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Feb 23 2018

Eroding Excellence at the Olympics

Moonbattery corrodes excellence in everything it touches, even sports. Take for example the Olympics:

Meet German Madrazo. This cross-country skier from Mexico—not exactly a hotbed of Winter Olympic activity—finished dead last in the 15-kilometer men’s individual race. That’s 115th out of 115. As he completed the course, the 43-year-old who took up skiing in 2017 grabbed a Mexican flag and celebrated his country in the most heartwarming way imaginable.

Other skiers from warm-weather nations greeted Madrazo in triumph as he crossed the finish line.

Why should Madrazo be discriminated against as an athlete just because he comes from a place that sees little snow and consequently can’t ski worth beans? The important thing is that he adds diversity.

Second to last place was taken by Pita Taufatofua, who competes as a Tongan despite being from Australia.

This year, he took up cross-country skiing a dozen weeks before the Olympic Games, learning how to ski on roller skis, which he called “the worst thing possible.”

Taufatofua went into the 15-kilometer men’s individual race with two simple ambitions: “finish before they turn the lights off” and “don’t ski into a tree.” He wound up finishing 114th—that’s right, one place above German Madrazo—and considered his finish a triumph. He’s also considering a Hollywood career.

Talent is less of a prerequisite in Hollyweird. But Taufatofua didn’t need any to make his mark in sports. Since excellence discriminates against mediocrity, in the future talent may be abolished altogether, as in “Harrison Bergeron.”

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

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