
    There appears to be no cohesiveness to the rallies. Their side devotes 90% of their waking hours to “analyzing” clothes, these people are making it easy for them to be pulled apart. I can just hear the Bill Mahr jokes- if I hadn’t canceled HBO because of him.

  17. Grunt says:

    Hello everyone.

    Justme, they can piss and moan about our clothes all they want…if that’s the worst they have, then it’s only a matter of bringing up pictures of slovenly groupies and half-naked, drug addled coeds rutting like rats amid the trash piles of OWS…and hey, who can forget “zucotti rot”?

    Let the superficial pick at my surface, and I will happily point out their lack of real depth. 😀

  18. Flu-Bird says:

    Hey at our county fair last year they were selling toy tommy guns that made the ratatatat and the ricoche sounds when you pulled the trigger

  19. Henry says:

    Pissing and moaning about clothes?!? LOL

    Reminds me: While we were walking up the hill to City Hall, some scum bag hippie/vagrant type is yelling stuff about going “up there to join up with all those rapers and murderers…” I immediately said, loudly, to him, “What, is there an Occupy rally going on up there?” Everyone around us started laughing, loudly, at the jackass. He slinked off with his brown-bag beer (this was 11:30 am)…

    It was really cool! The entire time we were marching the 3 blocks down Main St., the crowd was chanting, loudly, “Gun rights are Civil rights! Gun rights are Civil rights!” The line of people was at least 2 blocks long. Lots of people honking and giving us the thumbs-up while we were heading down Main Street. The weather was really nice, the streets were loaded up with people and tourists; Ventura is a kind of sleepy beach town, so this must have really been a sight to see for most people. heh heh

    We got a write up in Sunday’s local rag, made the cover of the local section, and I will add that the coverage was fair and accurate – if you exclude the only interview, with two tourists from AUSTRALIA:

    The reporter didn’t speak to any one else? Couldn’t find a single Venturian, much less AMERICAN, to ask a few questions too?

    All in all, a good day, successful event, and good media coverage.

  20. Leigh Haines says:

    I’m glad that other cities had a better turn out than at Albany, NY. At the most we had maybe 50 people total. While I am proud of the people that showed up and made themselves heard, I am equally embarrassed at the lack of support.
    I’m sure the other side got a hearty laugh at our expense. Very disappointing to say the least.

  21. Fiberal says:

    I don’t know guys. Nothing in the Fox News and some pretty thin looking crowds.


  22. Momster says:

    What on earth does a person need a gun for? We have ball point pens, whistles, and bodily fluids to defend ourselves.

    All you have to do is wait until your attacker has killed as many people as he could with the ammo he had in his weapon–then with deadly calm sneak up on him during the 30 seconds it takes for him to reload and pee on his face to blind him, blow your whistle to deafen him. During the period of confusion which is sure to follow–stab him with your ball point pen.

    This was approved by liberals–so what can possibly go wrong?

    Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight. Imagining bringing a full bladder, toy, and plastic writing instrument to a gun fight.

  23. Jodie says:


    You are so funny! Thanks for the laughs!

    I guess the only thing a person needs a gun for is to fire the warning shots a la Biden.

  24. Joe says:

    Anyone else notice how calm and peaceful everyone was? No trash strewn everywhere, no cars set ablaze, no store front windows broken, nobody pooping on police cars, no riot police with pepper spray, etc., etc.

    Well done to EVERYONE who participated. I’m proud of you and thank all of you very much.

  25. Tax Slave says:

    res ipsa loquitor

  26. Momster says:

    Thanks, Jodie!

    Just think what would happen if you ever did fire warning shots. Let’s see now. Discharging a firearm in proximity of a dwelling is a felony where I come from. Oh, yeah, and now your weapon is no longer loaded!

    In addition to criminal law–there is Newton’s law–what goes up must come down. hmmm, that scenario is not too good. If you shoot projectiles up into the air they come down again on God knows what. If you don’t shoot up into the air, where do you shoot? Into you neighbor’s yards or houses. Shoot into the dirt, where the shots could ricochet?

    These people are incredibly stooooopid. Who ties Biden’s shoes? Certainly not his wife–she was stupid enough to marry him!

    For goodness sake–don’t shoot unless you mean it, unless your life/safety/property is in danger.

    OR–start stocking up on toy whistles, Bic pens, and drink plenty of water. We are going to need these. I hear the Dept. of Education and the Weather Service have purchase real ammunition….why do you think they are going to need these? Use your imagination.

  27. Fading Banana Republic says:

    Joey Plugs is so brilliant! After you fire off your two shots in your double barrel the attackers will come out from behind cover. Most states and municipalities look down on discharging firearms off your back porch or balcony.

  28. TeaPartySaysWhat? says:

    I love how you scream about the text of the 2nd Amendment all the time, but are careful to gloss over that bit about “WELL REGULATED”.

    Obama proposes regulations amounting to background checks to prevent criminals and the insane from getting guns… which, according to my parsing of the text would be well within the text of the 2nd Amendment.

    Do you actually not get that, or is all this manufactured umbrage a symptom of some deeper psychosis in the Team Party psyche?

  29. Vic Kelley says:

    No coloreds in any of those photos. Obviously they’re not interested in the right to lawfully possess guns.

  30. Momster says:

    Well, Vic–the 95% of African Americans who voted for Obama agree with his ideas.

    The 5% who didn’t probably have jobs they can’t afford to take time away from. I am pretty sure that if they felt strongly enough about the issue some might have been able to squeeze out some time to go, but probably not enough to show up in great numbers.

    Just a thought.

  31. Momster says:

    P.S.: Vic,

    In re-examining the photos there are many which people are photographed from behind, wearing jackets, hats, or hoodies. Possibly there are some African Americans there, but only you, I guess, can see through the cloth to check out their skin color.

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