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Nov 10 2017

Dem Mayor of Allentown Reelected Despite 54-Count Indictment

Nothing can stop the Democrat Party when it is on a roll — not even a 54-count indictment. Democrat Ed Pawlowski was elected to his fourth term as Mayor of Pennsylvania’s third-largest city Allentown, defeating Republican Nat Hyman:

Pawlowski, dogged for two years by an FBI investigation that took down several of his closest associates, plowed ahead with a re-election campaign…

In July, federal officials dropped the bomb they had long hinted at: the 54-count indictment alleging that Pawlowski sold City Hall to the highest bidder. According to the 60-page document, Pawlowski led a conspiracy to trade city contracts in exchange for campaign contributions, sports tickets and dinners. The mayor pleaded not guilty and faces trial as early as January. …

Opponents like Hyman tried to capitalize, emphasizing their honesty, integrity and transparency in contrast to the embattled mayor.

Honesty, integrity, and transparency were voted down.

Divisive appeals to those who are not part of America’s core population are becoming crucial to Democrat strategy. They helped Ralph Northam in Virginia, and evidently helped Pawlowski too:

Lacking the support he once enjoyed from his traditional donors and the politically active West End, the mayor was forced to double down on loyal bases of support like the Hispanic and Syrian communities.

Candidates don’t have to show integrity. They barely have to stay out of jail. They just have to pander to groups that arrived from afar to get a piece of the wealth that others created.

As the white population declines, Democrat fortunes will rise.

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12 Responses to “Dem Mayor of Allentown Reelected Despite 54-Count Indictment”

  1. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    NYC just did the same. One wonders if all of the Soros money used to elect State Attorneys who conduct suspicious investigations of the completely corrupt in exhaustive examinations that never result in any trials and convictions. In the rare cases where one is tried and convicted – (GASP!) the case is overturned on appeal because the case the politicized DAs make is fraught with legal loopholes large enough to run cruise ships through and that any attorney, even the most incompetent, can find.

    The “White Knight” Preet Bharara’s “career” in NYC was made with such breathless headlines, but few actual prosecutions of corrupt politicians from his party and his “donor” class. The three notable convictions have now all been overturned. He made it his signature to write overly broad, unconstitutional and illegal search warrant requests that any defense attorney would petition a judge to throw out, along with all of the evidence found – effectively neutralizing forever anything and everything the FBI found, making successful prosecution impossible. Look up Bharara’s case against crooked Chinese “financier” Benjamin Wey to see the explicit pattern.

    As Wey was very moneyed, it begs the question how much Bharara and the political machine he is of received. Crime is not criminal if you own the prosecutors. Wey/Wei even bragged to his assistant who won an $8 Million sexual harassment claim against him, that it was very expensive to do business in NYC.

    “It’s weird when you meet Nancy Pelosi or the mayor of New York [de Blasio].“He told a lot of stories about how people screw each other by money and political power. He said that if you don’t have powerful friends or resources, then you’re screwed and could end up in prison,’’ she said, sitting down for an interview in the Midtown office of her lawyer, David Ratner.

  2. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    To be fair to the Syrians here, they have never had any experience with government that WASN’T ostentatiously corrupt. They have no reason to expect this pillock’s opponent to be any different.

  3. TrojanMan says:

    Criminal records are a badge of honor to democretins

  4. MAS says:

    Seems a criminal record is career enhancement for Democrats. Why they even get statues…

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:


    Will he continue to serve, as he spends time in prison?

    And…by the way, while serving time in federal prison, he will need to keep those contributions coming in. Soap, shampoo, and new shoes in prison aren’t free.

  6. ICEvictim says:

    I’d love to see the feds analyze the vote for fraud.

  7. Some Rabbit says:

    I’ve lived in Allentown, Pawlowski couldn’t turn to his traditional donors because they’ve all struck deals with the FBI to testify against him. He’s a crook in the finest tradition of Democrat politics. The swamp isn’t simply DC, it’s every town in America that has a Democrat mayor, every state with a Democrat guv or legislature.

  8. Taters says:

    Task Force to investigate Hollywood? Yeah, right!

    If this investigative unit has any integrity it will also go straight to the governors mansion and Jerry Brown who knew this was going on for many years……………and kept his big mouth shut on what was going on! He has no problem making wind on just about everything else including attacking a sitting President – but when it comes to sexual misconduct and rapes in Hollywood where he gets huge campaign contributions …………not so much!!! .

  9. Kate says:

    The citizens in Allentown don’t want “no stinkin honest mayor” in their city, no sir, no way because they wouldn’t know what to do if they had one.

  10. Frank Lea says:

    WTF is in the water over there?

  11. itsatax says:

    Wilkes-Barre/Scranton is even more crooked than Allentown, believe it or not.

  12. Nick Testa says:

    Nothing new here….. I’m from Chicago and this is common. It’s almost as if these progressive democrat degenerates enjoy electing convicted felons.

    Heck, I remember 5 years ago when Jesse Jackson Jr. was reelected by 95% of his ward despite already being convicted of corruption — yes, he was on his way to prison , he was just waiting to be sentenced and he was reelected.

    But like I said this is common here in Chicago and there are numerous examples; another one is Mel Reynolds..

    And people wonder why Chicago is so screwed up….. Look, democrats – all democrats – are either stupid or evil.

    It really boggles my mind and I have no idea how democrats can sit there with a straight face and defend the notion that the 3rd largest city in the United States is run by felons and they wonder why the city is so screwed up?

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