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Dec 05 2012

Did Obama Even Really Win?

Don’t ever forget that the 2012 election was not on the level. If not for fraud, Romney very likely would be in a position to pull us back from the brink of national suicide beginning next month:

The looters ruling us do not comprise a legitimate government.

Nonetheless, people always get the government they deserve. If we accept this, we deserve it. If we don’t deserve it, we will find a way to do something about it. Step one is to stop letting liberals use political correctness to intimidate us into compliance.

On a tip from glenwood183.

28 Responses to “Did Obama Even Really Win?”

  1. Wilberforce says:

    Isn’t the quiet from “our side” strangely deafening? I wonder why that is.

    By the way, posts like this are 100 proof troll flypaper, so get ready…

    From nearly a month ago:

    Alphamail: I’ve also been considering every single point you brought up. In 2010, people couldn’t wait to get out there and vote the bums out and they did. RINOs and Dems dropped like flies around the nation and it was an historic sweep. Then the rallies, town hall events, Tea Parties, etc. were further proof of the momentum and it showed no sign of slowing down at all. I mean, look what happened with the Chik-Fil-A situation and the turnout and enthusiasm that one simple issue generated mere months before a national election. And we’re supposed to believe that for some mystical, unexplainable reason in the last few days leading up to our big chance…it simply fizzled?!?

    Sorry, Jack…I’m not buying it at all and no, it’s not too late to look at conspiracy and fraud. The Spanish company you mentioned is called SCYTL. The situation you mentioned has been “debunked”, but again, I’m still pretty leery of it all. Check out Google Trends latest result for ‘SCYTL’:

    Would anybody really put it past the vast, well-connected, terrified powerful political machine comprised of both parties to rig something in their favor after they’d seen what a truly energized group of producers is capable of?

    And well, well, well.

  2. Logic_Mine says:

    I disagree, It IS Racism!

    There have been countless documented interviews in the media that show Black people admitting that they are voting for Obama because he is BLACK! (Not only Black People but WHITE LIBERAL GUILT RIDDEN PEOPLE as well voted for Obama for the sole reason of his skin color!)

    So, you can be afraid of the 800 lb. gorilla in the room if you want to, but me, I call ’em as they ARE. And THAT’s what it is…..RACISM.

    Not the often accused racism of white against black but the OFTEN OBSERVED racism of BLACK against White.

    Most of them have a political view about as far as “What’z in it fo me?” or “As long as I keepz gett’n money from da gubment then he’z cool.”

    Nothing about International Treatise or the fiscal health of the nation or the world trade market.

    Yes, there are some who are smarter, but twisted because of their “HATRED” for the white man and what the white man stands for. (Whatever that may be in their small little minds.)

    Maybe its the idea that the history of the White man’s is much brighter and revered that of the Black man. But if that were THEIR understanding of history itself then it would be an ignorant thought. There are plenty of historic events in Black History that expose the revered and lionized Black person.

    The PROBLEM is that today’s BLACK CULTURE REFUSES to recognize their own people who have made such revered and noble contributions to society. WHY do they refuse to revere them an honor they so well deserve?

    Because if you are smart and work hard to earn what you have then you have somehow betrayed the Black race and cited with the WHITE MAN and thus you will be bestowed with the dishonorable distinction of “UNCLE TOM”.

    Now, I’m no way saying that EVERY BLACK person is THIS STUPID. But they are easily picked out. And I find it alarming that the news media will bend over backwards to make sure that they give this type of Black person AIR TIME and
    will bend the same back to DENY an intelligent Black Person any AIR TIME for God forbid the Black RACE ever knows that really most of them are TIRED of being treated like victims and wish to be accomplished.

  3. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Wilberforce and logic
    I respectfully disagree with both theories.

    They voted for free sh**, plain and simple.

    Of course it didn’t help that the Repubs hired scammers that gave them fraudulent data.
    And every damn thing you fund should be targeted at collecting that data.

    That is what Gravity did and does. That is why so many rich Republican consultants tried and are trying still to kill it. Why?

    Because the folks behind Gravity chose not to control the data. All the consultants want to control the data. That is where they make the money. If they control the data, they are in charge.
    As far as voter fraud, we learned in MN a long time ago that if you are going to win, you better win BIG.

