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Feb 21 2018

Degenerating into Farce, Yale Offers Course on “Contructions of Whiteness”

Since Nazi-style death camps are not a realistic option at this point, progressives rely on universities to abolish whiteness. For example, Ivy League Yale offers a course entitled “Contructions of Whiteness”:

Taught by Professor Claudia Rankine, the class is divided into eight topics: Constructions of Whiteness, White Property, White Masculinity, White Femininity, White Speech, White Prosperity, White Spaces and White Imagination, according to the syllabus.

The nutty professor is a privileged Woman of Color. Consider the improbability of white professors teaching courses on how much they hate blacks and it will become clear which group is “marginalized,” to borrow a term from cultural Marxists.

The goal of the class is to “create a lab for the construction of counternarratives around whiteness in any creative form: play, poem, memoir, etc.,” states the syllabus.

You could probably earn an A+ or even a gold star by cutting KKK figures out of construction paper and using crayons to scribble the names of famous white people on them.

This is what liberal ideology, combined with Affirmative Action, has done to even the most prestigious schools.

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