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Feb 22 2013

Erasing a Language One Word at a Time

One advantage moonbats have is that they need not worry about being subjected to parody — not because most comedians are obedient liberal establishment lapdogs, but because it is impossible to parody a reality like this:

A food company has changed the name of its popular Cains Kosher Dill Midgets after an online campaign by the mom of a girl born with dwarfism.

Chelley Martinka, whose 10-month-old baby daughter Adelaide has the condition, was incensed after seeing the name on jars at her local supermarket in Cranston, R. I.

Push most any corporation and it will move — provided you push it toward moonbattery.

Midget has joined Chinaman on the mysteriously forbidden vocabulary list. Update your Newspeak dictionaries as appropriate.

cains midgets
Pickles as thought crime.

On a tip from Mickey Shea.

40 Responses to “Erasing a Language One Word at a Time”

  1. Solidus says:

    Will she go after Shrimp next?

  2. StanInTexas says:

    Solidus, don’t get short with me!

  3. MicahStone says:

    Of course, Wal-Mart continues to be the spineless, gutless leader of corporate American when it comes to ANY AND ALL demands from the lunatic-left extremists. And how has that benefited them? The lunatic-left still passionately despises Wal-Mart, organizes boycotts against them and attacks them every chance they can.

  4. metalgarth says:

    I take it a trip to the local racetrack to see the midget cars won’t be happening soon.

  5. mojo says:

    If a man from England is an Englishman, and a man from France is a Frenchman, why cannot a man from China be a Chinaman?

  6. Alan says:

    There is nothing wrong with being a midget or dwarf. These people can work, drive, attend school, and operate computers as well as anybody. By demanding the term be banned, these people are admitting that there IS something wrong with their daughter.

    Medically, any woman over six feet and any man over 6-foot-4 is a “giant.” I suppose that word will be banned next?

  7. Solidus says:


    Whatcha gonna do about it, little man?

  8. GoinSane says:

    I thinked this sounded doubleplusungood.

  9. Jay B. says:

    mojo says:

    When both countries will be taken over by muslims, englishman and frenchman will also disappear from the Newspeak. Expect muslims to also demand everyone else to avoid that very word, which will soon turn into the m-word. The media will refer them as “Gentlemen of islam” or something like “People of peace”.

    Mark my words on this.

  10. Flu-Bird says:

    Whats become of BILLY BARTY/ and MEGALITO LOVELESS

  11. Jimbo says:

    Liberals are demeaning to human life; they shouldn’t be allowed to breath.

  12. dan says:

    that tears it …I’m freaking UPSET
    who names their child Chelly. 🙂

  13. Clingtomyguns says:

    Guess I won’t be able to go to Mighty Midget Mart for a six pack for much longer once Comrade Chelley Martinka puts it in her blog crosshairs.

  14. nonno says:

    Maybe if Cain’s changed the name to Adelaides? Just wondering. But lest ye not forget, Cain’s started in 1914
    right here in the womb of liberals Boston!

  15. grayjohn says:

    Political correctness is teaching us to hate the disabled.

  16. Flu-Bird says:

    Can anyone remember the fuss when they brought out the song SHORT PEOPLE?

  17. Trillion Dollar Note Yes We Can says:

    Everything is offensive. All are victims. Ban everything. (Keep it simple for low informationistas)

  18. KHarn says:

    Yet we Florida citizines are not offended when those crisp little bread squares are called “CRACKERS”.

    I wonder why?

  19. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Too bad there was no “political correctness” back when Eleanor used to complain, “Put that midget back in his hammock; neither you nor he are able to stand up!”


  20. Eleanor in Hell says:

    What’s the matter, Franklin? The truth is too harsh?

  21. Miss Crabtree in Hell says:

    Frankie, B-

    The correct grammar is “Neither you nor he IS able to stand up.”

    Neither (one) IS… singular. 😉

  22. Miss Crabtree in Hell says:

    Wait… who is “he” and what “midget”?

  23. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Miss C, don’t ask; you don’t want to know. 🙄

  24. dan says:

    My ex was one of those short people :

  25. Ten-Ten says:

    There is a pattern here.

    Most Chinamen are Midgets.

  26. Sickofobama says:

    There is a tiny island off Oahu called Chinaman’s Hat.

    Are the moonbats going to change that, too?

    Freaking lunatics.

  27. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    “Vertically challenged dills” would still be an affront to limp-noodle-liberals

  28. rex freeway says:

    Solidus says:
    Will she go after Shrimp next?

    Or Randy Newman’s “Short people”?

    I look for the word Liberal to be a hate crime if used in a joke or parody.

  29. Flu-Bird says:

    Someones ina real pickle this time

  30. tom@drum says:

    Nigerian albino refugee sues Earls restraunt in canadian human rights court over albino rhino beer. Company gives in

  31. Pickles the Clown says:

    Next on oprah the hearing impaired dyslexic step children of nazi satan worshippers and the terrible discrimination they suffer!

  32. Flu-Bird says:

    There go the Munchkins

  33. Vic Kelley says:

    They’re not just erasing it. It’s worse than that. They’re twisting and manipulating our speech with their code words and political correctness malarkey.

    One example: “flash mob.” That term makes it sound like a harmless typical teen rite of passage. Use the proper words – like riot of violent coloreds – and you’ll be labeled a racist.

  34. StarkFreeorDie says:

    Uh Oh; the bikers at Sturgis are gonna be mad as all get out. NO MORE BOWLING.

  35. StarkFreeorDie says:

    What do the height challenged have to say about this? Are they annoyed or is this just some stupid cash grab? Now Burpee seeds is gonna have to change their trademarked/patented seeds? Thumbelina carrots, “midget” is a type of seed…why is it being applied to a slur? What about the favorite kids’ book Thumbelina the Ballerina????? Outta control pc; tyranny of relativism; read it by Benedict XVI who lived under it and how it is creeping back into our current age. Disgusting; the judge should be disbarred for misapplying the context of the law. sigh I guess I’m po’d. Pray.

  36. StarkFreeorDie says:

    oops; i correct myself; i hope it NEVER gets to the courts. My bad; thought some 9th circuit judge had already accepted a lawsuit. Just ignore this ridiculousness until it gets to the courts; we’ve got enough MOONBATTERY already in the legal pipeline for rulings to worry about. But, the PC “codeword” crap has gotta stop.

  37. StarkFreeorDie says:

    and shame on the company for submitting to their pressure! and I love CAIN’s pickles; they rock.

  38. swampcat says:

    They prefer to be called, “little pickles”. So, what’s next? I’ve sitting here with my feet on an ottoman; will that become an otto-person? Can I still put pickles on my dolphin-flavored tuna sandwich? Is it wrong that I don’t care what the pickles are called?

  39. Eddie Willers says:

    “Update your Newspeak dictionaries as appropriate.”

    I’m still using the older 9th Edition. My colleague is working on the 10th ed. What was his name again? Slyme? Syme? Slim?…

  40. whotothewhat says:

    So was name changed to Kosher Dill Little People?

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