  4. Michelle says:

    A little off topic but definately compelling…

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Well here’s the deal wrapped up short and simple. Those of us with mindful thinking know for a fact this election was won illegally on voter fraud. The problem lies with the elected opposition that won’t touch it with a 10′ pole. So here’s where I stand firm, Barry is NOT my president and I am no longer being represented honestly. I am being robbed each time I clock in for work and my constitutional rights have been violated. Since I have no recourse to the corrupt politicians imposing their will, I have no choice but to take care of myself and those closest to me and brace for what is about to be unleashed. As a veteran I still uphold my oath I swore to protect the constitution from the enemy within. This is all I have left as my vote is no longer protected and you liberal scum can put that in your fairy pipe and choke on it.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Like I said after the first debate that Zero FAILED. Zero doesn’t have to win a debate – it was a pain in the butt for Zero to even show up. Zero KNEW his cheaters would put him back. The debates were just to attempt to make it all look legitimate.

    The past election was the biggest farce in the history of the world – perhaps the LAST farce in the history of the world.

    I know one thing: When society fails there will be nothing left to protect the stupid f*cking liberals from the mobs that will kill every last one of them.

  7. dmgore says:

    I’m not one to gloat over anyone elses pain….
    I do take some solice in the fact that when this crap strom hits, the libs will be affected just as we are. Like it or not, we are in fact in the same boat, that being the econimic crap hole that has been created. Its not going to hurt only patriots, its going to hurt all of us. The big difference will be, we will know exactly why this happened. The libtard will have no clue why this is happening to him. I guess it will be somewhat entertaining for a short while to see them totally bewildered and try to blame : republicans, bush, romney, rove, white people, people with a job, people who make over 250k, people who make over 100k, people who make over 75k, people who work and make anything at all….ad nauseum. The excuses will only be limited to their imagination. But losing a job is losing a job. I wonder how many hostess employees feel that now? Dont get me wrong, i feel bad for that situation, but surely SOMEONE in the 18k has thought, wait a minute, maybe if we had been more reasonalbe…

  8. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Romney’s loss is in the margin of the fraud error.

    The RNC could take this to the SCOTUS to demand a recount by ordering a county-by-county review of votes. Mitt Romney could speak up to this effect.

    A recount would immediately render BO a lame duck.

    A recall could be initiated following a recount showing fraud.

    But no.

    Republicans have not acknowledged this criminality in the same way they have ignored the criminality of democrats not passing a budget in 4 years.

    In the same way they’ve punted on BO’s non-constitutional appointments of over 150 Czars and his use of federal agencies as Brownshirts.

    In the same way the republicans have neglected their duty to remove Holder and to bring Fast & Furious to the national gun control conversation.

    In the same way they’ve allowed the debt and the printing of money to reach criminal proportions.

    In the same way they’ve ignored the impeachable offense of a president that intentionally divides the country.

    In the same way that they’ve ignored BO’s forged documents on the WH website.


    We know what democrats are.

    Now we know what the republicans are.

  9. Highway Hospital Student says:

    BTW this is the second time BO has been put into the WH illegally.

    The first time was done without legitimate proof of citizenship:

    BO = 1; Constitution = 0.

    The second time is under a fraudulent election:

    BO = 2: Constitution = 0.


    Thanks republicans.

  10. formwiz says:

    The Republicans are legally barred from challenging this because of a 30 year old consent decree.

    But keep up the fire. A KosKidz poll (of all things) says 24% of the American people think the election was stolen.

    The American Revolution was never supported by more than 1/3 of the people.

  11. Highway Hospital Student says:

    Here’s when blacks and whites could play together:

    This of course was before liberals.

    You can certainly hear the elements Steely Dan borrowed.


    Dave Brubeck
    Another one bites the dust.

  12. Highway Hospital Student says:


    I could be wrong, but I believe the republicans appealed to vacate the decree, lost, but could try again, and under the present circumstances, probably succeed.

    The success of the decree appears to only have been due to District Court rulings and by keeping it out of the public conversation.

