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Jul 30 2013

Detroit as Liberal Success Story

Some see bankrupt Detroit as a failure. On the contrary, the Motor City Model City is a resounding success for our liberal ruling class, which aspires to erase traditional America and replace it with a completely different country more suitable to be ruled by authoritarian collectivists. This local news piece is illustrative:

The bad news came in broad daylight that 45-year-old Deon Taylor of Detroit was dead inside a building.

The apparently derelict building “is frequently used as a night club or party spot.” How Taylor died is a mystery. Hopefully no one is waiting for authorities in Detroit — where two thirds of ambulances are out of service and 91.2% of crimes go unsolved — to come up with any answers.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen now. He had 24 kids,” said sister Jacqueline Taylor.

Forgive me for jumping to conclusions, but it appears likely that like 22-time parent Orlando Shaw, he was leaving it up to the taxpayer to finance raising them.

“I know deep down in my heart he served his purpose here on earth,” [daughter] Deleesha Taylor said.

Demographically speaking, he sure did.

Although intended as a constitutional republic, America is degenerating into a democracy. Unless you have 24 kids, your kids will be ruled by Deon Taylor’s kids — or by oligarchical collectivists ostensibly acting in their interests.

Meanwhile, Obama proceeds with a stealth bailout via ObamaCare of this prototype for our Hopey Changey lack of a future.

Deon Taylor with a fraction of his brood.

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16 Responses to “Detroit as Liberal Success Story”

  1. IslandLifer says:


  2. Creepy Ass Crakah says:

    Wow. That’s one busy bee a pollenatin’ the flowers in his forest! How many baby-mamas does that entail?

  3. GomeznSA says:

    But of course most of us realize that by ‘liberal standards’ Detroit truly is a ‘success’ story, as in they totally succeeded in destroying it……….

  4. Bo Jangles says:

    The solutions are right in front of us. In fact, the solutions will actually save this country in more ways than one.


  5. KHarn says:


  6. Mr. Rational says:

    If we had a sensible policy of making the baby mamas use Depo-Provera or get fixed until they form households that can support “dair chilluns”, he’d have had to find 24 baby mamas without previous kids.  That might have cramped his style.

  7. deltawisky says:

    Gives breeding like rabbits a bad name for rabbits. 1 will get you 10 that none of the “mothers” was married to him and the entire brood is leaching off the productive ones. At least he’s dead and can’t re-pro anymore.

  8. Omni Consumer Products says:

    I’d buy Detroilet for a dollar then turn it into Kulak Acres Farms and renovate the shipping port.

  9. played out memes says:

    Da ebil waycism! *Gasp* Oh da horror. Now let’s hold hands and sing Kumbaya comrades of the rainbow.

  10. Jeff says:

    Just freeze welfare benefits. Very strong incentive to stop making babies if, you make it unprofitable. Give the above story, some one please tell me again what a great thing the sexual revolution of the 60’s was. I know that the intent was, but what actually has happened it a social welfare program that rewards women for being unwed mothers. I miss the bad old days when if a guy got a woman pregnant, he was expected to marry her.

  11. Flu-Bird says:

    Progressivus Liberals and the cancer they spread

  12. Eric says:

    Ready for the good news?

    If Mr. Taylor had worked the minimum requirement under his own Social Security number to accrue any benefits at his would be retirement age (62 for now). Because he cannot collect now, his children will be entitled to his retirement, EACH, until they are 18. My brother-in-law, God rest his soul, died at 47 from brain cancer, and 3 of his 5 children collected $900+ each month, until they were 18. One is still collecting. He had worked all his life, and had the same benefit accrued as I now have.

    Imagine how wonderfully that $25,000/month is going to effect the Detroit area!!

  13. Bookdoc says:

    Imagine how wonderfully that $25,000/month is going to effect the Detroit area!!
    No, that’s SS-WE will be paying it!

  14. BUffalobob says:

    How were they able to slip 24 black babies past PP abortion mills?

  15. Mr. Rational says:

    Pretty much kills the “PP is for eliminating Black people” conspiracy theory, doesn’t it?

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