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Mar 13 2018

Eminem Contra the Constitution

Eminem is really losing it. Not only is he pandering more shamelessly than ever in a desperate attempt to stay relevant among teenyboppers, he can’t even make his raps rhyme. Freestyle foolishness from the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Inglewood, where his performance was introduced by one of the media-propelled teenage tyrants from Parkland:

This whole country is going nuts, and the NRA is in our way
They’re responsible for this whole production
They hold the strings, they control the puppet
And they threaten to take donor bucks
So they know the government won’t do nothing and no one’s budging
Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons
They love their guns more than our children

That guns are used far more often to defend households, including the children in them, than by unincarcerated maniacs to shoot up schools ought to occur even to someone in Emimem’s IQ range. But you can’t blame him for wanting to shift the focus from where it belongs: on mental health and moral depravity. This is a guy who performs a graphic, obscenity-laced song about raping and murdering his mother.

Eminem pours pure depravity into the heads of impressionable children. In his own way, he has helped to create the sick state of affairs that makes school shootings a problem. America has had guns from the beginning. For as long as we have had a country, we have had the Constitution that the NRA exists to defend. We didn’t always have school shootings though, and we also didn’t have a culture that featured sickos like Marshall Mathers.

On a tip from Wilberforce.

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