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Jun 29 2012

Democrat Class

A shopping tip for moonbats in light of the absurd ruling on ObamaCare: for only $30, you can gloat in the face of everyone who sees you, while contributing to the reelection campaign of the Moonbat Messiah:


BFD refers to a famous quote spoken by the Vice President into the ear of our Nationalizer in Chief. Thank you, Obama campaign, for at least having the class to use initials, since the F stands for a particularly vulgar obscenity.

On a tip from Wingmann.

18 Responses to “Democrat Class”

  1. Drury says:

    Not only do they get to gloat, but they identify themselves as brain-dead morons who support an Un-American Marxist who is destroying the nation. I will look for these and avoid any idiot wearing one; like the plague.

  2. You’re absolutely right barry. It is still a Big F****** Disaster.

  3. ….btw, I prefer the “meh” t-shirt on the sidebar instead of the pasty white tubby guy up above. just sayin.

  4. AvatarOfThey says:

    Haha, American healthcare is far from nationalized yet. You should be so lucky.

  5. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    It’s no coincidence that shirt is black
    Perfect attire for a funeral

  6. RKae says:

    I think they meant “BTH”: “Biggest Tax in History.”

  7. wingmann says:

    Putrid progressives put the ASS in class

  8. jmb says:

    actually, it should say BFT (big f’n tax)

  9. dan says:

    …as long as it’s voluntary like income taxes

  10. justme says:

    Keep in my all of the happy progressives who will be certain never to find work in what was once the private sector.

    Small businesses are dead and buried under the weight of bureaucracy, Wall Street is dead too with punitive taxes on “unearned income.” Funny, one would think illegal immigrants and other welfare parasites would be the ones paying punitively for “unearned income”.

    Hurry up and sell your home to avoid the son of a whore and a Communist from robbing you of another 4%, that’ll do wonders for the housing market and all the whole industry.

    Small business – Dead, Wall Street – Dead, Housing – Dead, Healthcare – regulated into a bastardized hybrid Frankenstein’s Monster.

    The smiling libs can all aspire to Community Agitators.

  11. TaterSalad says:

    Democrats are running away from this countries biggest tax hike in American history:




    4. Barack Obama evoking Jesus to sell us the more taxes while we are “broke”:

    5. 20 New higher taxes that American citizens will “enjoy” now that Obamacare is constitutional:

  12. Val says:

    I don’t use that word, but I can’t think of one to describe this better than “f”!

  13. Goodness says:

    That shirt makes him look like he has tits.

  14. jtm371 says:

    Health Reform Still A Fucking Tax!

  15. Jim says:

    Roberts threw this right back at the people, where arguably it belongs…

  16. Jodie says:


    Big Fraudulent Deception

  17. Erinyes says:

    Been Fucked, Democrats!

    How does it feel?

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