    If nothing else, the RNC should publicize the decree as the reason for doing nothing.

    But then that would be doing something.

  13. Clingtomyguns says:

    After West gave up, and Romney’s concession, not likely we will oust the usurper-in-chief on his fraud-rigging anytime soon. However, with 24% believing the election was stolen, investigating ad exposing the fraud and writing the expose, massive as it was, is going to likely make someone a $ton.

    The fix was in the software in certain machines in certain states, and here is how it worked:

    How just changing a fraction of votes in a few states could have impacted a landslide, much less the 2012 election.

  14. Snowsnake says:

    Never attribute to evil that which can be explained by stupidity. There is much evil in the world, but Obama is now president for 4 more years because of stupidity and the greed for pretty things that other people have by half our population. They are genetically, culturally, and environmentally selected to be the most stupid people to ever make up the majority of a modern nation.

  15. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I do take some solice in the fact that when this crap strom hits, the libs will be affected just as we are.
    Actually, many of us have been preparing for the oncoming collapse for years now.
    It’s those libs who rely on the nanny state and their precious welfare brood sows that will be on the street with their pants down around their ankles.

  16. vpl says:

    There must be some way to find the actual number of votes that were cast. I don’t think that the numbers can be right. I have been voting for over 30 years and I have never stood in line to vote. There were long lines in early voting. Then on election day there were long waits. So who were all those people voting for? Obama got fewer voter than in 2008. So…

  17. Louie says:

    If the total vote in 19 Pennsylvania precincts was Barry Soetoro 19,500, Mitt Romney 0, why has nobody come forward and said, “Hey, that can’t be right. I voted for Romney.”?

  18. Louie says:

    America has become the dumping ground for the dregs of the world. They can come into this country illegally with ease, and face no serious repercussions in the unlikely event they get caught. Here in Illinois, illegals will soon be able to get driver’s licenses, essentially. They already get free healthcare, free food, subsidized housing (sometimes free), subsidized utilities (sometimes free), free phones, free clothing, free birth control, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nausium. Of course they will vote for whoever will give them more free stuff today, not thinking at all about tomorrow.

    In Illinois, and I expect this holds true in other states as well, there are many conservatives in the more rural and suburban areas. The cities, however, are largely libtards. Especially the blacks. I have yet to meet a black conservative.

    I suspect that liberalism is a genetic disorder. The libs I’ve met won’t even listen to another viewpoint. They believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts. They do not understand that evil exists in the world, that we can’t all “just get along”, that there is no free lunch, and that there is no benevolent dictatorship, and that socialism/communism has not, does not and will not work. They live in their own little worlds, protected from and oblivious to the realities of life.


  19. TED says:

    On a scale of one to ten. DemocRATS=0 Republicans=2. As soon as we realize the Republicans are NOT conservatives the sooner we begin to rebuild all the two parties have destroyed.

  20. czuch says:

    Libs are already not diggin the layoffs. I have union wonks where I work who are on the verge of hysterics.
    Its fun to watch.

  21. Beef says:

    “Nonetheless, people always get the government they deserve. If we accept this, we deserve it. If we don’t deserve it, we will find a way to do something about it.”

    That’s just it, the party in power counts the votes and is abetted by the media they own. Very real instances of fraud have been uncovered, yet nothing happens. The electoral process in America has lost legitimacy. Now what?

  22. Dadof3 says:

    Now what Beef? First – stop filing your fed taxes.

  23. Antisocialist says:

    Socialists always do this, socialists have been cheating in every election here in Sweden. I mean socialism in itself is all about stealing from your neighbour and if you steal from your neighbour you will lie to him too and when socialists are in power socialists will murder their neighbour too, first sneakily by abortion, euthanasia etc.

    Then in camps or just plain on the streets, that’s what you’ve are plagued with racist socialist blacks.
    Who knows you might get yourself a Haiti situation as in when the blacks there murdered the white french.

    Watch out socialists are all bad guys, all of them, don’t be fooled by their fair speeches etc. a person supporting a system that is based on theft is not a good person.

  24. Norwegian says:

    Oh Dan, you stupid hack. I suggest renaming your site “”, which would be much more accurate.

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